EXCLUSIVE: A PNU cabinet Minister infected me with HIV/AIDS

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Current News, Entertainment, Hot off the Press, Media


Disclaimer: Please sit down before reading this real life story ordeal narrated to the Kenya DAILY POST.
Elizabeth Wanjiru ‘Shiro’ is a young lady whose life history has unfolded in a way she never envisioned. 2007 was a big year for her. She was a young, beautiful, healthy, perfectly endowed and charismatic student at the University of Nairobi. Her zeal and ambition in life was overflowing.
Elizabeth was quite vocal and active in campus politics. An avenue that her fellow female mates refrained from. She pushed for agendas and actively participated in motions in the university’s political sphere. This made the then Secretary General of SONU, G.G Kariuki notice her.
 Kariuki approached her with a proposal. He wanted to have her in a project dubbed as ‘Vijana na Kibaki’ – an initiative aiming at conglomerating the youth in support of Kibaki’s second presidential bid. The young individuals were meant to advocate for the president to have a second term in office and in reward were flooded with hefty allowances. Shiro like many other University students survived on a shoe string budget. Making some cash outside the pocket money she received from home sounded like the ideal plot.
She was the only female in the 8 member group. Her presence in the group was meant to alter the composition of the group to seem like it was gender sensitive. The group kicked off with a lot of vigour. Days flew. Contacts were made. Her presence was felt….
One day, a youth meeting was held at the PNU headquarters bringing together diverse campus representatives. The meeting was only meant for those in PNU’s pay roll. In attendance were individuals such as Sylvester Kweyu , the then Kenyatta University Students Union (KUSA) chairman. Additionally, Mike who was a Secretary General of one of the Universities was also in the congregation.
The meeting went on well until KU’s Mwenda Gitobu noticed that Mike was in the congregation. He shot up halting the meeting, firing accusations that the meeting had been sabotaged by ODM snitches.
Note:  At the time, bad blood was precipitating between ODM and PNU. The situation was nasty with some individuals swearing to die to keep their partisan loyalty alive.
 A scuffle mushroomed between the two groups causing chaos in the area. The meeting was being held at a house next to the DOD (Department of Defence ) along Lenana Road, where the PNU HQ’s were located. Other executive officials of the party were in attendance and were situated in an office just opposite the press area where the youth were. A trail down the headquarters led to some rented external public toilets.
Having heard the noise made from the scuffle, a powerful PNU Cabinet Minister came to calm the situation down. Since time immemorial, the Minister has always held top respected positions in Government. His influential nature calmed the situation down.
Shiro in a bid to ease the chaos tension, walked down to the loos to relieve herself. Coincidentally, Mheshimiwa also headed to the ‘Public loos’ to take a breather. There, he met the beautiful Shiro and introduced himself. The two gave each other their compliments and exchanged numbers. A friendship bond was formed. Little did she know that this friendship would grow to something more.
Shiro forged a head viewing that the meeting with the Minister was just but a contact she had created. The  following week she attended a PNU meeting at Manor house situated in Manor Lane in Karen.(Manor is a posh exclusive avenue where a fairy tale wedding was once conducted by Kiss 100 as a reward to its avid listeners. ) The group of 8 campus representatives spent the night there. However, on the day that the group was meant to leave, the PNU Cabinet Minister called up Elizabeth. He told her that he had sent his driver to pick her up as he longed to see her again.
True to his word, he sent an exquisite limousine that drove her to the Serena Hotel where the two had late lunch and spent some time getting familiar with each another.  They continued their rendezvous and sooner than later they became more than friends.
Years passed. Kibaki retained his position as the president of the Republic. The Post Election Violence almost consumed the country. By the time the situation had calmed down, Elizabeth was through with campus. Hungry for a job, she consulted the Mheshimiwa who through his influence got her a job at Kenya Re-Insurance. Shiro was not the type to date young men who she deemed to be immature. She now had herself a rich sponsor (Mheshimiwa) who bought her a lavish car and a beautiful apartment in Nairobi’s South B area. How to spend money was what the big question for her now. Her love life with Mheshimiwa flourished….
However, in 2010 she began falling ill. A cold wouldn’t leave her side. One day as she was driving from her parent’s house in Thika suburbs, she decided to check in St. Francis Hospital in Mwiki. The doctors carried tests on her and after taking her blood samples found out that she was HIV positive. She was shocked beyond belief. She had been faithful to Mheshimiwa, had he returned the favour? No. Intriguingly, he was quite aware of his health status and had kept it a secret. He had ruined her years of hard work and spiked her future.
Late last year she called Classic 105 Breakfast show and narrated her ordeal to Maina Kageni and King’ang’i in the morning. As she spoke one would tell that she was engraved in so much pain. Her conclusion in the show was simple, if she went back in time, she would never hook up with the Minister. In her words she says, “He gave me everything that mattered then, but took away everything that I need now…”
“We live and we learn….To take one step at a time. There’s no need to rush. It’s like learning to fly, or falling in love. It’s gonna happen when it’s supposed to happen. And we find the reasons why. One step at a time….” These are lyrics of a song by RnB artist Jordin Sparks that Shiro wishes she listened to years back.
Elizabeth Wanjiru has vowed to go public in 2013 (After elections) and tell her story even name the Minister. She aims at campaigning against the animosity that influential politicians subject innocent girls to.
We at the DAILY POST thank her for giving us the exclusive interview at 680 Hotel in town. We will continue supporting her emotionally.
All the best Shiro
courtesy of the : The Kenyan DAILY POST
  1. kijana gwan says:

    serves her right…….we might be immature but weare negative

    • maina olive says:

      be serious!!!! HIV dsnt choose who to infect or affect!!!

      • Liz says:

        Ok it doesn’t chose who to infect but she chose a life that invites HIV.
        Sleeping with a married man is wrong and sinful too. Exchanging sexual favours to get a job is wrong and unfair to the rest of us. Going public with the Minister’s HIV status is stigmatization and she will be sued for it.

        So all one can say is ‘ugua pole’ to both shiro and the minister. Shiro hakufanyiwa makosa yeyote.

    • Corleon says:

      U know we all make mistake but when they cost us our lives we should sympatize wth one another..thats being human. N by the way karma has always been a bitch dont invite n tempt her

      • Pastor Hezron Otieno says:

        Sorry,but that’s not the end of life.Compose yourself and forge ahead.God loves you so much.You’ll do good to spend the rest of your life at His feet for He has promised that those who are in relationship with Him possess eternal life,they belong to Him alive or dead.Why not surrender to Him today?

    • rose says:

      ok i really do sympathise with this woman but honestly that is a decision she made. she is not a minor ,neither did she report rape. she wanted easy life. had it been one night stand then one would imagin she was coarsed. she went there again and again. she liked the whole idea. she had the car and an apartment so she thought. well how sure is she that she isnt the one who infected the minister anyway? its real complex but we make choices in life which we have to leave with.just a car and an apartment? am sure she would have worked hard and acquired better than that. well now let her focus on her health she will live dignified and long. stay strong girk

      • carol says:

        I second you

      • japheth fesa says:

        im sure this was nothing 2 do with lv.she jst wanted 2 b associated with fame and big money.thats how gold-diggers are and that served her very right.it shld be an example 2 others.

      • sheillah says:

        echo ua words endlessly chek this out “Shiro was not the type to date young men who she deemed to be immature.’wish she dated the imature may b now she cld not b regrettin

      • Eddie says:

        This is true Rose, I agree with you. This happens everywhere in the world. Young girls love material things but not the people that posses the material. I am sure Elizabeth did not think twice before she made her decision. For God’s sake did she expect such an old man not to have slept with a woman if not women? I am really sorry that she got infected with HIV but let her use her learn and use this experience to educate the other young girls around the world that may think the same way in future. It is difficult for her to take it but she made the decision. She wasn’t rapped but rather went for it. Going public against the Minister is not a bad idea but won’t heal her. I am sorry Elizabeth!

      • karolean says:

        Rose ur ryt,am sorry that it happened to her,but i think the first step

        to getting into a relationship is to get tested before any intimacy.Am also proud of her for her courage and u’ve learnt alot from that

      • john says:

        I sympathize with you shiru. am sure you could have done better than that without a car and apartment.sometimes we make wrong choices in life due to fear of frustrations. you’re not alone and therefore i urge to focus on life ahead and forget the past cause life as to continue

    • viviann says:

      u r so inpolite,n seriously really immature.

      • Lyz says:

        Y are u being bitches? As much as she choose it, who said that that mheshimiwa was a married man? And evryone has a right to preference. If she liked elder men thats her give her a break. The issue here is that mheshimiwa was quite aware of his status. He kept a secret and exposed the girl. If he cant live positively, shiro has the ryt to go public and save other gals.

    • mokeira says:

      my god u r an asshole…jeez!

    • okay u seriously made me giggle. but u dont have to make her feel any worse

    • Mbaire says:

      I feel sorry for you Shiro, but trust in the Lord, with him all things are possible

      • maria says:

        fuck u all talking ill abt shiro?she wasnt playing the man!she loved the man and became faithful to him!did he even told you the man was married.stop acting holy guys!age cdoesnt matter afterall though positive who wuld want to marry this unmatured young brat who wants they realise you are prgnant they go ahead n ask you to abort .
        liz it was bad of the minister to infect you.n watever it cost its right for you to publicly puthim to shame!

    • philemon says:

      This is to all chicks who says that they cant date young, young men are the best materials in life they should learn how to accept the nature of the young men coz this idiots call WAHESHIMIWA almost 85% of them are sick and that’s why sometime back they refused to declare their HEALH. SO shiro am very sorry if that happened to you while finish by saying it was just a lesson to you coz you behaved pre heath wise(GRAVEDIGGER)

      • ydal says:

        we leave and we learn. THERE IS NOTHING FREE IN THIS WORLD. that was the price she has to pay for taking short cuts while her peers were broke in campus and jobless after campus. If you want to swim in cash you haven’t sweated for be ready to drown in it.

    • Steve Omolo says:

      I think we all make mistakes some worse than others. I think i will only believe this story when and if she actually comes out publicly.

    • kez says:

      exacly..its not like she was raped.

    • ken says:

      All that shiro needs and others like her is to give their lives to Jesus be saved and God will recontruct her life.Wish her well

    • Daniel Kabiru says:

      What a moving story. l sincerely sympathise with you my Sister. But all is not lost, you may have lost your health but one thing l would wish that you hold onto and never let go is this, Hope in God. Seek solace in the words of Phillipians 4:8”One thing l do, is forgetting all that is behind me, and moving towards what is ahead”. Do not worry about what you cannot change.These days more people are dying from other causes , like accidents than from AIDS. Go ahead and live a full life, and also give ua life to Jesus. For those self- righteous brats who are demonising Shiro, remember the words of Jesus to the crowd,”If u have never sinned, throw the first stone.”

    • princess lucy says:

      This can happen to any1 even from the “deemed unmature men” so guys don’t tok bad abt the hurting lady “Shiro” just becoz she is in this situation now, think abt tomoro anythg can just happen to u! all she need now is u to strengthen her n advise her to seek the Kingdom of heaven bcoz from thea she can receive the healing. stand strong gal n trust in His Might name that u can get healed n face tomorrow!!

    • Rayel says:

      who in this day and age is ignorant as to the possibilities of getting HIV from a sugar daddy? … though i feel you sorry for the gal, lady if you were that smart and capable influencing a crowd, you should have been capable of taking charge of your life

    • kirui k Hillary says:

      Ladies should think twice b4 making decision, don’t just rush 4 sm1’s money, nway pole kwake.

  2. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t know how to relate to her pain but seein as we share an alma mater, i understand how she got into the fix. That is but a mistake and she ought not stop living a full life. We are past prejudice and i personally request u to forge on ahead n be the best u can be. Nothing should stop u sister. Not even a ghost from the past

  3. Abukar Kenshin Bennington says:

    i am so sorry for Shiro.this story has touched me & i’m sharing this on Facebook.

  4. Abukar Kenshin Bennington says:

    was it wise for Shiro to threaten to expose this minister? if this monster can deliberately & cold heartedly infect her,what’s stopping him from arranging an “accident” for Shiro? after all,he’s keeping it a secret.she should either name & shame him now,or i hope to God she’s got enough leverage on him to make him think twice b4 doing something stupid.

  5. Kip B. says:

    I am not sure if this is true. Anyway I sympathise with her, but by choosing to live a lavish lifestyle with a Mwizimiwa, that was bound to happen.

  6. row says:

    let it be a lesson to her and others. angepata pesa unadhani angekal radio station kusema her gains??????? akule kenye alipata, shauri yake, WHO CARES??????

  7. david makokha says:

    it’s so painful,but a lession to our sisters

  8. What atragedy…sorry shiro..

  9. washy says:

    campus students need to learn.more shiros are hiding

  10. Kennedy osaka says:

    Pole sana shiro. That is not the end of the road 4 u shiro. U r not alone madam. Almost 85% of kenyans are infected. Visit the hosipital and take ARVS. Follow the doctors instruction and u will live longer. Avoid stress shiro mum. U just 4give that pnu minister, live judgement to the almighty lord. God loves u so much shiro, don’t loose hope n life beiby. May God protect and guide ur heart. Amen.

    • kruger says:

      85%? Mr. where did u get those figures

    • Dyaens says:

      Yes where did u get those figures,85%?You can try to make her feel better but not by tanishing Kenyas Image!

      • Abraham says:

        She is dead, doesn’t deserve to live and we all know it. Others have a chance to learn.

    • priscy says:

      get your facts right pls, 85% dnt know their status and nt infected as you’ve put it..

      • Benson says:

        hi shiro I sympathise with you my dear siz.sometimes there happens some things in life,at a time some so painful and hard to cope with not because we are bad and deserved it and at other times so sweet moments and situations to celebrate for not because we are so holy to deserve them either but because whats got to be has to be and things beyond our control are in the hands of our father so take solace in the words of the lord that say …rejoice in the lord all tyme n again I say rejoice..Good Moments thank God ,Awful moments seek his comfort ,There’s POWER in PRAYER n finally you still have got a live to live.Dedicate your life to Jesus CHRIST and I say here and now things will never be the same again-it’s not a lie JESUS HEALS!

    • princess says:

      I think he meant affected not infected, Coz atleast you know a friend relative,neighbour, classmate,….etc who has it.

    • john oduor says:

      buda,kwani una kichaaa?85% labda ni kwenu

    • buddy boom says:

      kindly give us statistics based on facts and reality…….however much sorry u want to say to our sister…..

    • merkar1 says:

      kennedy 85%,thats scary,that means 1 in evry 3 is positive.

      • Adan moh'd says:

        Every person get’s wat he/she looks 4.so shiro ur nt da first 2be infected ba hiv/aids.pole sana swty.

    • kwacha says:

      Amen to that Kennedy.thanks for those very encouraging words to Shiro..
      Shiro its true God loves you so much and is willing to forgive your sins.Turn to Him,forgive the mheshimiwa and leave vengeance to the Lord.God will give you another chance but only if you do not harbour unforgiveness.HIV is not a death sentence,surrender to the Lord and He will see you have a full and fruitful life.God bless.

    • Wairiko says:

      I second u,lf has to continue,must focus on her future n health

    • Bilha says:

      85% get ur facts ryt mr!

    • vincent says:

      osaka i thnk u`ve got nothing btwn ur ears,wot u tryng to do,sound sweet get extra favours for nothing…..dude growwwwwwww
      mchww nakuhurumia ata c shiroo tena

    • Kenn this is encouraging,thanx on Shiro’s behalf.
      Shiro you need to let go off the past,learn to forgive though it’s hard. Nobody gets to live life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies.Holding on to anything is like holding on to your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. I would advice you join a group that might help you get thru the feeling you have inside.
      All the best Shiro and know that God still has a plan for you regardless of your status.

    • George. says:

      After going through several comments here, i think u deserve a pat on your back bro.

    • muthoni kamau says:

      85% where the hell did you get those figures???mister go get your facts right

  11. Aggie says:

    Its sad but u r not dead yet. Theres hope. CHRIST IS THE ANSWEAR. N pls stop behaving like as if Aids is adeath sentence! To heal,forgive n forget. Y go publik to turnish the ministers name?REVENGE ha! Pole. Ull only get more hurt. He didnt rape u anyway. U both enjoyed it. Lets face the facts. FORGIVE N LIVE AGAIN PLEASE. GOD LOVES U MY DEAR.BYE

    • carol says:

      halleluyah that is the right anwer!!!

    • princess says:

      If she’s doing it for revenge then that’s a pity but if she’s doing it to save the next girl who might naively fall into the same temptation then I support her.

      • vincent says:

        i support you,dont call it temptation,call it the ministers chronicle
        they always know how its gnna end or rather wot they put themselves into,but they don`t care
        there parents toil so hard,c muhurumii nahurumia mapero wake
        colle girls wajanjaruke tuu

    • Adamson says:

      I don’t think she’s doing it for revenge, let me ask, if you were in her shoes, what would you have done?

  12. Alfred nyagaka says:

    such a sad story. I love your courage to come and spill the beans and honestly so. I know your reselience and courage will give you long life with,right diet and execise so don’t ever give up gal. well I don’t see why you should be vindictive because that may not change anything. my hope is that other young gals should learn to avoid the trap of quick perks n life in the smooth lane for it comes at a costly price. preach that message and hope it will reform and change the reckless course of many a youth.

