Classic105 fm …and others in-advertantly warned by President Kibaki….

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Entertainment, Hot off the Press, Media

On Wednesday, the 2nd of May 2012 – President Kibaki  issued a stern rebuke of what he called ‘vulgar radio programmes’ during a speech at the currently ongoing media conference in Nairobi.
The president was especially critical of the fact that such programmes, which often discuss sensitive issues such as sex and infidelity, are allowed to be on air during family broadcast time;
“I also take issue with vulgar talk on some radio programmes during family broadcast time,” said the president.
The president’s statement echoes the concerns of many Kenyans who have taken issue with radio stations like Classic Fm which broadcasts extremely lewd material in the morning.  Some concerned Kenyans have even gone so far as to report the station to the Kenyan media council.
During his speech the president also said that he was extremely delighted to hear that Kenya was ranked second in media use in Africa. He also said that he was pleased by the fact that Kenyans have taken up and are using new social media tools like twitter in large numbers. much as the conversations are “interesting”…it doesnt say much for the young and growing…perhaps,maybe, some moderations opt to be considered..

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