  13. symo says:

    Then you thought you are wise… not to date “immature young men” .. now, u regret..that how “being wise is rewarded… shenzi type

  14. Alfredo says:

    Keep on living Shiro

  15. This is a prostitute in the making.She was lured by the money that she saw in the man.Honestly,who told students that they go to the university to make money??You are supposed to be students.Your business at the university is to learn and not to make yourselves moneymaking machines.If you got AIDS,live with it and die with it.You are some of the people who use their beauty to break homes and relationships of other people.You can’t name anyone.First refund any favours you got from him.A slut must always die in shame.
    Stop prostuting in Campus and do what took you there.SHAME!!!!!!!SHAME!!!!!!!SHAME!!!!!!! DIE FIRST.

    • blaks says:

      thats a fact

    • Ann says:

      If u d’nt hv something encouraging to tell Shiro why can’t u just keep some comments to urself.

      • Malik says:

        Ann let the truth be told however sad it is!! Coz these same chicks if you trying advising them when they are at the peak of their game….they look at you as if you are a goat. So why encourage someone whose tribulations are self inflicted!!

      • Charity anyango says:

        Pole shiro be strong.tec ur medicine go 2 church.if u revenge u wil stil remain positive.so go ahead wid ur life

  16. Gods’ time is the best in everything u do in life………..Am sori dear Sister.

    • divinah suzzy says:

      pole dea.ts a very sad story.bt dea,now that it happened, take it normal and live positively.many have it,bt they are living positively wt it.sm diseases eg cancer are worse n unbearable than hiv.go4 arvs n try to accept it.its not the end.u have a role to play in ths world,mayb many reading ts,it wlb a lesson to many.and many young ladies wl learn frm it.pole dea

  17. faza says:

    Am sorry…..? I Feel sorry for her but maybe the minister didn’t know his status…..Anyway this should be a lesson..we should climb the profffesional ladder vertically not horizontally…..I can only imagine the pride she had…despising the so she called young men who she ”deemed to be immature” in her pursuit for prosperity….Money source of all evil…..
    Lets humble ourseLves before God not before man for Him to lift us..U humbled urself before a minister and he lifted you above other men …..but the price u paying is expensive…GOD’s lifting is infinite …

    P.S: U shud work to enlighten other college girls on the way forward and how to avoid such traps driven by (greed) of course.Focussing on exposing the Minister wont help u in any way…coz there are very many people who have the disease..it wont be a surprise to many….

    Elizabeth Sorry….BE STRONG!DON’T REVENGE

  18. Edmond says:

    it’s sad, bad too bad.tears are falling from my eyes. am shocked and bitter after reading this! God help us…

  19. These weshimiwas r misusing young girls. My advice to them is that they should think twice when such rich men approach them

  20. alfred says:

    this should be a lesson to other ladies(girls) who think young men are immature then run after influential people but end up regretting. pole though.

  21. mzalendo says:

    good riddance…you are an idiot and a gold digger…if u cant date your fellow campus men or even your agemates to hell with you…no tears for you.

    • awesome_girl says:

      What does his money have to do with AIDS? Arent there also many young girls who have been infected by broke men who lied that they loved them? I am not saying that she is innocent, but seriously, I dont think that by dating a broke man her chances of contracting the disease would have been reduced.

      • Esther royz says:

        Its true hiv is everywhea.dnt just tok ill of shiro as if thats the biggest sin ever done!shiro u can recollect the shattered pieces n liv a positive lyf.

    • annie says:

      who says the campus men are not infected either? the mistake was not getting tested before indulging not the choice of man she slept with!

  22. Caleb masaki says:

    Pole my sister.money is not everything.

  23. Nzisa says:

    Serves her right,am sure that guy is twice her age and married and she knew that, anyway God is a God of second chances, turn to Him and i assure you,life will begin…again

  24. Kevin nyagero says:

    Realy touchng let it be a lesson 2 other, God ako

  25. Samwel oresi says:

    Not all gritter is gold, and do not judge a book by its cover, i wish she had the spirit of opening the book and follow page by page! Was it love or lust? Y sex without knowing each other status?Remember action is bitter! Pole sana allow us 2 use u as our reference 2 worn our young ladies of 2moro

  26. Trust bahati says:

    U got want u wantd cz u did t in an xchange of cash…look at mercy’s case wit hon.kabogo!univasity gals STOP BING GREED.u went 4 dgree cz u wantd beta lyf y hury?tek a step at a tym.nw dat water z alredy poord,learn 2 liv +ly en 4cus.u stil av rum 4 future cz ths ladies wont change nomata hw had u try educate dem 4m xperienc.ts there,t has bin en ul neva change dat.sry prity!

  27. missy says:

    really smooth Shiru why didnt you name him sooner you know like before you got AIDS, oh wait you were busy enjoying the money nshit. Come on you aint as innocent as you want us to believe. This story wouldnt arise if you didnt have AIDS!!!

  28. So what? Hell! If i had approached her and asked her to be my wife, she would have said no and sneered in my face! There is no such thing as a free something…you get, you give. She got ‘gifts’, she gave her life! Period.

  29. Erick Agesa says:

    She can still get a life after all that, she needs to stay positive with life and she has enough years a head of her life she can’t water down by regrates, as long as she is still alive she should thank God she has known her status early enough…. God has plans for her future but we can’t ignore the lesson learned… take Heart my dea.

    • Vane M says:

      She can still lead a positive life and find ways to get over your anger! Its gud that you know your status early enough in order to start treatment immediately. Be strong and focus your energies to doing positive stuff. Forgive the MP since he will add more problems to your life…..

  30. Mwita William Mirumbe. says:

    Honestly I feel sorry for this lady. But one thing is that leavange belong God, it’s soo good that she mention this inhuman minister to save others who are likely to fall victims of the same minister. I appeal to all ladies to think over 40 years of their lives and not shortcuts of live. Pole Shiro.

  31. Evans says:

    Pole sana,bt dats life.its nt da end of life stil u can do da little things u wanted in life.

  32. Bernard says:

    I’m sori 4 shiko,life must continue n preach truth to university students girls who rush to guys with money in the name of immature boyfriends with no money,money wil come n love has patience

  33. Wambui kiniaru says:


  34. Steve amboko says:

    Am so touch’d wit shiro’s story…thiz must b put in public 4every person out thea 2knw wht kind of minist’rz we av.

  35. Steve amboko says:

    Thiz must b put in public so pple out thea knw wht kind of minist’rz we av

  36. Waringa Gituma says:

    i dnt know what i can say!
    i think she should go publicly before the elections so that this cabinet minister wunt regain his seat

  37. Dr. Van says:

    This z nt the first time we are listening to a story involving immature ‘Mature’ campus ladys and Mps,and where daz the story alwez end? Shiro,better live positively and focus on your life before you think of shaming your former bed-mate…i remember how you used to lookdown upon men of intergrity believing that alot more were neccessary in your life..Relax

  38. The fact is,the procedure of getting some income matters alot.

  39. Stacy says:

    Shiro sorry gal it’s soooo sad….take heart its not the end of your life..but ana beginning and let others learn frm you…Nothing good comes easy …or on a silver platter…Money and living large is not all we want in life…..When the deal is too good think twice…

  40. Bon kinyor says:

    First n 4wamost,sori shiro 4 the situation u r in,all u need 2 understand is,everything always happens with a reason,though its sad 4 the mweshimiwa 2 have stolen what u needed most now,u should also have thought back then that what we sour is what we reep. What i’ll wish 4 u is well,try 2 find it in ua heart to 4give n 4get,mek ua self busy,engege uaself in charities n sensitization campainghns sure enough u’ll 4get n live a normal life.Remember this A.r.v’s will do u alot of good.GOD BLESS U N LIVE LONG SHIRO.

  41. Björn says:

    Ah pris, are we supposed to feel sorry for her? Hell not. She went engaging in sextra Curricular activities without protection, she lives with the consequences. Such a shame.

    • jmems says:

      the day u will engage in the same (even if with ur most trusted one) and fall in the same hell, u will realize that its not about ‘sextra curricular’ activities only. only then will u learn the word SORRY matters alot… anyway, Shiro, take heart, pick up ur pieces(which u have started) and make the best of everything from now. God does not leave his children and YOU are his child as much as i am. Wis you God’s abundant blessings.

  42. A kamau paul says:

    A sad fact!When the deal is too good think twice.character outdo money

  43. bashir says:

    what nonsense faithful to mheshima whom i truly believe was married thats what greed 4 money does. En y say pnu the message would av been home without pnu

  44. Nyarumba, W. says:

    Free lunch is only found in mouse trap!! Sad…

  45. Harrison says:

    I think shiru is looking for public sympathy. She was not raped by the mheshimiwa. It was her exclusive responsibility to be responsible to her deeds. Tell us how much you milked the mheshimiwa in return. The most expensive park of condoms cost not more than ksh300 peanut compared to what you used to get. Take ARVs n move on with life.

    • Tim says:

      Wel put. Plain truth man

    • Exactly. and Kenyans will be rough on her when she goes public. Better she treads carefully with her shit!! Kunywa madawa…Ulikuwa wapi Jimmi Gathu akisema fanya hesabu? She’s stupid & full of nonsense..I pity her yes but her greed led to all that! As others were in class, in school reading..she was in 5 star hotels with the powerful guys and bragging about it..when others were hustling for jobs..she easily got one easily with her poor grades probably…See how qualified & brilliant hardworking Kenyan graduates dont get jobs easily? When a girl refuses to give it out she isnt hired!!! She gave it out and was hired on the spot because mheshimiwa gave orders!!!?? Am really annoyed!

  46. collins says:

    i sympathise wit her but callin yung men immature coz they din’t hv money wz very wrong coz she needs them now.lipia hilo deni pole pole bcoz notin in life cmes easy the way u thot.

  47. CLIFFORDINHO says:

    msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio bali aliyekumbwa msibani majonzi tele.na iwe funzo kwa wengi kama shiro.

  48. Dennis Wachira says:

    In this beautiful life we are living shits do happen n through such we are made to think wider..sorry for th scene.

  49. Ney says:

    Its happend alot of tyms b4 n its not going away anytym soon.interestingly we all knw the consequences bt choose an option best suited4us.we shud therefore take the results or our choices in stride.at the end of the day ts all about our choices.i dont mean to condemn shiro bt that choice she made in 2007 and i believe she was mature enough being in campus shouldn’t make her cry bt otherwise be taken in stride…life is all about choices n u only can make your choice n not anyone else.

  50. winnie says:

    Its so sad..da milk has spilt u cant get back to da gud past..accept t ol,dnt curse.even in marriages da unfaithful brings the virus to da innocent patners en they hurt even more,u chose dat path en whatever ur intention was wid hm..its too late,just tek ARVs,eat well en dnt re-infect ur self.u can live long if u av a positive attitude in life..en exposing him,dnt thnk ni poa..repent to God,en forgive him.dnt revenge..Let God will be done..

  51. girmdavid says:

    Now i hate sounding like a sadist,ignorant and selfish guy but I have to put on record that she got what she deserves. Let her story be a lesson to the many campus/college ladies who think they can cheat through life by getting ‘sponsors’. Life was never meant to be easy or we would all be able to chose an easier path for ourselves..Taking shortcuts to life always end up being much harder and longer than taking the long path that normal people take.

    • sam says:

      kabisa !spot on..anywAY she should be positive and take drugs..thats the only option i see…she will outlive many hiv negative people with a positive outlook on life..no sorry from me..

  52. girmdavid says:

    Truth be told, this sad feelings for shiro’s situation are just like blaming a lion for striking a dear that thought hanging out with lions would make her a lion. For one, shiro wasn’t ignorant (being a graduate and all).. this was plain idiocrasy. Now I don’t want to sound like a sadist but I kinda think it serves her right. The same guys she considered ‘immature’ while she was out with Mr. Mheshimiwa and getting life wasted are the same guys she will fall to now that he is M.I.A Let her story be a bitter lesson to all our young ladies. You can never cheat your way through easy life and live happily ever after. What may seem like shortcuts in life are in reality the road to a dead end. Work hard for your own wealth and avoid riding a half life for small treats here and there.

    • penda says:

      girmdavid, y r u talking as if u men dont do the same, kwani she was having that affair alone?…dnt critisize only the female gender it is a lesson to al the young people out there, campus, collage, high skul, n even primary as long as one is sexually active…pliz just take care… some tyms our words come n bite us right on our faces

  53. GAMESIS says:

    i really think she should tell all even the name of the mheshimiwa…..think about how many more young gals that same mheshimiwa is infecting as we speak?? you are condeming young gals just like to certain infection with your silence!!! speak NOW!!!

  54. Walterkevia says:

    Will shem dem dea ill do it b 4 u do coz i know da shit mp

  55. Meg says:

    Did I hear someone say 85% of Kenyans are infected? Dude acha mchezo and get your facts right. Shiro is a big lesson to women who think money is everything mpaka you throw caution to the wind. Afterall we have condoms if at all you feel like you really have to have sex with ‘waheshimiwas’ and their likes. Be careful women please coz hata the young guys kuna wale wako infected. And just name the guy already ndio watu wamjue! Peace

    • Steve says:

      I agree with ua sentiment Meg, money can for sure give them everything as it gave to shiro here.. our young girls in school should realize there worth, potential and values then set their priorities right so that they don’t hung other people on there careless living… its a world of choice that even god wont choose for u what to do in…. lets stay awake people!

  56. Alfred says:

    Very bad to take chances

  57. Dyaens says:

    She should blame herself,i m so sure this guy is married n have kids and all she had in target was the good life not Love,that immature young guys vibe is Bulshyet.Angedate basi 30yr old thts trying to put his life together..Dont you think A married person who has a r/shp with u is equally dangerous coz basiclly he’s cheating on his wife with you.Whats makes you think he wont do the same to you?She’s just come out coz Kilimrarukia,coz before she realized it,she was fine.Every GOOD has an UGLY side of it.

  58. Andries kip says:

    Such a sad story bt a lesson learndd by campus chicks!angepata pesa she culdn’t av called.

  59. Brayo says:

    U went public,tz gud tht other students learn from u,life has more to it thn HIV/AIDS,u got more gud to live for,go yee n enlighten the masses Shiro!

  60. nicokn2000@yahoo.ca says:

    But that’s the lIve you Chose, No shortcuts in Life,

  61. Jacque Nzioka says:

    thats truly sad but a lesson to young ladies who r just after money

  62. Benard Omwandho says:

    I must confess am sorry for the young Elizabeth, its very painful how the rich take advantage of our girls and end up affecting their future. I would advice her to bring this man into public domain to serve as an example to other hyena of the same species.

  63. Simon says:

    What a sad story n yet young gals r alwz runnin 4 ths old men coz of money!

  64. It is so psinful but only hope that you contain your emotions cos the more you be the faster the rate of rotting or decay due to virus!
    How I wish your story would change the ego of campus ladies who by all chances think that the old big dogs are the pple to hook, looking down upon their fellow male course mates.
    Have got a friend who also told me point blank when I was still in campus in Moi that she could never ever groove with a student, only later to be made pregnant and left for all the responsibility of raising the child by one time DC within Eldoret Wareng who went on transfer to north eastern. Unfortunately amd sure she is not aware of her HIV status currently.
    Morally; please ladies dont rush into easy life. Faster achivements fade faster as well especially when they are not very genuine with your least effort input.
    Thanx Shiro for sharing this. All the best!

  65. Seid says:

    So unfortunate,its a longlife wound,it wil neva heal,Check ur Cd4 n start HAART,u wil live 4 some yrs pliz,bt dont spread pliz

  66. Mike says:

    The big mistake on the part of the minister is that he knew he was positive but didn’t let her know. But she should have been careful and had she chosen to do the right thing, things would be better. But we all make mistakes. The big question is why she isn’t naming the minister now. It might be an overture to the minister to pay her to keep her silent. If she regrets her actions i think she should do it now and not later.

  67. maina olive says:

    sad truth of today’s times

  68. Isaac says:

    Revenge broods no benefit.
    If uv accepted ua status, liv +vely n focus on ua future.Its nt late. U can stil navigate n mke it

  69. kev says:

    Serves you right Shiro.I actually felt so good reading this story.kudos Mr Mheshimiwa;teach them a lesson!

  70. Qobby says:

    U wanted everything n he gave u.Thea is always the guud n bad side gal.

  71. klynn says:

    just one question for shiro…why were u dating a married man?…yu were probably enjoying his money while his wife and children were back in ocha suffering,,if he could cheat on his wife with u din’t u think he can cheat on u too???? karma has a way of getting back at people..anyway lemmi not judge..pole…just eat right, exercise and be happy..

  72. Steve says:

    pure bull crap, she was not under age and was not raped, this shiro should take responsibility for her action and should accept that she acted carelessly on this, and to me she cant blame the minister in question about this cos may be the minister didn’t know his stats to….

  73. AGGREY MBOYA says:

    It’s very sad indeed.How come she cant take the matter to the FIDA to have that Imbecile,Moron or Idiot just to use the few descriptions arrested?Ladies must know that poverty is not fought overnight at Casino. Better have little for 70yrs than billions for a year.

  74. Timryan warui says:

    Bitch please…you all go for money…you get money and other staff…sad story but a lesson well learnt…

  75. Fieldmarshall yesse komora says:

    Sympathise with her….but she shouldnt have laid down wd da mheshimiwa without protection

  76. Corleon says:

    Life is no rehearsal..we get rid of the past where fell by prepin to standin up 2day bt smtyms its hard n we need support frm our fellows..at times its imposible to rid th skeletons in th closet n we live wth them, we all do..all in all evrythng is just a passing cloud..

  77. Taliban says:

    No farther shall give his son a stone if he asks for bread…..can I get some amen!

  78. kim says:

    tukiwakatia mnasema sisi ni ovyo hatuna pesa………may b we ron have enough cash but most PROBABLY hatuna HIV

    • penda says:

      @kim kwanza nyinyi ndio wabaya sana….siku hizi inabidi uingie convent….everybody is a suspect n is guilty till proven otherwise as far as am concerned

  79. Caleb says:

    Its realy a tear shading incidence,Shiro that is not the end of life,let that not prevent u from achieving your goals in life,if he did it intentionally,God will also reward him,i pray for u thebest.

  80. I think as a Kenyan I am entitled to an opinion…so hear me out!! Could be rough on Shiro but lets be honest with her!
    Shiro is a perfect example of what the lazy women deserve. On one end I feel her pain but on the other end she shouldn’t cry….she thought the girls who work hard in school, hustle hard in life then later make it through hardwork were fools! Now am sure back in the day..In campus…. your girls admired your designer labels & stuff the mzee bought you from his foreign trips…Don’t blame the minister squarely and as you go public, guys may not pity you…some might think you are just ‘Stupid”. Now you got a house, lavish cars and all that..but are you happy? NO!!
    Your campaign is great Idea…go ahead and tell the girls not to spread their legs to any man with a wallet…will some listen? NO!! Majority will say you were unlucky & thus they won’t be infected…It’s gonna be tough as girls will label you as not so ‘cool’ for the 21st century.
    Your case is just something that I can talk about for the whole day..so here’s more from me…Enjoy.
    Read the TRUTH here!

  81. steve wek balala says:

    thou i sympathise with the victim and inthe spirit respect …i want 2 avoid antagonising our sistser,howevwr iwish 2warn all who cares 2 listen,rome was nt build in aday,u should stop and think if money can buy almost anythng including luv,r u the first 1 2b loved?especially by people who r financially stable…it means anythng good that crosses their path and as long as money can buy they wont hesitate…and u knolust is always present in almost every human being but the level of resistant is too little in rich people meaning they get wat they want at any given time…let us b ware and cautious..2 my sister..there is life,hope and luv even with ua status take heart 4give him and live positively d bible says all happen 4 better 4those who luv the lord……

  82. Let us help this lady in every way we can

  83. roy says:

    y wait..name tha bastard…b.t.w w aint over til tz over wia wth u n i urge 2do wats necessary asap

  84. Geff Ole says:

    Sad story , but i doubt on both not knowing their status first. Ladies should respect their college males despite of the financial status. Shiro enroll in CCC and be like counselor to young girls who rush to wealthier guys.

  85. MrMr says:

    Now we all know that all Ministers are Married, n she willingly got into an illicit affair with one Mheshimiwa, what did she expect!!! Even if she exposes the Mheshimiwa, its her own problem not ours, but it serves as a lesson to others that ilicit affairs even with the rich cn be costly.

  86. WairimuM says:

    whether this is true or not, I’m going to take it as a lesson. Too many of us put ourselves in risky situations, despite knowing in our heads what the dangers are: yet we convince ourselves that it can’t happen…

    • CarenMtai says:

      Shiro,,I sympathise with You! it’s a sad one, not for You alone,, but most of us ladies in campus!
      we actually need to know our aims in school, and focus!!despite the fact that our campus guys dnt have much cash we need, it doesn’t mean we got to rush to the rich, disrespectful married men to chop their money!!! patience!! time will come, and we’ll as well get rich!! am touched! Thankyou for the lesson learnt! Sorry though,, take heart and move on! forget about the guy! it’s now between you and your health! above all pray!!
      God protect you! and may God too forbid this, not to happen in my life!

    • Beth nyawara says:

      Wairimu i think ushasema in very simple words bt the meaning ina carry all that elizabeth needs to kno”angelifanya”sai “kusema haita change tha sitituation.

  87. sam alfan ndereba says:

    Its very painful to know how shiro life and career has been distroyed by a man calling himself a cabinent minister and a leader only distroying somebodies doughter. Nairobi university student a victim of politicians and administration should do something about since we have heard alot concerning them and politicians. Girls should learn wanting to date popular people who influence them with money can cost them alot interms of pain and stress.thank you so much to writer of this story and for shiro we do support her so much.

  88. Abdalla says:

    Its like Shes now blaming the guy cheating on her with his wife

  89. Latifa says:

    Innocent my butt! He’s a married man you went for the money you get to pay in disease stupid gal!

  90. sam says:

    Mwiba wa kujidunga hauna kilio…kunywa rwenji!!

  91. kamweno says:

    it deserves her right.before you get intimate with someone ,dont imagine that all is well.get tested first.This big men in the country have more than 20 women each and dont use any protective measure and also these women have other men outside. (picture this)

  92. Erich says:

    I understand everything well, they dont protect? and before they make sex thex dont check the blood?

    Sorry for all the people around the world they have HIV but please first think, before you cry

  93. Me says:

    did you even consider that, you were having an affair with someones husband or a father, and you have the guts to talk about not being told of his status

  94. Irene riungu says:

    Sorry shiro.U r brave gal.U hav decided to kam public instead of doing what the manneress minister did(infecting othrs).Thos u r pointing fingers at her,know ths HIV hs no bounderies(no age,gender,race or status)though can be prevented.If u av tested -ve retain ur status not be proud.If +ve try to live more responsibly n ths not the end of life.Shiro ur story s a big lesson to young gals lke me.Pole dada!

  95. Oh my God!!stay strong shiro.wat matters most is that u r still alive 2day,n God knows why.

  96. Ronald says:

    You cant tell who is infected or not. But the most important thing is to know your status. To eliza i say its not too late to give up. You can live positive. Take the ARV’s.

  97. Levi wa Bahati says:

    Elizabeth shiro srry 4 wht happened,my issue is that u r much concerned abt other galz in campus,why cnt u xpose tha fellow that many others lyk him may b warned,hw many hs he spread tha disease n hw many is he plannin to,,expose tha minister tumnjue otherwise ure writtings may b of no help

  98. bett geff says:

    leave the minister alone,shiro was a mature who by then had understood the consiquences.claiming tat ladies are innocent girls is misleading and its a way of trying to get sympathy from the puplic.tis are people who are busy looting and breaaking other peoples marriages.shiro should accept her fate and blame herself for tat.otherwise trying ruin political image amounts to being shot on sight penalty.

  99. Magana sammy says:

    Shiro theres more ahead of you. Dont loose hope

  100. this is a really touching story.i hope we campus ladies live to learn through her experience!before its too late.money shouldnt be the 1st priority coz it comes with strings attached!

  101. Dan says:

    serves her right.she posted for the easy way of life.we don’t have free lunch,going public won’t reverse any situation,she was an adult and made her personal decision.i believe that she must have dumped her faithful boyfriend to go for the mheshimiwa coz of the material gains.life goes on and don’t cook up blames.how sure r u that mheshimiwa infected u?by the look of things,u r a gal who easily get swayed.carry on with ur meds.

  102. emis says:

    oh,its sad,buh b4 u cmment note that,hiv can affct any1 rangng frm the univrsty ones to old nd rich ones,,,its lyf,hapnd wit a reasn,b postiv,move on,use da mula u got to kam up wit sth cnstrctiv,u aint da 1st nor last,,,ulbahatika nyumb nd gari ata,unlike, some wh r infct,get kids,by some unstbl pple,move on,lyf is too short to regret

  103. Jaqson says:

    Therez nothng 2 do with innocence there.she knew very well what she was doin n xo the minister also knew very well what he was doin.alikula pesa.y threaten 2 go public.alafu achunge xana asiuliwe kabla aende io public.anythng can hapen.

  104. Matano says:

    Its really saddening I pity her though let God give heart to live well and so upto the waited year…sorry Shiro your story really touches.

  105. odiembo says:

    Pole and it is enough to tell our young ladies that money is not the solution to everythin

  106. Let’s struggle with life honestly without looking for so much shortcuts.God will pay our honest efforts.

  107. deno says:

    meza dawa piga tizi kula fiti maisha utayasukuma

  108. msapere says:

    first of all HIV is NOT a death sentence. We need to get that straight in 2012. second, she knew what she was getting her self into…women are brighter than most people think they are. she played her game and the other bastard played his. unfortunately she was blinded with the lavishness mpaka she forgot to tell jamaa to wrap it up. don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  109. Noah Mburi says:

    Be careful ladies and gentlemen. It is very sad that the lady became HIV/ Positive after having an affair with the minister. But the point is, she did not get it because the man was a minister, an old man or anything else, but due to the fact that he was an infected man. Any person, young or old can be infected and can get the disease, AIDS. So, thinking that going with a young person would have made the situation better is misleading. The core word, “Take charge of your life” and ensure that you know the status of the person you are having affair with at the start and keep going for test
    frequently, even when using condom because it not 100% preventive and it can also burst. Lastly “Love your life more than anything else on earth” I know of many many young friends who have gotten HIV status and many have perished. Go slowly when it comes to sex nowadays.

  110. Secreto says:

    we all do mistakes in life. mentioning the minister wont change ua status! neither can it reduce the number of infected girls. am not saying u should not mention the bastard, if u feel its wise then well n good! what I can request u to do is to educate the little ladies about these suitmen.. THEY ARE HIDING POISONS BENEATH! take care

  111. Lawrie says:

    U have already gone public,all your friends know the mheshimwa,the remainig part is for you to educate the young girls out there on what is good and bad when it comes to free thinings,easy n good life with other womens husbands.pole lakini avoid stress n eat well.

  112. Belinda says:

    its not the end of the world or dreams for her,she has to forge on with life this is possible,for those who says serves her right beware some like Shiro also have young regular boyfriends so she gets it from the minister and spread it to the innocent boy and his circle of girls, you are either infected or affected so together we got to support each other and find solutions to stop the spread of HIV, it is should not be a personal war,we should be objective in our approaches and find workable solutions and also give support and encouragement to the infected.

  113. akili says:

    i know you have money and apartment xo dont go and infect the so called immature men

  114. Richard Orengo says:

    I fee bad for her but what did she expect having unprotected sex with a married man? easy money so am sorry this is sad but she wasnt raped neither did she refuse to have illicit sex

  115. Collins Olonyaz says:

    Ladies it high time you followed the Lord creation and developement timetable.How much does it cost youth to be patient and wait for their time to come.Everybody is entitle to wealth and good life,its just amatter of time.My fellow youths I urge you to date your agemates.Don’t go for old baboons who will infect you and dump you.There is no hurry in life.Anyway I feel very sorry for my sister who was infected by aPNU minister and I thank her for being open.Let my fellow youths learn from that.

  116. Andrew Leano says:

    Aii!!! I mean HIV is not death. It serves her right anyway

  117. james says:

    Uhmm,i suppose ths ‘so called’ mheshimiwa z a family man…dint she knw that she was sleepin wth smebdy else’s husband too? #jussayin#

  118. Centa centa says:

    Stupid learned friend,minister is just a tittle u can also attain.wil u also be fucking on young kenyan boys and pasing on your aids?if u cant keep your pant tight coz of money can you prevent the virus.thats an imarture regreat madam prostitute.

  119. Evans says:

    Am rily 4 wat hppnd shiro,neva mynd thts nat tha end ov tha world 2 u. God wil revenge 4 u smday.jus live ur life n 4gt evrythn. U ave a lyf n thats tha mst important thng,4gt past n mve 4ward.

  120. Collins Indeje says:

    May God see us the youth through.

  121. Brain says:

    Living in the fastlane… Why cant people just live their lives?

  122. ryan says:

    even da bitches in hurlinghum and other places are better than u, they know how to use protection,u wanted to please him so that u could get some more money,u got da money easily so now wat next,u are just a desperate stupid silly bitch,dont blame da minister, who knows u r not da one who infected him,can u tell us how many other pples husbands u had slept wid before u met him,dont convince us otherwise u r just a stupid prostitute, u thought guys who were hustlers lyk us were uselesss and immature,right now we can buy u another apartment and a car,go cry in da toilet

  123. Fancy says:

    Oh my xo touchin dats a leson 2yang ladies lyk me

  124. Krydime says:

    This is total crap, I dont simphasise with he, I can only compare her to the 2007 president contest: both rig, but one realise that one has rigged more than him and raise alarm. Tell me if shiro culd have said it if she had not tested +ve? Its just that she paid more price 4 little n if she is annoyed aregeshe nyumba, gari na aresign job. Tell her to go to hell, she might even have infected the Minister, she is a cheap whore!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. okot says:

    We choose the roads to take, fall we may, but life goes on.

  126. debee says:

    am sorry to shiro and this leaves a lesson to campus ladies.am a 1st year and already have witnessed this cases in campo

  127. […] Posted: May 11, 2012 in Current News, Entertainment, Hot off the Press, Media 142 […]

  128. ..think its high time to speak ourselves out, and how many Elizabeth’s do you think are out there and are not openly speaking? Nway we learn by making mistakes but not to this worse

  129. Mzee Willy says:

    Young immature men!…..jinga type

  130. Abubakar says:

    They call it money love or love for money(sale)

  131. Andrah Balbina says:

    First of all ‘Shiru’, this was a mutual decision. Minister, pauper, priest, president, boy or businessman, a man is a man. Whether rich or poor, anyone can have AIDS. So if you decided to be in this relationship, you should have carried out the proper procedures of dating, and that is getting tested together. We use short cuts to get rich, forgetting there are also short cuts to the grave…he gave you his all…(including his disease). I would advice you to maybe join a support group, eat right and don’t live in the past. What’s done is done. On my part, all I can do is wish you the best. If telling your story helps, then so be it. But the blame is on you BOTH.

  132. Kio says:

    Shiro u were neither raped nor did u hv a gun to ur head so cut the crap!!!

  133. dru says:

    sorry, lets appreciate the little we have

  134. buzysigno says:

    Free Lunch is only found in a mouse trap….as a viewer said on this page.

    • eddie says:

      whether you are an ophan, poor, rich, middle claass, student, politician or whichever cadre in the social rankinings the world will not sympathise with you get your acts together and act responsibly, the book of ecclesiastes says you enjoy your youth but remember you will be judged according to your deeds period!

  135. philip mwenda says:

    this person should be named and known for security purposes.

  136. Annie says:

    Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth… One question of whoever infected you wasn’t influential would you be calling Radio stations to sell your story?
    My dear you made your bed lie in it. Do not get me wrong I feel sorry for you but again you chose to sleep with a polygamous mheshimiwa someone else’s husband, for a prize while your pears toiled and worked hard you chose the easy way, you made a deal with the devil sold your soul for a job apartment and a car (how cheap) the man did not rape you, your crying now because u got the bitter part of the bargain, why didn’t u publicise it when u were getting everything easy?!?! My friend you are not the victim u want to act but a very willing participant! It’s good you wanna raise awareness but for us to take you serious stop playing the victim say it as it is “I traded my youth for a lavish life”

  137. Siberia says:

    It is unfair to demonize the honorable minister, he might not have been aware of his health status at the time, the two lovebirds were motivated by greed and lust, she would not have sought advice or sympathy from public were it not for HIV.

  138. Omosh says:

    Whos the immature one now? We really dont giv a damn. Mbona huku publicise story kabla ordeal? Mbona hukumtel mwende testing fao? Im asking al this with a G-pange wrist band mkononi

  139. Nancy Kasungu says:

    sorry shiro for all that happened.nobody should blame you because you made a mistake just like any other human being. sometimes we want to forget the past but we cant because of the wound it left to us.now is not the time to fight back,you should rather focus on your health,their is life after HIV infection.It is a big lesson to all young girls out there.sometimes wen YOU see something being too good think twice.money is not everything and we should learn not to depend on men but to depend on God and ourselves, because wen we do that we are subjected to sex objects even without protection.at the begging its difficult,there are ups and downs and u want to give up but believe me it will work out even better and you will be surprised.Learn to work hard on your own and should want to have sex get tested with your partner.

  140. Martin Owawa says:

    Siz, am very sorry 4 u! idnt thnk it’s human 2 condem shiro @ da moment 4 anything. Pple do mistakes in life. Da sem can happen 2 ua sister or sam1 close 2 u. We shld b supportive 2 one another, no 1 is perfect. Am telling Shiro 2 4get about going public n nming da Minister, dat wn’t help in anyway, infact, it might earn her more problems with da minister, da minister will sue her,and her dignity wll b compromised. Plz pick up da pieces n move on.God has great things 4 u ahead.Take heart! Sorry once more! God b with u!

  141. But what to say … Should have known better

  142. lenniese miyayi says:

    no need to go public come next year,though its painfull but just respect mheshimiwa’s privacy.whether u go public or not it wont help you,kindly forgive him the lord is watching.just move on its not the end of the world.

  143. Ronnie says:

    better her, she has got all she needs, hiv/aids is no end. some of us don’t have even hope itself!

  144. B.mungai says:

    May the lord of mercy give u good health n u wil see wonders in uo life n may u achieve al your goals in lyf n if possible go on air as u plan and stop these animosity to save innocent young people.

    • missy says:

      we wouldnt know the story if she didnt get sick, hey come on guys,, i am also sure that the minister is married so she was as well breaking up a family,, she aint no angel!

  145. B.mungai says:

    May the lord GOD av mercy on u n wil see wonders in uo life n may u achieve al your goals in lyf n if possible go on air as u plan and stop these animosity to save innocent young people.

  146. habibi says:

    this is all bull crap just to fill a blog…who is the minister?

  147. barbz says:

    its a sad story yes but i believe girls our mothers always tell us nt to date older married men ………….they have achieved some of their goals yes life is an unfair bitch and sometimes its hard to survive out there but the last thing to think about is a sugar daddy ………………..hustle hard to make it

  148. Joy k says:

    Let her adopt the situation coz it happened n she will not change the situation even if she mentions the Mheshimwa

  149. Mexci says:

    I am in kampala,Uganda and Shiro’s story touches my heart yes.This reminds me of my campus days in Makerere University way back in 2005 while i was pursuing my degree. I was working and earning $30 a month which i used to pay for my tuition and other expenses.In a web-chat i met this lady who wanted to fund my education and life but wanted sex in return.I was living in a ghetto and she promised to buy me a house and a car and also turn my life around.We met once physically in a restaurant where she told me all this.It was really tempting but when i went back to think about it.It did not make much sense because i had a clear view of my future.I managed to finish campus a clean man in 2010 and graduated in Jan,2011.As i speak now i am a banker and business man earning above $2000,now married with a handsome son and enjoying every bit of my life.It was worth waiting and being focused.
    My advise to my fellow campus friends,live within your means as no situation is permanent.
    Best of life awaits you.

  150. Livia says:

    ts really sad what happened to this lady but the ladies in campus are selling their souls to the devil in the form of money and fame. i wish shiro would take the lesson she has learned and preach it to the young men and women in campus. its happening with both men and women.
    Shiro keep on shining coz you are a star>>>>>just because a cloud came over you doesnt make u less of a star. keep living it is possible to have an even better life when infected.

  151. Peter says:

    I guess Condoms were not yet invented……..

  152. Esika says:

    Pick up the pices girl bt let our girls know that nothing comes so easy that will last! I feel the pain in you so pliz go out there and educate this girls who go for old ”papa’s” May Allah protect you and watch over you always.

  153. LYDIAH WANGUI says:

    When the deal is too good,think twice.sorry Eliza.

  154. Nyamai Nyams,M.M.U says:

    This is a great lesson 2 ol campus ladies.money aint anythng in the face of humanity.take care.

  155. ianshizle says:

    well, if it ended up right, she won’t have come out in the open. now it’s bad for her. we can share in her sorrow, but not her gains. we let sin take over our lives but no one can control sin. only by realizing u r weak to it and desires of your flesh then,you can abandon and search for true help.

  156. Fatosh says:

    So Sad, live positively, forgive and forget.

  157. Kairetu says:

    is it not a crime to infect someone knowingly?

  158. wa ka nyab says:

    All that shine is not gold, and rem If you don’t want a monkey’s tail to touch you, don’t go to a monkey dance.

  159. it’s pain 2 shiro knowing dat mheshimiwa got her infected and used.message 2 da youth dont b lured by this monsters mk ur dsn crfl

  160. ndanu says:

    The lavish car, house,and poshy lyf…, u’ve been living so happily didnt u kno abt hiv? u accepted all by uaself n enjoyed everythin. Beside how sure r u wether its the minister who infected u? or mayb he wasnt aware himself wether he is sick. Taking him to public wont help u instead ua tryn to put ua lyf in trouble, worser than wat u goin thru… i feel u.. bt then i wud advise u go public n educate our other fellow girls n be strong its not the end of the rd.

  161. barasa says:

    sometimes we need to evaluate our decisions…this happens still in campo especially here in uon..i wonder why the mheshimiwa had to do this tothis promising gal, anyway

  162. johnnie says:

    let it be a lesson to our young sisters,pole sana shiro

  163. kamehameha says:

    many still use the word of young and immature.to mean ‘skoros’ be warned

  164. cyrus says:

    wtf,money isnt evrything. ae pity ua situation bt tis a lesson to college chicks whu go out lukin 4 money frm old ppl date ua age n make ua own money no matter hw little n appreciate uaself the way u r, am in college n many of thz gals are followin u unfortunately.

    • collins says:

      pole to shiro, no course for alarm accept ua status and move on. goin public adds no value, i wish u would av gone public wen ua bought a lavish car, a house and making love. 2like minds CONDOM iz not made 4 chickens and there husbands cooks they dont get infected with HIV Aids. let her tek da blame. no sympathy 4 a ignorant grown up, am only sorry for her parents

    • George says:

      I am sorry 4 u shiro 4 learning ua lesson da hard way. But not all is lost, accept Christ Jesus and ua life wil b transformed, He died 4 u and me. He wil give u hope and a new life.

    • Jane kasiva says:

      Sua tell dem,cz dat s bd behaviour follwg guys lyk dogs.b careful thy want 2 destry u some went chuo busines instead of edu.thanx.

  165. michael says:

    poor young lady, every thing we are given has aprice that we have to pay, but anyway thank God AIDS is not adeath sentence any more. take it easy and yu will liv yua full lyfe.

  166. de felix says:

    i would want to comment negatively but then i realize we do not correct mistakes with sidelines or accusations the best opinion at the moment is that the minister should take charge of the girls medical expenses from this moment onwards the girl should also live with the reality and learn to live a normal life hoping that some day a miracle might happen coz they do happen

  167. Carreylien says:

    Guys,judging shiro doesnt help her.sh has learnt her lessn n th best we cn do z support her at ths tym…
    Ciru z amng th many gals n evn sm of u ‘victimisers’ sisters n brothers r thr…

    Msg 2 her, Ciru,thrz mr 2 lyf thn a disease ptn u dwn…4low th arv regime keenly n u wont evn realise u wr sick..drugs,gud diet,ltsa exercise n a positive mental attitd wl restore ur health..now u hv th opportnity to SPREAD THE WORD,NOT THE VIRUS….Ol the best siz..

  168. crystal says:

    HIV is not the end of life, take medication na utaishi maisha marefu.as for naming that mueshimiwa,it wnt make u negative so u should focus more on ur health.
    thank God he bought u an arpartment,a car n he hook’d u with a job

  169. mr frank kipsang says:

    deep sorry 4 what happen

  170. Frankkenyan says:

    Oh oh oh…..mmh,many lessons learnt.Whether a Mheshimiwa or some old,rich honcho,you got to be very careful..no job,house or car is worth your trust!

  171. Sam says:

    Ipity her and let others learn frm her and she should name tha idiot mheshimiwa.

  172. Wangare says:

    life’s a bitch and every1 of us has a story or something that we would wish to go back in time n change but coz it aint happening, deal with it ama hama uende ukasilime Sir God. she wanted to take the easy way out.

  173. sparks-D says:

    This too sad most probably there is a guy who liked you so much and was ready to be there for you but u could have probably turned him down coz of money that is readily available and free note that free things dont just exist in this world look now u suffering just of wrong choice i call it tough choice educate the mass and take ur medicine and all will be okay

  174. mjomba says:

    inaitwa ku kula kiburi,thea still xo many shiros in UON,POLENI SISTRENS,PESA MBELE SISI TUNAKUZIKA.shamefull death,wish u kept thz story

  175. Arina Rinns says:

    Is so sad..I sympathise with her..bt let i a lesson 2 others out there who value money more than anytin else….ts a shame!

  176. rozie says:

    first of ol am veri xorie 4 u shiro honestly iam,am not goin to judge u harshly koz we too make misteks bt i jst want to tell u that u exposing mheshimiwa wont help it wont help at ol koz it waz a win win situation u were not raped u accepted to hav sex with mheshimiwa n in return he bourght u a house a car wat u shud b thinking of nao iz the wei forwad i wish u ol the best az u think of wat u will do apart 4rme exposing the mheshimiwa

  177. collins says:

    first up pole for what you went through and let no one judge you, let them look at themselves first. I can only imagine what you went through remember only that you dont have to go through it alone and the ones who care about you will be known through this, Love them back and perfect your life as you possibly can Put God among your plans and it will come good. Dont have a vengeful heart against him that did this to you in fact forgive him but you could do something to help prevent this from happening to others. Theres no greater peace or fulfilment then that found in love. May God be with you

  178. peter says:

    dont give this man a chance,i think that u should take this man to court n seek legal action,i dont think that he should deserve the name ‘mheshimiwa’ he shld be sucked!!!!!this r nt thd kind of leader kenyans deserve.he should be sacked.name him pls!!!!

  179. This a shame to the concerned cabinet minister for taking advantage of an innocent girl. It is also a wake up call to young girls not to value money more than their life. This minister should not get any public post again for his actions.

  180. brenda says:

    Meeting the minister at the loo/toilet whichever and falling in love immediately simply because He is a personal bank should have given her a clue of what she was to face later in her lyf, KINYESI, otherwys she hated all young men and would even spit and blush them away. Shiru needs to understand that their is no shortcut in lyf for every short route has its consequencies; when the deal becomes too good you think twice, the easy lyf she chose and lavished should not hurt her heart neither break her aspirations for this was somehting she was well prepared for.

  181. Benmundele says:

    Chungwa Moja Maisha Bora…

  182. nashbabes says:

    lesson learnt

  183. Kisenya Jesse says:

    WE DEMAND TO KNOW THE MUHESHIMIWA’S NAME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. ovek Lihumi says:

    what you thinkin gettin jiggy with an old man like yo dad? young women of today we. men are watching you waste yourselves with old men then you try and get us to marry you.. that will never happen its time you women take control wacheni kupenda pesa na kusau maisha.

  185. bismarck says:

    hey we do knw the minister.he is an arrogant dude who swore he rather die .anyway we stl don av to be sorry for shiro.alot of kenyans are infected and aids don choose btn rich en poor.we shud understand the minister is also a human en shiro status shud not b unexceptional case.

    • Chrys says:

      Rudi kwa God madam, His blessing will overtake you.The is no time to blame; Live positively n cast down that bitterness leave everything to God; For Christ is the source of life its time to take your problem to Him for no man can solve your problem. He proved in the past He will prove it again with you, only what you have to do is present yourself to him, believe in him and repent your sin. Outside that bracket you are wasting your precious time. He will restore everything I promise…

  186. kenn says:

    sorry..bt thats tha reward of dating OLDER men,n leaving tha young and ‘IMMATURE’ ‘boys’…
    pls, advice our high skul n university ‘MATURE’ gals!!..95% r on tha same foot-steps!

  187. George Kennedy says:

    Any1 who doesnt know kenyan ladies who are in campus or the sof hearted would be moved by that crap of a story coz really, its a moving, toichin story……4 real. But honestly speakin a much as I feel 4 u, n I was ur neighbour, I would annoyingly play Julianis’ xponential potential the loudest n repeat it again n again n again the day/hr/min u draw ur last breath. No offence but thats wat I feel about gold diggerz. U hv promisd to go public later on bt I bet it pure revenge….. You wanted this, u burn in it. Am just bitter that one of many beautyful women….young women are sain gudbye while they should be alive n in perfect health instead they took a shortcut n ended destructively.

  188. Allan Kipchirchir says:

    Shiro is one of the many young ladies who have gone through such excruciating pain. from the look of things, this phenomena is not going to end any time soon. they love money and all the luxuries and glamour it can buy. and the only way they can achieve this is by hooking up these old geezers who are only interested in using and dumping them. style up ladies, nothing comes easy!

  189. Gab says:

    Who says HIV is contracted sex only? There r many ways 1 can get infection with HIV… The Minister wud simply ask her to prove that she NEVER…EVER got infected thru the other means and he wud pin her down that she’s the 1 who infected him! Shiro trode carefully lest u pay heavilly! Wewe wacha stress, meza dawa and have a +ve attitude towards life and u’ll live to see HIV treatment sweety…

  190. chibaleseven says:

    like she didnt see it coming…….

  191. Belle says:

    I feel for her…..
    Bur nwei dont judge cz either way u cn gt t frm any1 esp ths dys, so if you thnk your safe just cz ur datin s’1 ur age or u trust think again!!!!

  192. Agnes says:

    Its a good lesson to many young girl who hang out with prominent,famous and old wazee’s coz of money.

  193. Robert says:

    money is not cause of all evils bt luck of money is cause of all evils she did so just fo money





  195. Robert says:

    hey,luck of money is the cause of all evils
    alivutiwa na pesa

  196. Maccos says:

    Campus Chicks are Cheap… one comes with pride to ringia her friends in the hostels about their r/ships with MPs, bu late it hurts

  197. Ovicki says:

    Shame on u,by de time u were busy milking & sucking him u never made it puplic,use de money to treat urself and live +sitively fuck u!!

  198. Margaret says:

    Is so painfull am feelin her,wish cn hve achance 2talk with her.

  199. ndungumuiru says:


  200. Pat Cham says:

    You should have named him first. But don’t you think it is bad for you to start complaining now. Coz i believe he’s married and have children. What were you thinking while doing that? Did you ever consider his wife and kids? You were a mpango wa kando to him.. This is not the time to start regretting, get yourself some medication coz that is not the end of life. But it’s good you’ve shared your story with us. I really feel bad for your status now. It should be a caution to any body out there who may fall a victim of the circumstance.

  201. ndungumuiru says:


  202. Sophie gakii says:

    Life stil goes on.to shiro this is not the end…ope people learn from this

  203. xzbl says:

    Pole sana shiro for the aids but wat else can i say live has to go on.I hope didn’t share the story to get even with muheshimiwa coz he didn’t force him self to u.But u forced ur self to his wallet

  204. sarush simon says:

    I read the story with zeal and concluded with contempt of a fire breathing monster, this is a dog eat dog society and while the lady gnashes with pain, for her its pay back time. To any young lad or lady out there be it on cumpus, schools or any space of nature, the end product of your free chosen way of life depends entirely on you and not the second party. The gal choses the free and sweet things of life not equating the end product, that give you a reason of total deserving. To the media houses that buy the story there are genuine cases out there that need total investment to save the life of real culprit from the real perpetrators. The girl should even be greatful to the minister that she got all she has today just for letting her God given body to be worked on. I regret to say that I don’t have any feeling of sympathy for you my dear sister for that’s the way you chose

  205. John says:

    Sorry 4 wat hapnd. We r juz interested with such misleadng ministers. We wish 2 knw them by names

  206. julie says:

    sad…but still a lesson to all….take care!

  207. Patrick otieno says:

    Thank God 4wat He has given me,to al the guys out there the rich also cries.u cannot own the whole world.apreciate wat u have n ul get wat u dont have, no hurry.

  208. Mohamed says:

    Life is a journey Shiro whose distney no one knows.At times we realise our mistake when it is to late but that doesnt mean we dont have a room to change. Never give p in life.HIV is like any other disease,take it is dear.

  209. Amos says:

    Madam stop pretending ua greed and love of mney u got what u wanted stop blaming the mp /minister i hav no apologies 4 u wanted u got the young men were not worth u kissed a frog

  210. Caroline says:

    In life everything happens for a reason… you cant change your past but you can surely change your future. Naming the Mp wont help you but i know one person who can help you Jesus. He can turn your tears to diamonds. how you may ask, he can use you to be an example to other girls aspiring to live the fairy fast life you did and warn them of the repercussions some will listen some wont but as we say win some lose some and trust me your story will be more beneficial than seeking sympathy which you may get but wont help you, do what Asunta Wagura she used he story to inspire others. but Girl seek the Lord’s mercy as you venture into this path

  211. Dennis rucugo says:

    msiba wakujitakia uambiwi pole,u shld av known that hiv is never writen on smones face,get tested b4 going out with him or use a condom always

  212. carol bui says:

    am really xori shirooo
    bt tak heart n live positively

  213. Jane kasiva says:

    Oush! She ws afta money n recgntion by othr campu students.nway i symphathase wt hr cz dis infection itz only Gods protectn.gain hrt n leave +vly.

  214. Clive Jabedo says:

    the reason as to why these campus chiqs are running away from men within their age brackets for rich old wazees old enaf to be their fathers and grandfathers still amazes me; if it is cash and a lavish lifestyle, why don u just work for it..moreso there’s nothing sweeter than eating the fruits of your own labor.
    Wat they are trying to do i can simply equate it to trying to skip stairs in a staircase so that you can quickly get to the top, definately u risk hurting urself shud u miss the stairs, n rolling all the way down.

    Campus chiqs, learn before it gets too late lyk in Liz’s scenario.

  215. Iryne says:

    Xo xad bt i wuld lyk 2 thnx shiro 4 sharin ths awt.atlst sm pple cn learn frm ths n realiz aids s real n t doesn’t choose any1

  216. Hafsa says:

    Oooh sory girl for evethng.coming out to the public is the best move.atlist other students can learn from that.remain strong n take medication dear u can stay longer than u can imagine.i wil prax wid u during ths hard time.

  217. Dr.Kakai says:

    For me i wish that,shiro goes public and name the minister,her story should be aired in printed media so that its a lesson to young ladies who hanger for lust and extravance life.

  218. Toto says:

    Yap!!! The immature and hustlers lyk u r the -ve!! Loooool

  219. King Alonso says:

    why date older men? you had the chance to date yo age-mates but pride, money-mindedness led you in this mess. am sure you now know how mature, older men are. IT SERVES YOU RIGHT!!

  220. Isaac billy says:

    When the deal is sweet think twice guys its not time to judge only God can…take it as a lesson 4 u never knw when u get into the trap..pole sana shiko.

  221. Atieno says:

    pure crap..Who cares?is she the 1st one to be infected with AIDS?did they have to mention PNU and ODM???Kenyans have better things to do.

  222. George says:

    May God help u and give u streignth and a new life. don’t lose hope, turn 2 Jesus, He only has da solution 2 ua problem.

  223. Nduch says:

    life aint a bed of roses guyyz pliiiiiiiiz b aware there are devil advocates on board waitin 2 ruin ua lyvs wit the xo called AIDS nwy fil xory 4 shiro but itz agud lesson 2 ha n ol goldigggerz…….

  224. Veronica says:

    bt its nt a greek puzzle 2 wrk oUt th danger of unprotected sex.sh got excited in th luxuries nd comfort of money.nd forgot to luk out 4 her health.its very dissapointng hw’sch an intelligent.strng visionary’wth sch innovation nd drive cld b so naive.yo love .life.money.health?Nah

  225. mary says:

    This is total crap,wen u went 2 Serena 4 lunch,he bought u an apartment, a gd car n a gd job y din u go public??? After u ave enjoyed the tax payers money now u wont 2 go public?? style up young lady n face lyf HIV is nt a death sentence eat healthy n live healthy,,Remember this is a powerful person u can b a past tense if i were u i would zip up my mouth n enjoy lyf..

    • Louise Mumia says:

      Mary pliz say that again…He is someone with power and he has everything to transferr her into the books of HISTORY…so if i was Shiro…I will follow ur counsell

    • REALLY..!!!!!! says:

      My sentiments exactly. i could write a bible about this

      Two wrongs(1. she knowing he was married and drove along with it, & 2. she nw has HIV and wants to shame him) dont make a right and to think she was in uni… oh wait.. she was in five star hotels while others were learning HIV & AIDS unit which is a compulsary unit in uni. Honestly i dont feel sorry for her one bit. there three rules in kenya.. 1. DONT DRINK AND DRIVE, 2. WACHANA NA MPANGO WA KANDO, 3. GIPANGE. am sure if she abid to these rules, she’d probably have a car, an apartment in hurlinghum/kileleshwa leave alone south b and the most important. LIVE HIV FREE. This goes for EVERYONE. HIV is neither racist nor tribal. so it really dosent matter whether the guy is a politician or a hawker.if it were a kamau of safaricom, were you still gonna name and same him to bob collymore or customer care… like WHO DAFAQ WOULD CARE!!!!!!

      i know its wrong for me to cast the stone for i have sinned too(never in such a way though). but life itself is a choice. you reep what you sow

      if you’re really smart, drop the crap… use the money you got to campaign against such or better yet get health insurance to cover your meds.

  226. Seda simon says:

    And dats where ”shiro” went wrong. (Diamond digging) don’t wori oooh coz it’s more comfortable crying in a big car than on a bicycle.

  227. everlyne says:

    Gal,you knew very well that hiv/aids is there for so far it was first known in the yr 1984 and vct centers av bn established for partners to get to now there serostatus before practising unsafe & safe sex so in that line you knew the consequences & but decided to opt for famousness & wealth.You got it thus you av to live with it for as part & parcel of your future.Am not sory for what’s done can’t be undone though we should not let our past determine our future,make amendments where you can e.g dn’t re-infect yourself & follow the dos.Your life lies in decision you make.

  228. Pole sana najua siku hizo ulikua juu tuu sana don’t worry though siku hizi madawa iko you can still live a very productive life yaawa

  229. Maya kahuha says:

    I dont know wether to pity her or not. A big percent doesn’t. The girl was daft.wish her well though.

  230. irene awinda says:

    we all fall into mistakes blindly n eventually regret,but we shld not stay down there,we shld learn how to rise n wipe the dirt off our system,u have a brighter future ahead of u,brighter than u can ever imagine,infact u wont be able to count ur blessings,rise up n shine

  231. kipngeno abish says:

    its unfotunate dat pple never consult wen enterin 2 relationship bt wen problem ocurs dey tend 2 tel everybody in de world.to other pple plz never be seduced wid sm1s position or richnes.lets learn by others mistake bt not ours thanks.

  232. Viccy says:

    There is no reason to expose the Minister’s name, that is denial, accept the condition and move on. If she is for real, she should have been in the shoes of the Minister’s wife and stop the relationship and even expose him then… But talking about water under the bridge makes no sense. Life is fair, you only need to be careful on what you wish for. Read between the lines, let Shiro be brave, live positively and leave the minister alone. She got infected at her own will and loved it all the way. Shiro take responsibility for your action, be brave and live through it positively.

    • Louise Mumia says:

      i Second you…exposing him might stirr up so much enemity…. Shiro just b positive…thats not the end of ur life…

  233. cheru ole mimi says:

    mwiba wa kujidunga hauna pole…shiru malaya yeye

  234. Mr. Ben says:

    Turnishing his name wont help u at all,
    Just focus on ur health en u’ll live long.

  235. Lily says:

    GREED.I pity wat hapend 2 ha bt shes 2 blame too

  236. harris says:

    When the deal is too good think twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. GREENS says:

    You are only mean for the exchanges you got to get away with. The road to hell is wider than thika superhighway and narrow had you been, the better you would be smiling. Pole sana shiru but time is a healer. There’s still a chance to see ur grandchildren so usikate moyo. Thanks for also educating others.

  238. Kelvin mwachi says:

    You shouldn’t cry shiro.you r harvesting exactly u planted.BAD MORALS IT SERVES U RIGHT!

  239. Marcel kw says:

    sorry for u but u should nt fully blame the mheshimiwa ur a big gal u liked the offer u took it,u didnt think of the consequences b4 did u hmmm ladies should knw that if ur going to date an older man than u,take a test first coz sure enough ur nt his first woman,alafu tena am assuming u were having an affair with someones husband coz as per nw i dont know any minister whos not married think abt it also u were sleepimg with someones dad to me wewe ndio mwenye makosa u were too eager to have a good life that u forgot to use ur brains face it u enjoyed it n am sure if u hadnt found out dat u av AIDS u wouldnt av made it public sorry though take care

    • cybex says:

      Man inserts, woman moans in pleasure….do it baiby…i can imagn how it felt like 4 shiro bt damn whos fooling who? i can’t pleasure u, giv u a house get u a job n a car wt no strings atachd, i rily fil for u bt ts beta cz u got everythn u wanted xcept for AIDs

  240. Mimi says:

    Pals, plz lets allow God in awa lives. Hiyo tu ndo dawa.

  241. Lechornai, Claudio says:

    there is no perfect peace but in Jesus. You shouldn’t be grieved the rest of your life, you can trust in Jesus Christ; He washes all sins, regardless of your past mistake. About her revenge on the Mheshimiwa, i remind her that two wrong don’t make right; she should focus on creating awareness, and empowering young girls in the university and colleges not to take shortcuts in live. to be content with what they have and work their way up, decently and honestly. Teach girls and ladies to revere marriage as ordained by God, and not to abuse their gift to give life…Sharon, with faith all is well.

  242. Frank says:

    ….lets take one step at a time..! Its so sad.

  243. Gilbert says:

    Pole Shiro. God will take care. Live ur life today tomorrow God will take care.
    It is painful but never say die. Live long Shiro

  244. Abraham lagat says:

    It is amazing,the alleged minister should be brought to book,this is amazing and Shiro right was violated by the said party.

  245. Nicholas Gathua says:

    Shiro was not the
    type to date young men who she
    deemed to be immature.Is the name immature synonymous to broke?OK.I have not said anything.

  246. Mumbi says:

    I feel for u but life has2go on. Eat well, wacha stress…..kunao wameishi na virusi for over 20yrs.

  247. Aywa says:

    gal it was a mistake to date mheshimiwa or any other married or taken dude. if he can cheat with u he can definitely cheat on u.
    ur sick but not dead ppl live for decades ur + that isn’t likely 2 change unless a miracle happens or a cure found. accept ur situation n live positively it’s not the end of the world. keep ur head up trust in God n change ur lifestyle. God’s blessings dear

  248. Edwin Kiprono. says:

    A heart touching story.Waiting to hear where the story gets to in 2013

  249. pauline says:

    Pole sana shiru en take heart it can happen to anybody eat well u will live long..wish u all the best gal

  250. Einstein Apopo says:


  251. johnny says:

    Thought knowledge was obtained in united.so in the 80s t’was chips and chicken and the results were simple pregnacy or ‘kuchomeka’ aand people got away with it now its grand a flashy car and a crib and you get the big’V’ thing . We humans never learn
    Am sorry for what happened and hope we learn from it.

  252. monique says:

    shiro,t ws a mistake,many do make them but escape,just take hrt this is life n u got liv anywy nomater wt

  253. Sheesh methu says:

    Shiro it hppnd cnt turn back nw… U got a house,job n dats ur price u hv 2pay 4ur sin… Do u kw wht his wife had 2go thru whn u wa busy enjoyng thr rait? Sory abt dat bt u hv 2acppt n muv on..

  254. Louise Mumia says:

    Mmmnhhh!! Thats so SAD!!! But this is a big lesson to everyone. WHEN THE DEAL IS TOO SWEET…Think Twice. The gal so a heavy pocket….and I quote “”He gave me all I wanted””” but now lost everything…Dear gal take heart n be careful…ur attempts to expose the MHESHIMIWA might land u in2 more Heartbreaks…just move on…

  255. king says:

    Why would this Shiro wait for 2013 to name the mheshimiwa? She don’t think that the individual will infect other people before then? Thje mheshimiwa mighjt also run a good campaign and retain his seat which we do not such rotten idiots in our parliament. If this is a true story I can’t sympathize with her her coz she is choosing to spare the mheshimiwa and she’s a bitch who did not think about Mrs mheshiwa when she was busy playing with mheshimiwas Dick.

    • first things first i would like to enlighten universities students that,you are privileged to get a chance and then you take as presumptions. many would wish to be there and aftermath to help their families,but for you guys,you don’t really know what it takes to be in university.Shiro learned the hard way and i would like to advise her that,their is no importance to retaliate and mention the mp in public because before the incident befall to her,she was really enjoying somebody else sweat.bottom line is, there is time for everything and cheap things has no happy endings.however, know that she contracted the disease i would rather show compassion instead of reproaching her.life is easy for those who want it to be easy.

  256. anthony says:

    ‘..in the first place you were not faith full to yourself by meeting this so called man in the corridors of the toilet,then you knew very well he is married and continued ”ati to be faithfull to him,then even worse you didnt flirt with your age mates and felt they were poor!..pole..you went to school to waste time and simply an academic tourist..one thing you are not saying is how many men have you slept with after your meeting with the DEVIL?…YOU WANT SYMPHATHY FOR WHAT?…YOU CHOSE YOUR DESTINY, ITS PAYBACK TIME MY FRIEND,EVERYONE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE TO WHAT THEY DO WITH THIER LIFE….go to church, pray and GOD will have mercy on you but wont change your status…move on with your life and stop meddling for mercy..you”DONT deserve it!

    • Pole sana shiro i feel you ,i feel your pain ,go to church repent and pray we serve God of second chance,forgive and forget,going public is a waste of precious time you can use to evangelize and spread the gospel,”you could have gone public the day you met at the corridors of the toilet”.As a lesson to others nothing is free in this world .You went to school to get a degree so that you can live a wonderful life but you saw the short could work and you landed in a monster am sorry for you.Live positively ,use ARVs that is not the end of life,you have a chance to see light again ,pole sana

  257. hemedi says:

    mwambie akusakanyie mkwanja au kama ulikuwa unasave what he gave u, fly to stato and get the AIDS treatment.. unabahati cure imetokelezea kabla hujadie kama another specimen..

  258. Abraham korir says:

    Dear i feel your pain and its so much hearting for a whole respectable person to kill a dream of energetic,determined young lady . Keep on moving . I wish you all the best . May the LORD be with you to guide and strengthened you for the rest of your life.help others who migth be in those trap.

  259. Ibrahim says:

    Its happening outside.if you want to pay the price you opports r there,so many!

  260. philip says:

    severed her right campus girls never realise how much they hurt young men who love them because of their lov 4 money.

  261. Masumbuko says:

    I think much as the only thing that touches me is HIV the rest is bullshit and no news,almost every girl in town could do the same,i know many,so it is the route in campus girls heads,something should be done about them,ever wondered why male graduates rush to village girls for marriage n leave them to divorcees and widowers,they are a hell too ambitious,serves them right,she will remain an example we offer,as for the minister i dont feel i can condemn him,wanafanya tu kila mahali,whether she names him or not it breaks noo bone it will not impact on his career

  262. Moffat says:

    The devil has all the weapons to fight us but the Bible teaches us that even if our sins are as red as scaret He is ready to forgive. Then please Shiro, I beg you not take any revenge coz the Lord says that the vengeance belongs to Him and He will do it for you in due time. Lastly,repent and be baptized for remision of your sins and the Lord will add you in His church where everybody lives without the fear of death coz Christ has conquered already.

  263. Benard says:

    Let she return our CDF n the youth fund she misused while the other youth r suffering n am sure that man is married.otherwise pole dada u can start special medication early b4 we send ur lover home next election….

  264. Boss Felix says:

    I really feel for the young lady. As an alumnus of the UoN, I must confess that most of the young campus girls are living dangerously. Some mean loaded men with obnoxious intentions often take advantage of their financila predicament and intelectual naivety to exploit them optimumly. By the time they realise, it is either too late to reverse the damage. Ladies especially in Campuses need proper guidance on how to handle city life. We know theres alot of suffering due to shoe string budgets but its the sme for the men too. HElb if well managed can take you through a semester with ease. I challenge this lady whose years of hardwork have been drastically deflated to write a book for the sake of the vulnerable girls in colleges. Meanwhile She has to be careful coz the minister can finish her. It was common even during our time to find big cars parked outside ladies’ hostels on weekend nights. Ladies back then couldnt give us a 2nd look coz they were rollin wid da big dogs. Ladies life comes in phases no rush!

  265. dorah says:

    in real life we make choices and the choices we make have consequences.Thank God for ua life and be positive in wateva u do.Naming the minister wont help coz that’s rage u feel towards him and ladies wont stop going to him just bcoz he’s +.Live ua life to the fullest and ask God to grant you many more days.

  266. Contizie says:

    Anyone can infect, a mheshimiwa, a pauper, a boy, student u name them, lets stp hiding frm th truth, frm marriages, friendshps or any relationship pple wnt 2b seen with the cream of the society nd ths lady is no exception its only sad it had 2 go ths way

  267. MICHAEL KAZUNGU says:

    I sympathize with Eliza,a lesson to learn-Especially how these powerful pple misuse…You can imagine the time you worked hard to achieve the education,how your parents fought hard to raise and now you live a miserable life-with life you could have achieved on your own after the university.

  268. Oti leylo says:

    I sympathize her thou I would say she was so materialistic that she would do anything to gain but not watching her steps where they would leed her..

  269. Simon says:

    So sorry for that shiro,but u have 2 understand that being HIV positive does not mean it is the end of ur life,take up ur soul,have positive altitudes n accept urself the way u r.

  270. wainaina says:

    The end isnt the end even if it seems like.its a sad story even if i believe anythng and evrythng happen with and for a purpose.there is always a second chance in lyf.nt:good deeds are being payd with bad once,good pple r being aquintd wth bad once in 2day’s world.its a gr8 controversy between good and evil going on.the evil may seems 2 conqure bt at the end goodness is always the STAR.pals be patience and have persevealance in life.test evrythng u do and take care.pole kwa shilo,2day is her 2moro is u or me if we dont watch.

  271. steve says:

    Oooohh NO NO NO,
    bitter and unbelievable,
    Shiro, you still have future to meet,take everything positively your future is bright for you were innocent.

  272. roussy says:

    i fill very sori for u shiro bt thats nt the end of maisha n kip on baibe gal;God will always b by ur side;all the best darling

  273. Kiki says:

    If I read one more of these “mheshimiwa lied to me and infected me with HIV” stories I will throw up. Shiro, when you were living on the fast lane you did not seek sympathy from anyone, now you want to blame your mistakes on someone else? You are obviously a smart girl if you made it to campus so this is not ignorance, it’s stupidity. You wanted quick cash, you got it… but it came with a price and you must pay it. Those immature men that you did not want to date are now living their dreams but you are not. You made poor choices, live with it. Rest of us, let’s keep protecting ourselves and those we love and hustle til we make it!

  274. Dann says:

    Sm ppl are just rude here as if they live so right.Do u thnk mheshimiwaz are the only HIV carriers, U dnt imgn urslf getting frm dat wch u cal girl frnd or boyfrnd.Shame on urslf before u pose a blame.Shiro jst accept ur conditn n live right.I hav seen many surviving in dis status.Avoid any bitternes n lead a normal lyf.U r so young; u hv alot to accomplish on earth.

  275. Ciko says:

    Its a gre8 lesson tot 2 me n al Uon ladies esply SONU.gain courage.

  276. Emma says:

    Its a gre8 lesson tot 2 me n al Uon ladies esply SONU.tek hat shiro

  277. sensetalk101 says:

    as mch as i sympathise with shiro, i think its what life gives you back for what you choose to do. If she was morally upright frm the begining she wouldnt have accepted the goodies that came in the way of apartment and car. Aids and unwanted pregnancy are things you should be prepared to take responsibility for your poor judgement of wht the future may hold for u. Am pretty sure shiro would have still gone through the same even if it were that it was some mega-rich boyfriend of hers that did that. So girls, a piece of advice, learn frm ths and change ur attitudes. And i think shiro should be careful abt who she talks to or gvs an interview. This is kenya. Dnt let the mheshimiwa get another chance to finish off ur life. Truth be told.
    I feel for ths gal.

  278. johnmwas says:

    I have nutn 2 say.U’ve exhausted the topic alredy.Shiro na raia wengine type yake wachunge maisha yao!

  279. Marto says:

    That gal waz just a simple,cheap gold digger!good work mheshimiwa hamna vya bwerere…

  280. Ongeso says:

    that tell the world about this Minister! so what can happen? U wanted cheap n fast money, u got it. shame unto you coz you were aware of rules of friendship n courtship.

    • cybex says:

      folks thz crap! u thnkn xoh immature jst lyk u described innocent campo guy who dnt thrive on datn suga momos. t wud b beta if u kept it sefly to uaself cz b4 uende vct no one knw ua dark syd. ur a cunnin xter n ppl shuld avoid u unlest u infect them wit grid n immaturity. wat goes around comes around n surely the devil never entertains ppl 4 free. thea iz a vocalist who puts it simple U VUNA WAT U PLANT
      Nxt tym rememba PNU ni kama CHINA n everythn about t FAKE cant biliv u got a fek house, fek car 4 ril AIDs

  281. Gladys says:

    This gal made a mistake that many young gals r making out there just to live the good life. Being hiv + ain’t the end of life,u can still live your dreams by taking the necessary care. Its good u taking time to publise this so atleast to reach out to young women desiring the same kind of lifestyle. I support the decision to publish the minister name(the sooner the better) so at 2 shame him n also avoid others from hooking up with him n getting into the same situation. Be strong gal.

  282. Peter Gaitho says:

    Sorry to Shiro n thenx 4 sharing such an experience to the public.wish her all the best a she give advice to young girls n boys who have chances t go through what she went through.To her, its not the end of the world,God has good plans for her

  283. MAx says:

    Long gone are the days when HIV used to kill! What Shiru needs is exposure and information to build knowledge on how best to live in her present situation! That is why she needs to go back to bwana waziri and get first hand information on how to live with this virus since I want to believe he didnt get the infection yesterday! He has stayed with it for a long time because some of these guys have been sick ages!

    She will also need to recollect her self and as the Swahili people say; Maji ya kimwangika hayazoleki! Too much pain and biting back will not help anything! But restoration, elimination of stress and depression will rebuild her immune system even much more! Noone is perfect and nobody is asking you to be! You did what you had to do; now get on with life! And know that for sure you are not alone!

    She needs to see person who she can confide in, do what she loves best to do, be in places that offer her total serene environment and simply enjoy life knowing that all of us will die one day its just a matter of time! And if she takes good care of herself, most people dissing her on this wall she will burry them first for no one knows the others time!

    She needs to as well now incline her soul towards Spirituality! She needs to turn to God and just enjoy His care, love and mercy! She needs to understand that God can do anything to anyone who cares to turn to Him! She needs to understand that in God all is not lost and that there is much more to life than men and what happens here! There is God and He cares!

  284. Malik says:

    Young girls are filled with greed and short sightedness. Personally I think she should go public not to mention the minister but rather to warn and educate the other young girls. Thats what matters. The young immature men at least keep it real they love you truly and are not just after your booty….All the same that is what you get when you live in the first lane.

  285. Judy says:

    Name the Minister in USA it’s a crime and he will be stripped off his cabinetry seat. The face charges in prison. Sorry Shiro but you loved the lavish lifestyle and priced possession he gave you. You should have been smart for both of you to get tested. Thanks for coming out in the public to educate others. You have to work for everything in life it doesn’t come on a silver platter.

  286. MEG says:

    much have been said bt young gals in campuses u nid to knw whether its the mheshimiwa or immature young dudes……………………one way or another we chose wht comes our way..Baby gal pick up the pieces and move on we dont chose our status. enroll into a HIV care n treatment prog na upate kumjua YESU. exposing him will not help you in anyway instead your lyf wil cme to an end prematurely. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS………………

  287. Tisha says:

    I am sorry that her fate ended that way, but it’s not only ministers with HIV, not only waheshimiwa’s and aged men, even our age mates ,it’s jus a matter of been faithful to our partners, avoid social networks, coz ndizo zinamaliza watu, and kumuomba Mungu atuepushie mabaya duniani tuna pita. I am so sorry for her.. Take heart. Otherwise wengine tune waangalifu tamaa mbaya

  288. Dreamwalker says:

    The prostitutes comeuppance

  289. kelly brown says:

    u need it,we’ve got it.

  290. Judy says:

    Name the Minister, sue him he will face charges. In USA it’s a crime and he will be stripped off his cabinetry seat and sent to prison. Sorry Shiro, but you loved the lavish lifestyle and priced possessions he gave you. You should have been smart for both of you to get tested at the beginning. Thanks for coming out in public to educate others. Even the rich worked their way up nothing comes easy on a silver platter. Have faith and pray the Lord will see you through during this difficult time in your life.

  291. Joe says:

    hahaha…lazma ata mimi niongezee my 2 pence! 85%!!!!!!!!! labda kwenu..

  292. Ipara billy says:

    Come to campus n see. Young ladies term their agemates as immature n poor so they go 4 older men so as to get easy money n wealth. When itz over, they r hurt n come back to the guys they rejected for pity. I pity shiro bt ladies shld also learn

  293. florence says:

    i feel sori 4 ths chiq n pray she gets the comfort she ndz,4 those sayn serves her ryt or ur negative remember it cn happen to anyone in a different way u can also be a victim directly or indirectly n we are all human n make mistakes n its human lyf we are talkn abt,she may ave got it in search of money u may get it in search of luv so don condemm yet we owe all to God coz hez da best protector

  294. Oti wa Aisha says:

    First of all am so sorry for your sitiuations, you never wanted it that way but it turned that way. Thats how life is, so Ironical. Hiv/AIDS doesnt choose whom to infect, it could land on me, you or any other body. So dont get worked up, its not the end of the road. From your story, emerges a life and spiritual lesson for other kenyans, lets not allow earthly pleasures like cars, apartment, money etc cost us alot. God bless you.

  295. daisy says:

    my mum alwaiz tells me all things work out fo good as weird as t sounds ts jst da truth evn wrten in da bible so i believ thez a reason wy t happend.i feel so sorry fo u shiro buh jst forgiv da minster n let God b da one to judge n punish him.pick up urself n move on havin aids aint da end of da wrld u hav to move on wid ur lyf n da pple awt there let shiro,s story b a lesson to u dnt let da pleasures of dis wrld blind u do wat u hav to do n lets make our kenya a better kenya

  296. steix5 says:

    nowadays Most of this cumpus/college Chiqs are so materialistic’s they choose the so called prominent, just to go en hype up and to floss, Stop crying and move on coz am sure you have also infected a guy out there, may be not even one!!or do you want to tell us when you were dating this minister you didn’t have another guy aside, going public wont help you or either way you wouldn’t live to go public because as soon as this minister know you are about to put him on public, you wont last a day. just move with your life

  297. steix5 says:

    And they are still doing it Campus/college Chiqs, mhhhhh going public wont help you girl don’t forget he is prominent and he can only take a second sending you to grave, eat health and live long, dont waste your breath going public instead of that you should be educating the young chiqs who are still doing it…who knows may be you have also infected a guy out there may be not even one but many, don’t tell us you were only sleeping with this minister from 2007-2013, if it was a minister could you have gone public??? don’t blame the minister you drugged yourself on to it

  298. steix5 says:

    And they are still doing it Campus/college Chiqs, mhhhhh going public wont help you girl don’t forget he is prominent and he can only take a second sending you to grave, eat health and live long, dont waste your breath going public instead of that you should be educating the young chiqs who are still doing it…who knows may be you have also infected a guy out there may be not even one but many, don’t tell us you were only sleeping with this minister from 2007-2013, if it was NOTa minister could you have gone public??? don’t blame the minister you drugged yourself on to it

  299. Tie Ratemo says:

    I would like to thank a Lawyer by the name Mr Kawesa. He gave me a good piece of advice, he told me ” young man when you suspect your woman of being promiscuous don’t waste your time leave her, coz no woman/man will ever come to you and tell you that she has HIV.” See the immature young men live to see another day.We’ve have no place in dating scene since the Sonko’s and the Muathara’s of today are calling the shots.However, not for so long coz they will soon succumb to their demise. I empathize with the young lady and my advice to her is sue the Minister and hope you win your case, so that you can get money to take care of yourself.

  300. koko says:

    1st of al dont u eva criticise the hiv status of a pason. u cn b the most faithfl n ur partner lets u down! 2nd, sory shiru, u made a mistake, accept that 3rd mentioning the minister wont change ur status. 4th, engage yourslf in smthn productive. And btw thea r guyz who r calin ha a prostitute n the same guyz wl b lukin 4 worse prostitutes 4 sex. as students, lets learn frm thz story n f u hv nothin important 2 tel shiru juz zip up! u cn discus that in ur village n hop 1day u get infectd with sam1 u trust

  301. cate says:

    Hiv is not the end of life,take heart girl

  302. Mary wairimu says:

    Lets not point fingers judging other pple. We are all prone to making mistakes in life and YOU are not an exception. Being HIV positive does not mean the end of life. Live positively and healthy and you will shock all these self righteous pple here who are judging u. Visit KENWA

  303. bibi ya mheshimwa says:

    you want to campaign abt mheshimwa,well I want to campaign abt you. you gals allow our husbands to use you.dnt u think his wife knew, ofcz she did but do you see her exposing him NO coz she LOVES him. first deal with accepting your positive before trying to help others…btw by the time your busy thinking abt his name he is busy infecting another gal maybe even ur friend. so as you campaign abt our husbands,us wives will campaign abt gals like you who ruin our marriages…..think abt that

  304. davis says:

    its trully a saddening story,let this ordeal serve as an example to everyone,both male and female.aids is real and we should all of us pray to God for his help to overcome such temptations

  305. Maggy says:

    shiro darling: 1)am not seeing anywea u were interested in knowing his HIV status? 2)thought this was bout ur thirst for campus politics thats y u met this pple? 3)anywea u guys used protection? 4)anywea u asked for his background check azin family?past history? 5)did u have frds?coz i dont see any mentioned here eg consultations &all? ANYWAY, its done, just use the money,car &apartment to get a better life than sulking and regretting. ooooohh and exposing him, dont u think we’ve heard worse than that??nnkkkt!!

    • Mark says:

      Maggie there u’ve said. She should now utilize the resources around to keep her going and pray God nothing else. Thumbs up Maggie

  306. Oliver says:

    When shall women stop spreading their legs whenever the smell of money is sensed? its disgusting and an embarrassment to the family. Surely if women who happen to have more control sexually learned to say no, unplanned pregnancies and spread of HIV/AIDS would not be a problem any more. Jezebels and Delilahs and Mary Magdalene’s are all over 😦

    • Jacque says:

      Oliver its a two way thing…and why not use condoms in the first place…….the stupid man knew his status n shd have opted to use a condom…nway a lesson to us all..especially our campus people who opt to have a shortcut in life,,,it has its price pliz be careful…

  307. Ronnie says:

    Who are we to judge,even Jesus,as holy as he was,never condemned the woman that was brought before Him.So sad.For Shiro take heart and take this the positive way,it is a sacrifice to teach the other more that are heading in the same direction.We all make mistakes.Be blessed dear.

  308. Ibrahim says:

    Everything has a price tag.when the deal is so good,think twice

  309. Dan says:

    I sympathise with her but its greed killing our sisters who want to live beyod. their means .

  310. Kate says:

    Its nt fair 2 judge her, shiro am so sori 4 u bt dnt giv up God z watchin, tak hrt ad al wil b wel!

    • Vic says:

      as much as i’d like to feel sorry for you, you got yourself in this shit willingly. Most likely knowing that he was also married and such.With no regards for his family, then you go give it to him without protection, obviously, willingly.. Now coz u got infected you blame it on him. If u had not got infected would you have opened up to the public about ur affair?? Youreap what you

  311. julius says:

    Although i feel sad foryou Shiro.u need to understand that anyone can have and infect anyone with H,I,V muheshimiwa hit on you just like any other guy would and unfortunately you gave in this was an accident and accept! that the only way you can live on by saing you will come public and expose the mheshimiwa this sounds like revenge and it will not help you at all! although it might helpuful to other young ambitious gals not to fall in his trap,but for you, you need to shake it off and live up again!
    thanks for sharing this at least it will help a young gal know that her age mate (male)matters although being broke and it is always comfortable to bite whats your mouths size

  312. Joanne says:

    This story has brought me to tears, Am so shokd that some ppl can comment so rude lyk tht, u r breakng a hrt tht nids to b nurtured right nw. If it was ua own sista, wud u ridicule her lyk that? Dont play clean here, the Swahili ppl say achekaye kilema hafi hakijampata, God can punish u in a way u hv neva xpected, so watch ua tongue. Shiro is out to educate young ladies who get influencd by such rich men, so if uve gat no positive thng to say, pls i beg, keep tht comment to uaself.

  313. Symoz says:

    Thts a realy painful thing 2 go through.any way i hope ladies have learned their lesson

  314. Nyamatu says:

    I personally think it would be unfair to name the minister publicly. (1) Shiro was over 18,mature and a university student who was able to tell bad from good. (2) This minister has kids who will be destroyed once they find out what kind of a father they have always had. What good will it do to anybody surely? Shiro has already done well to go public on her status and this will serve a good lesson for all us women who are lured by money and worldly goodies but going beyond there will not add any value. I know she Shiro is bitter as one would expect but somebody please tell her to leave it there. My prayers to her to be strong

  315. Mark says:

    The bitch minister! Y spoil a promising young lad. Am very sorry Shiro, have a heart and follow the prescriptions. Sue the bitch and tell him to pay u alot of cash 2 keep u going.

  316. mosese saisi says:

    plain and simple-abitch who wanted easy life over and over again then she infects pipo!

  317. andrew says:

    Iam sure am nt the only one who views this artical as being just political and nothing more to it.
    But if its true, its really sad how naive shiru was and stil is as in if ur morals were that low that u cld hook up with a married man why complain when his morals were that low that he din tel you he was +ve???
    N mayb ths lesson would also extend nt only to the cumpus chicks bt also to the guys wit ‘sugar mommys’. u cnt expect to recive gifts from the devil without giving ur soul. Easy come, easy go.

  318. jkibbs says:

    it doesnt matter who infected you whether rich or poor, youre +ve and its not a death sentence unless you make it so. stop milking the issue and move on with your live. though sad you should have taken care b4 this

  319. it painful and i feel so sorry 4 shiro.i encourage her 2 pray and move on,coz wat has happen,has happen,no going back.

  320. Cllr,George .M Mwangangi says:

    Overwhelming,touching story.It takes two,

  321. Owino damaris says:

    Really sad

  322. Mark says:

    Maggie there u’ve said facts. She should now utilize the resources around to keep her going and pray God nothing else. Thumbs up Maggie

  323. Mburu says:

    is this true? or is it a mere campaign against the PNU by ODM, it is just an imaginary /Creation of ODM,

  324. david m kimani says:

    This is a lesson to our sisters and brothers. money is not everything you need. life is precious.
    sori fo her but its sowing wat u planted

  325. peek says:

    have gone through the comments and i think only a few are getting the point here, are we talking about HIV, PNU minister, or shiro come on guys those are four different things that dont share a common boundary think hard before you buy such stories

  326. leila says:

    For all those who think tht shiro is a prostitute, goldigger shenzi type n th likes 1st id like to term u as jelous coz u r either alooser financialy, u aint endowered as wev learnt from ths story n u definatly not worth livin if u dont believe in mistakes of life. so plse stop pretendin to be disciples or virgin marys in a secondry nature n support a woman who has come out confessed and regrets her past decisions. i hope and pray this diesnt happen to either of u thro ur sisters, wives or daughters coz maybe then u will remeber n understand wot shiro is goin thro’. As for th 85%its thekenyans affected not infected. as for shiro kip th faithGod has a purpose for u unknowingly i believe ur cmin out will save if not already saved sme lives out thea.

  327. sassy says:

    it is our joint responsibility as sexual partners to get to know each other’s HIV status before engaging in unprotected sex. much as am sorry to the “victim” here, I believe its unfair to blame one party of the deal (unles ofcourse she was raped. which does not sound like the case here). a university graduate, and a student’s leader for that? and holding such an influential position like SG- this is not a naive girl as u potray it. Truth be told, as I was reading the article, I just couldnt see why the minister is being prosecuted.

  328. Evets says:

    this lady is not serious,,,,, how come she never went public during good times, big cars, big apartments, big jobs,,,,,name them, let her carry her own cross. there is alwys a price to pay for all our actions…..

  329. wat also a funny story teller.wacha npunge hewa 1st.

  330. Wambui says:

    It’s evident she was carried away by the fame and the power, the good life the MP offered…
    She should forge her way to healing. It’s not gonna be easy but it will be for her own good.
    P/S: Let her be very careful. These MPs can be really dangerous. Look what happened to that poor Nairobi University girl and Kabogo.

  331. Dwayne says:

    This is where you University gals go wrong its always about being famous and money..you never think of the consequences but anyway we make our choices and decisions. Hope you can learn and live with yours. Take heart

  332. morio says:

    when God created you He gave you a brain so that you can choose all that you want, you are solely responsible for the choices you make in life. its not the end of the world though, when life hands u bricks make good use of them…build a house educate young people who like shortcuts in life and by doing so ul have made a difference in the world. 80% of young people would follow same route given the opportunity so lets not judge her harshly

  333. Nyamai Nyams,M.M.U says:

    A lesson to our campus comrades

    • lynee says:

      pole!! this has been so common to university en college female students. let it serve as a lesson to other girls. they don’t appreciated efforts made by their paros for the little pocket money they are struggling to give.

  334. jck says:

    pole,nthng else 2say

  335. Lots of sympathy n I wsh u emotional healng. Should ths go 2 all gurls who thnk we youngstrs r so chldsh, too poor 2 provide 4 them n those who call on stationa sayng that we cnt fully maintain a woman. Should u go 4 those old folks n regret later. Choice ni yenyu ladies.
    But 4 u Shiro all th best in ur lyf n I wsh u grt achvious lyf.

  336. ombogo Benjamin says:

    All young men including ua boyfriend at sme time tey wa immature,unfaithful,no limousine en inexperienced riders bt Mheshimiwa waz capable f all tiz. ao culd u date sme1 u knew waz married en u’ll hve no future wit him. dea sis stop haunting en stressing your self,jst reap wat u’d sown stressfree; drive ua lavish car,enjoy ua bungalow en now te answer 2te qstn f ao 2spend money iz pay medical bills en buy ARVS.mayb te pains u’re undergoing thrgh iz te pain u planted in ua boyfrnd b4 mheshimiwa tookova. 4 thse who are after sugarmammy en sugardady b warned mayb nxt it’s u!

  337. machete says:

    Let us call a spade a spade. This lady was reckless because money was thrown at her and her thighs opened up just like the Minister’s wallet. She is bitter at herself for her recklessness.
    Secondly, can she prove that its the Minister who did infect infect her? In the eyes of society, she is a ‘gold digger’ who got a raw deal and life threatening disease. She was not a minor, she was not a beggar, infact she has portrayed herself as an intelligent and charismatic lady with political ambitions.
    My advice, be very careful…its one thing to state that a high profile minister has HIV and its another thing to state that the same minister infected her with HIV.
    The only thing I commend her on is the fact that she has come out and spoken about her ordeal which should sound alarm bells to other reckless university girls seeking to get rich or die trying literally..

  338. Brian Adams says:

    Its soo pity but Elizah shd take heart and accept n let life continue to us its a big lesson i mean when the deal is too gd think twice life has no short cut

  339. Tato says:

    Listen to all you hypocrites. Shame on all of you!! You judge her because she found a way to earn extra pocket change? And it resulted to a car a house..etc. If she wanted only his money she wouldnt have asked for the job.
    Y’all would do the same thing in a heartbeat given the chance..even you men.
    None of you is looking at the bigger picture, HE IS A MINISTER, a man who can decide yo fate, a man we call a leader, a man we look upto..and he is going around sleeping with anything with ‘female organ’ btwn the legs just coz HE CAN. Meaning?
    Look at who is leading this country, at this rate, rather than crucify Shiro for something y’all woulda done..pray! Pray that Kenya gets what it requires to take that step forward not backwards.
    Shiro..what you dcd to do with this man is upto despite the advice buh just pick up pieces and redesign yo life and move forward.

    • Kare says:

      really Tato??? speak for yourself. In that situation, with that temptation, she could have used a condom!

  340. dianne says:

    Nothing in this world comes for free, what were you expecting from the mheshimiwa? marriage? no! pliz take the pain! that’s life.

  341. Gogo moffet says:


  342. koredo says:

    I know of a friend of mine who went through the same thing but with ODM minister

  343. Irene says:

    Nkt ! How dare she say she was faithful 2 mheshimiwa ? ? Anotha woman’s husband ! ! ! Am sori,i dnt pity ha at all,thts the price she paid 4 sleeping wth a married man ,making anotha woman’s lyf miserable. . .2) 4 the luv of money n fame wch is y she was faithful. . . 3)4 luv of mature men,u got mature a price . Shaming hm b4 the public wont heal u,twl add mo problems 2 the 1 u already have. . . By the way ,wts the big deal ,dnt cry wolf ! Wolf ! Now,AIDS nw is nt lyk Then,u cn live longa thn u thnk,focus on ua health now n start afresh,cryin n holding press interviews/cönf,wont help u.

  344. Winnie mirehane says:

    Honestly wats wrng wit us gals we neva get satisfied wit wat we av instead we wnt more n more n wat do we get in return regreats,poor shiro u nw av an apartment, a car n a job 4rm mheshimiwa n wat else did u get aids well dats the payment if u cud work hard by ur own witout mheshimiwas help u wud av got more than wat he gave minors the virus by nw u wud nt b regreatin bsyds u were jst a mpango wa kando bse am sure ths man has a wife wudnt u think twice b4 moving out wit him nwa maji yamemwagika na hayazoleki tena i wish u had taken dat 1 step @ a tym by nw u wud nt b regreatin pole sana

  345. Ba says:

    Am assuming this MP was married and am wondering if at anytime Shiro thought abt the adultrous rltshp n her effect on the mp’s marriage.
    A university student surely u must have calculated the risk of
    1. unsafe sex
    2. Adultry
    3. Multiple sex patners.(cz ur also having sex with the mp’s wyf through him, who you also dont know whether she is faithful to her husband).
    You didnt mention whether you were a virgin before the mp so how certain are you that you were not positive before your encounter with the mp. Had you visited a vct before?
    I think you had your priorities wrong before and you have them wrong now.
    You are seeking vengence instead of being sorry 4ua mistakes and doing something positive with your experience, like visiting schools and universities to give moral talks.
    Am not condeming you coz am not perfect either but just trying to help you see other options. To error is human but to forgive is divine.

  346. Alex Methodius Ekuwam says:

    This is a lesson to young girls in our institutions of higher learning. Let us be very carefull in all our relations. Work hard in school all this worldly things will come your way. its just amatter of time.

  347. Elvis Godiah says:

    You never know who these people may be- a room mate, a neighbor, a professor, a friend, a lover or even a coplete stranger- but when u lock eyes with them u know at that very moment they will affect your lyf in some profound way

  348. Evans says:

    lesson well learn t better start frm nothing to something than to start up than someone and end up being nobody na iwe funzo kwa wengine

  349. Carol says:

    the lack of empathy in some comments here is astounding. Shiro am really sorry that this happened to u am sure if u cld turn back the hands of time u wld make different decisions. am proud of u sister ur courage is amazing, do not loose hope. pick urself up and dust urself off. and pliz expose the a$$h*le sooner rather than later before he does this to another unsuspecting female.

  350. John says:

    The reaped wot she sowed. Anyway its a lesson to many gals outside there who loves earthly materials. I wish her well but am not for the opinion of her exposing the politician but the right thing to do is to educate other campus ladies of moral living.

  351. SHAYA says:

    :: many of us will be quick to judge Shiro calling her a gold digger, but sit and think how many other Shiro’s are out there? so many campus girls are deceived by these cunning sorry excuses of Leaders…. she was bold enough to stand up and tell her story and what makes you think you have the right to judge her?? Shame on me and you fro voting for such people into positions of leadership. I will share this to everyone not caring for the repercussions and the day Shiro comes clean about this Kunt, I will support her not from the corner of the street but at the front line…Kudos Shiro, you are a Phenomenal woman…HIV is not a death sentence on the contrary it is a chance to live a new for you. Lots of Love and Prayers to you Garlie. as for Mheshimiwa, YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED YOU LYING SICK PRICK!!!!!

  352. Jack punyua says:

    Yeah, poor Shiko u wanted 2 ripe where u never sow and u av succeeded so y regrets?? 4 now wot i can say 2 u is let bygones be bygones and open new life pages n be positive…moral of tha story tha current world is nat dangerous becoz of those people wuh do evil bt becouse of those wuh luk ön and du nothing… Take heart enyway

  353. brian ahenda mfalme says:

    rush for the good life and it will come at a cost..then i tend to think youre only exposing him because he gave you HIV well would you make this known had he not given you HIV? i doubt it, you would still be living in secrecy with him…

  354. karen says:

    lesson learnt beta n serves yu right.

  355. joan nangila says:

    i wish she asked for some tests before eating the goodies. msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio.

  356. i wish she asked for some tests before eating the goodies. msiba wa kujitakia hauna kilio.

  357. Tess says:

    that chick is stupid in this day and age how can u trust a politician maybe he even has a wife not maybe HE HAS A WIFE get that and how can u sleep with a politician not politician any man who you don’t trust sleep with him without a condom and yet you claim that you went to the university how dumb are you.or they taught you that in Uni.or you were hungry for money you couldn’t think of that i cant feel sorry for you coz girls like you paint a bad picture for the rest of us so die with it.

  358. Green odera says:

    Its a pitty

    • nzula says:

      pls move on with life and stop regreting the minister has and is living his life and am sure wth the family, so move on you aint the first to get HIV, atleast you have an apartment ,a car and a good job. wht will those who have HIV and are living in poverty say.MOVE ON WITH LIFE GIRL

    • njeri says:

      that serves her better,one thing is that this man had a family more 2 that a wife, n she never cared whether she was destroying a family.second,if she got HIV from a “common immature man” she cld not have shared this. she just wants to black mail. ashindwe kabisa

  359. Ben says:

    God atamhelp..

  360. Chirchir boniface. says:

    First,sorry to shiro.but the truth is lets avoid cheap gifts.lets think on the consequences.love n value uaself its really to regret on what its avoidable on early stages.shiro u cant do anything now just take hrt.

  361. mwita wilson says:

    imagine that is happening and it will continue to happen. our college girls love easy things but they come at a cost. she accepted to sleep with him for the gifts she wanted. a good job money etc. I advice live positively. infect no one. but let people know the man.

  362. Isaac says:

    I cannot sympathise with a person looking for easy life, easy money. The minister is not to blame for this girl carelessness and marriage wrecking symbiotic relationship.
    Whether she names the minister or not, we are not interested. She got what she deserved. Period.

  363. pwe says:

    am so sorry but its nyc u came public girls wil b careful atleast

  364. mnget'ich says:

    exposing the minister wont change the situation you will remain HIV+.and who knows the minister could be HIV-.i sympathise with you Shiro but God is a God of second chance so dont loose hope go to church repent and live a holy life.

  365. karismatiq says:

    Reblogged this on syntaxkaris and commented:
    Still cant believe it!!!!

  366. madock kevin says:

    why wait till 2013? this mheshimiwa might be at it even right now with another gal……..let him be known and let it be a lesson to others like him.

  367. Bianca! says:

    Life goes on!Take ARVs & LIVE!!!

  368. igy says:

    y sam f u r really out to condemn her liking for older men doesn’t make sense, evn young men have HIV, it isn’t an old-man disease. bt shiro cmon, ua thirst for a simple life got u where u are, dnt blame tha consequences on tha mheshimiwa, minus tha disease, u wld still be milking him dry. in ths day n age of liberal ladies you are a let down to us.

  369. TOSH THUKU says:

    yap mistake are always done and its high time we learn through our mistake,Shiro and other young girls at her age know that those so called waheshimiwa were not rich at her age,If you wanna date a young person don’t look at material things, look at the altitude and ability to work hard for a better future.I also conquer with go public so as to rebuke this evilness.

  370. shadrack.kaivi says:

    “He gave me everything that mattered then, but took away everything that I need now…”this is are very big lesson!~!!!!

  371. peezy says:

    everything hapens 4 a rizon , dats wat i blv ….. Xo b strong shiro ,u wll def’ overcome it all

  372. LIMO says:

    “Shiro was not the type to date young men who she deemed to be immature” as young as we are, we are clean and fighting for brighter future

  373. martin says:

    am so sorry for ha, kuteleza si kuangua, just dust off yourself and move, God will give you another chance

  374. Evah says:

    It’s a sad story indeed; a young woman’s life has been wasted BUT it’s not all over Shiro, you can still pick yourself up and live a full life albeit having to contend the challenges of living with HIV. Remember, God is a God of second chances. That said, it is clear that Shiro made a terrible mistake of getting involved with this man; I bet he is not single and it’s evident he was not in her age bracket and she knew all that. She must have been naive to expect such a man to be honest and faithful – the word faithful here should not even arise considering that the guy is most likely married and, if he picked her up he would most definitely pick another. Shiro should have known this was risky and consequences like HIV were likely. I am not in any way seeking to condemn this girl – everyone deserves a second chance – but I really hope that other college girls who are running for easy money and a lavish lifestyle would sincerely learn from this case. It comes easy, lasts a short time but the consequences are damn costly! This politician on the other hand has a case to answer in court if, as stated in the story, he knew his status all along. That means he deliberately exposed her to infection without making full disclosure of his status. He’s also obviously a moral delinquent who is preying on the desperation of young jobless women, using his money as a bait. He’s definitely unfit for public office. Once again Shiro, you’ve learned your lesson, life is not all over – pick up your pieces and move on. You still have a chance. You cannot change your HIV status but you can change the way you live your life from now on.

  375. karthryn says:

    i cannot feel sorry for her ,it serves her right hakutumia akili alipokuwa anadate the MP?

  376. kamau says:

    This is sad……but such is life. we lay in the beds we make.for shiro…it turned out to be a really thorny bed.My only question is why wait till 2013??? this “Mheshimiwa” is out there infecting other gals.He is obviously not one to be in leadership.waiting till he gets re-elected and infects many other gals is irresponsible. I think its high time we get straight….mulika mwizi…..mwizi wa maisha!!!

  377. richjkaards says:

    repent shiro n Jesus is merciful n God’s grace is sufficient.

  378. kamaa says:

    she could have insisted 2 use protection
    how sad?
    we hav 2 b very careful nowadays not only ladies even we men.

  379. Gracie says:

    Ok. I dn think id rush 2 judge the gal, neither can I support her behavior then. But in this story i see a gal who’s learnt it the hard way, kind of a prodigal son come back. Those who r quick 2 judge, what if Jesus askd u 2 b the first to cast a stone, Would u? The wise will learn from this story n wait not 2 b in shiro’s situation. As much as she was wrong, again I say i will not judge her. May she b encouragd that there’s always a second chance 2 do it ryt. People will deny u that chance but God is merciful enaf 2 take u back. Whatevr you do dear gal dont do it 2 get back 2 the politician, do it 2 bounce back 2 life. Keep positive, tiz aint ua end until God says so.

  380. shocked says:

    ignorance really isn’t bliss.
    I empathize with her but you can’t ignore the fact that she’s really naive!
    Let her story be a lesson to many!

  381. shocked says:

    ignorance really isn’t bliss.
    I empathize with her but you can’t ignore the fact that she’s really naive!
    Let her story be a lesson to many!
    check out http://amthatcrazyafricanchick.wordpress.com.

  382. ajuoga says:

    There are many people living with HIV. They contracted the virus under different circumstances. We should not demonize them for being in the current situation. This lady has done the right thing in coming out openly to say that she is living with the virus. This is the first step in combating stigma against PLHIV. In light of what she has said, I think the law is very clear about knowingly infecting others. But still the other person could be infected but does not know. This is why we always have to assume that a person whose status we don’t know is HIV positive and take also measures to ensure that we are not infected by them through unprotected sex. Many PLHIV have taken it upon themselves to ensure they lead quality lives and also to protect their sexual partners from HIV infection, which is encouraging. A few who go on having unprotected sex with others hoping to infect them do not go far due to the risks that go with re-infection and infection from other HIV strains. All in all pole mrembo but this is not the end. It is the beginning of living positively with the virus. You still have a lot to do in the fight against HIV and also in nation building. HIV does not take away any of you rights and obligations to society.

  383. Clare wekesa says:

    Am very Sorry Shiro,i do feel for u,bt u knw we learn from our mistakes,infact am really challenged,il never fall for a guy coz of money,may ol go well with u,thanx so much for advicing we young girlas,thz a lesson to remember

  384. hezzy says:

    its a big lesson to campus chiks

  385. Adell says:

    guys who are in denial regarding the 85% stats are in the mix! Ukweli usemwe

  386. sassy says:

    i fill sorry for her. But that should not pull her down, life has a lot more to offer and its not the end. What i don’t get is does this girl have an early death wish? why is she waiting for 2013 to expose him why cant she just do it now. Is she planning on getting payed to stay quiet coz i think if she wanted us to know who it was she would already have said it. The guy might kill her before she says anything no powerful person wants to be exposed and we will never know. Or maybe she wants the guy to pay her to keep her mouth shut. I don’t get why 2013.

  387. Frank Kimathi says:

    This is not the end of everything,there’s still hope to live a happy lyf…

  388. the girl deserves no sympathy as she was on money minting mission!!hahaha! kwani u did not remember trust kondms??? pumbafu kabisa!!! look be4 u leap!!

  389. doctordiehard says:

    Going public with the matter is not advisable, both safety-wise and logically. The HIV won’t go after the dust settles and neither will the guilt for acquiring the disease after sleeping with a married man. You knew the deal man…accept responsibility and live a different life as a result.

  390. Boogy says:

    Its the high time she exposed this mhesh sababu he must be doing ths to others pls??! shame on you Mhesh!

  391. doctordiehard says:

    Going public with this is not a wise decision both safety-wise and logically. She still has the disease even after the dust has settled, and the guilt of acquiring HIV after sleeping with a married man will never go. A pragmatic move would be to accept responsibility for her actions and live her life differently as a result. She knew what she was doing man…

  392. vincent says:

    msiba wa kujitakia hauna pole u enjoyed the money alone

  393. Muathime says:

    Its even a sin to sleep with married man and not enough exchange your body for materials, warning to young men and women who think they can take shortcuts by sleeping with old rich men and women!

  394. RABDI says:

    this is just a lesson to all of us…good things come easy

  395. Annie says:

    True, people make mistakes; m sure there are things we’ve done that we regret. But going public will not help your situation. Make peace with God, seek treatment and live positively. For a person who infected you knowingly, going public will have no impact on him. His conscience is dead. And before you point a finger at how evil he is, look inside yourself, you were not innocent either. You had a responsibility to protect yourself with condoms

  396. John Njogu Muriuki says:

    there is still life to live. girls be careful of men who dnt like protective sex. but have energy.

  397. I do hope that Shiro will get the justice that she deserves…..Thanks so much for caring to share such a story.We need to realize and learn that one of the hidden truths of life is that the path to the prize is always more valuable than the prize itself.Shortcuts rob us of those valuable lessons that we need to learn along the way.When you are presented with a shortcut- a way that is not of God say no-say NO.Be persistent and stick to the path on which the Lord has placed you.

  398. benard says:

    this campus chicks most dem r blnd coz of money.plz this is a lesson t dem.thy av t serve young boyz dan t serv old men in de vllage resulting to a disaster.waelewe money is not every thing.somo kwao

  399. Ayiro Eliud says:

    Look and Live!

  400. Paula says:

    Shit happens but i just want to know,since she plans to ‘out’ the minister,will she return all the money and stuff he got her?

  401. Kamum says:

    I feel her pain I am not HIV positive but I know the pain you feel when a lover cheats and has no apologies. Some people have given up on life and want to hurt others hoping that they will feel better.Gal stay strong vengeance belongs to the Lord do not risk your life exposing the loser your remaining life is precious and God has a purpose for keeping you alive and giving you a heart of courage. Focus your energy on healing emotionally and empowering our sisters in campus on the existence of HIV/AIDS it is REAL!

  402. U cld sy shi desavz t 4 nt datn yang men bt ts nt ha fault shi gt infktd even these yang men cn infkt shi shldnt hv tkn thngz tht first as tha english men sy”WEN THA DIL Z 2 GD THNK TWICE”t shld b a lsn 2 tha female species……

  403. mNYaks says:

    Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!!!!!! lets talk about the destitute mother of three who has no education, money nor food and has to sell her body to make ends meet and now she’s +ve, rather than the well educated university graduate whose making foolish decisions just so she can have an easy life. no point in feeling sorry for her. this be a lesson to all of us who like shortcuts!!

  404. ricky says:

    EASY COME EASY GO…..shiro nver blame the minister plz, u were not raped!!! u did wot u did n nw plz reap wot u sow madam………nyef nyef….ladies who love money like u end up crying alone, cry alone n walk alone

  405. shiro its a pity 2 find urslf in this situation,bt let no man judge,if there is anybdy witout a mistake in lyf he/she can judge dis gal.more so hiv is 4 humans so shiro jst take ur arvs as directed pray as much as possible n exercise 2 lead a normal lyf,as 4 goin public n mentioning the minister no need perharps he didnt knw that he was inffected at the tym u started slping 2gter or even perharps its u who infected him since the 1st tym u slpt 2gter u were not a virgin,n plz fnd yourslf a husband of the same status n start lyf 2gta n adopt a child since you got money,everything has a reason n no 1 is useless its becz of u that ppl r dscssng this forum so feel proud of urslf n go 2 that minister n clear up in a humble way.2 wrongs dnt make a right na maji ikimwagika haizoleki.since thats the way ur lyf is at the moment 4gv the minister n focus ur lfy.lyf is 2dy morrow is just a dream…or msiachane the eyes of the frog cnt stop the cow frm drinking h2o but you adopt n make the minister 2 come clear wit his wife…kweni iko nini

  406. U cn sy shi disavz t 4 nt datn yang men bt no 1 cnt gt ths disease n any1 cn infkt u ths shld b a lsn 2 tha female species

  407. Pauline Zawadi says:

    Hmmmmmm i am surprised how people know how to throw stones at others. Its as if you who is condemning shiro are sinless. I am HIV positive and know where the shoe pinches most. The only thing i dont encourage shiro is taking revenge.Welcome to the train girl the 1.4 million Kenyans living with HIV today were infected by someone and if all were to go to the press to say who infected them there would be no other news.
    Appreciate what the mheshimiwa has done for you and move on.learn to forgive and join others living with HIV so as to learn how to live positively.HIV is not a death sentence as many are saying here. If any of them know when they will die then they are free to tell you you will die soon.But none knows only God. There has never been two deaths of the same person. One dies once and whether you have hiv or not you will certainly die. I have attended several burials of people i told i had HIV they got shocked and told me they are afraid of my dying.
    In other news life with HIV is beautiful. You can only know when you are in. If you are not in leave it, condomize, protect yourself and get tested. Thank you daily post for sharing this. To follow me on facebook or twitter Look for Pauline Gift Zawadi. My twitter handle is Zawadipolly.

  408. A Man says:

    They are people, who when they see a person fall into a ditch will rush there and gaze at the pit, and do nothing more. Others will warn those who are heading towards the same ditch, while others will not only go and gaze at the ditch but will start laughing at whoever fell there. So where do you belong?

    Just because it was a MInister then it becomes worse. Just because he was someone’s wife then it becomes bad.

    If you have ever committed fornication you need to first condemn yourself before condemning Shiro. How many ladies are sleeping with men because of money, despite the man having a wife? The reason the bible condemns not only adultery but also fornication is because when fornicating you are sleeping with someone who will be someone’s wife or husband in future.

    The difference between Shiro’s ordeal and what most of us are involved is the class of the man, the amount of money he had and the infection.

    Similarly to men, how many times have you left that ugly but good mannered woman and run to that bad mannered but beautiful woman? Imagine if the beautiful woman has HIV. There are wrong actions we do everyday that can land us into trouble. If we haven’t landed into trouble then we need to thank God and stop repeating the same mistake.

    I advice Shiro to start advising other ladies. Through this she will save lives of many and have spiritual healing.

  409. Thats so painful…!

  410. benzin says:

    you know…every single time i read this kind of stories…i wonder if ladies do really understand, i am a man yet i know what really goes on…ladies don’t you? Many stories are equally the same…but still it happens on and on…and you know what revolves on them…money!!! As much as sympathy is encouraged…one thing i was always taught since i was young was regrets. Seriously, as u university student…we learn to think critically before taking any action. If one is dumb enough…then ask…yes i don’t deny…i am the type shiro called “immature”…simply because i am young and still in campus…but remember…we grow old…time will come i will have my lavished house,a Chrysler 3000S,and a loving wife…but get this…MINE!!! I struggle for a good life ahead…that’s really not immature…Elizabeth, its not yet over…you have one more chance to do it right…in life we accept mistakes, so like shiro’s….if the politician wasn’t infected…i’m sure you couldn’t say to us you are dating him…advice to all campus ladies…please judge your decisions right

  411. Emmanuel says:

    HIV+ is not a death sentence, its just a lifelong condition as the Govt is providing free ART to all Kenyans. Nevertheless it is wrong for anyone to infect others with HIV knowingly as per the HIV and AIDS Act, but yet again one can argue they didn’t know they were infected in the first place. For others commenting here, know that it is good to have yourselves tested for HIV. Please know that nearly half (44%) of all the HIV infections standing at 100,000 adult infections in Kenya, occur in steady heterogeneous relationships such as marriages. It is not necessarily a disease for people who go looking for it, but something that is right with us in our homes among our loved ones. Please don’t point fingers as no-one is safe until clinically proven so. “Shiro” kindly get in touch with me at ekimingi@nacc.or.ke. I will show you friends, family and Kenyans who care.

  412. I have little or no sympathy to this girl! every decision we make in life has their consequences! she choose that life and she have her self to blame. Her story should be a wake up call for those people who gold dig without caring the consequences at hand. This lady knew too well that guy has a family and a wife but she decided her interest were paramount so let her story be a lesson tomany!

  413. Our lady we say sorry & again thank u 4 assisting our innocent girls.pray so hard 4WE SERVE GOD OF IMPOSSIBILITIES.

  414. suziee says:

    if you can prove that he knowingly infected you, you have all the rights to sue him. My take on this is, you werent the first chick, you arent going to be the last. Save some lives by going public, you could save hundreds of girls.

  415. I really feel sori for that young Lady may da Light of da Lord shine upon ur life Galfie God loves u n we (I) love u, all da best

  416. Faith says:

    You know what Lady, you’ve got some nerve.
    a) The Government has been making people aware for over 10 years now, you want to tell me you never saw those embarrasing ads?

    b) what heck were you doing getting involved with a married man?
    c) Did he infect you while you were a sitting duck or did two play the game?

    Please, shut up and accept responsibility for your actions; When you were accepting the house , car ,job, and CV of knowing people in high places, I don’t think I helped you enjoy them did I?

    Just for the record, I’m a Christian, and that’s why I’m telling you this. Accept responsibility for your actions and find closure. Stop blaming everyone when you have a brain that put you through University.

  417. blinky says:

    She made a choice. And thats why God gave us free will. What u do with it is not his problem but yours.

  418. Kamau says:

    Forget abt him my dear..stop lettin him to get a hold of ua past..u made a mistake n u should 4get abt goin public..it wont help..FOCUS on ua new Life..make the necessary adjstments n move 4ward..God is doin a new thing in ua lyf..invite Him to take charge NOW..al the bert…

  419. kimbery says:

    when a married man come kissing your ass you should ask yourself how many such women he have slept with. its easy to tell when you are in death trap unless you choose to be stupid.

  420. Swoozie says:

    The Lord walk with you Shiro. You are a brave lady.

  421. steve says:

    This goes to all the Gold Diggers!!! didnt she enjoyed the house the ride and the money? kwanza the issue about going puclic after election is bull shit!! ameze dawa pole pole na afanye mazoezi.

  422. Abeid tash says:

    One step at a time

  423. noel karei says:

    what the minister did was wrong, but its not like he forced her to sleep him, she made her bed, so… what she should do is use her story to help other naive ladies like her. i also do not mind if the minister is made to pay for taking advantage of this lady

  424. Tonny says:

    Wat a nasty situation!going thru al da insititutions she went in search of knowledge n now she z almost thru she comes out double,educated n…..HIV….

  425. Mike says:

    I think elizabeth missed somthing that made her not to think twice,she could have consulted somone on how to handle herself with mheshimiwa.politicians care for no one apart from their own interest like in the case here,let it be a lesson to all young people out there….

  426. cj says:

    leo ni leo msema kesho ni mwongo.if she really wanted to out the minister she would be doing it now.come 2013,something will come up and i promise you this girl will not tell.otherwise,pole.noone deserves what you’re going through.may God grant you peace.

  427. susan says:

    sorry shiru..but dont regret if u werent infected u wuld still be sharing his bed..descent gals r rejecting such proposals they take long to succeeed but wen success come..they have no regrets!!

  428. Shitule says:

    bahati mbaya lakini.

  429. cybil says:

    She needs counseling. Naming the other person does not change her status. With HIV what matters is how you are dealing with it not who infected you. You will die faster if you go that way my dear. Accept and live on positively!

  430. mwokaji says:

    How careful can you really be, as women we crave for love, and sometimes make seriously wrong choices. Now all is left is to trudge on.. life must continue and God is in control always!


    • nina says:

      Your are a beautiful wonderful lady in God’s presence. Hiv is not a death sentence.you have to be in strong in mind. Give your life to christ and stop revenge. I feel soo bad to pple here with crazy comments…There are men/ women who feel great to infect others while they know their HIV/AIDS,HepB, C, status and this is a crime. Some of you commenting like this you never know whether you’ll have it soon or already having it!!!
      Stay healthy,take your meds, you’ll have a man who will love you they way you are, but remember you r not alone. get the counselling session and ask God to give you a heart to forgive this man and you move on.

  432. Reg says:

    Y’al shld jst shut up..!who doesnt lov money,if u hav never had 2 regret a thng,condem her!

  433. wambui says:

    Naming him won’t make a difference but educating young people about this will be the best thing you can ever do and gal it not the end of life example of asunta wagula have made it revenge won’t help will make matter worse

  434. brian says:

    its a touchin story, bt you can not turn back the tym.hav courage to fight for your endevours

  435. chebaibai itu says:

    To all who are hating and throwing useless valgure, dont think you are more holier than though may i remind you that you are all cursed with the human nature which takes a toll of most of your decisions in life, without God rest assured you will fall in a trap if not the same, let no one raise a finger to judge for it is Gods work, He loved her from the time she was born and this incident changes nothing, God loves her unconditionally, she made a wrong human nature decision but God will use her to save more of her peers. Gal take heart its not the end of life, dont revenge let God do His work, accept Christ and let Him be the author of your life…

  436. James says:

    its life…………maji yakishamwagika hayazoleki. Have no regrets for her.

  437. cash says:

    si ali taka

  438. nduta says:

    This is very unfortunate. Parents really suffer. Send your child to school and end up like this. Unfortunately no one wants to get HIV however, she should have known better than to go out with the so called MP. However, despite this, this is an educated person surely who did not think of protection, or getting tested first. On the other hand, if he infected her knowingly that he was HIV positive, then he can be taken to court. Cheating on his wife has probably got him where he is today. Or perhaps was his wife who gave it to him and he has decided to go on the rampage. Am sure we will never know…however…the other side to the coin is…we best learn from this…all that glitters is not gold! Never take the easy way out, there will be a price to pay…a very heavy price to pay like she is doing now. You can imagine the people affected, her mother, father siblings, family…its very very sad. Repercussions are dire…

  439. liferocks:) says:

    I empathize with her situation but I really think she went out looking for it. I mean why would you get involved with a married man and then when something like this happens you end up acting all surprised. Our destinies are guided by the decisions that we make and decide to act on…so stand up and be the first to take the blame. Just take it as a lesson learned and move on with your life.

    And as for that guy claiming that 85% of Kenyans are infected with HIV…IDIOT! Get your facts right!

  440. angie says:

    I dont mean to be insensitive or unfeeling to Shiro’s matter coz truth is we all are human n we make mistakes all the time,but lets face the facts;she willingly engaged in unprotected intercourse with the mheshimiwa no force was used,and she went ahead with it knowing that that was the price she was paying for the luxuries the mheshimiwa lavished on her.The only problem if u ask me is the fact that mheshimiwa refused to inform her of his HIV status,which is wrong on so many levels!!Bottom line is she wanted the easy life,took the fast lane to get ahead of the pack,and is now paying for it..To the Youth ehhhh Patience is a Virtue,wacheni haraka haraka which is common not only among ladies but also young men sleeping with Sugar mummies.Remember if u make ur bed,u have no option but to lie on it,so dont act recklessly n then turn round n expect pity.Afterall when the going was good u kula alone.

  441. newton says:

    Well it’s a pitty she fell into that trap, but to us all it’s a very good lesson.

  442. ayesha okwaro says:

    take hat gal n live positively accept your status.bt above all GOD loves u.cheers

  443. zkebati says:

    Dwelling in the past and how one might have got HIV does not add anything to leading a positive life in future. It cannot change the status to what it was before. Your future is in your hands Shiro. You can achieve all you want to be in future. HIV does not kill but the opportunistic infections do. Accept it, Take ARVs, Live positively and you will be a living example to the rest who will try to avoid being in such a mix.

  444. Leakey says:

    I feel 4 her but she ought 2 ve seen it coming!

  445. Muthoni says:

    Thanx alot shiru for having the courage to share,this is just the beggining of along journey,dont loose hope he only snatched a little you still hold the rest.I have a close freind who went through almost the same,she was diagonised in 12yrs ago it hurted though it didnt stop her from living her dreams.She’s now happly married mother of two aged 10-7.I would subscribe you two books and i promise the moment you will read them,you will be a brand new shiru.Miracles Of Positive Thinking by Arnold &Barry Fox,The Secret by Rhoda Byren.Wish you all the best and may they bring back joy and purpose in your life.

  446. boss says:

    good,she should have even gotten all the STIs in this world on top of that,why am I saying so,ladies disregard us am at the university but if you dont have money they cant listen to you!!! it served her right and the likes of her let her bear the fruits of negligence of young and properbly suitable guys.

  447. Paul Gitahi says:

    pole Shiro.

  448. kapondy says:

    i hope my stupid relative is reading this

  449. The White Man says, “Measure the consequences first” and again the Bible says that “The wages of sins is death”. As for me, no sympathy at all. She brought this to herself!!!!!. She didnt find anything wrong getting involved with a Minister, accepting a car and the Apartment.

  450. njahira says:

    shiro go public on the mheshiwa and the next thing i know u will be a statistic @langata,hold ur peace n deal with the aftermaths of ur mistakes.

  451. Jstme says:

    Yea she thot she waz at tha top whle she parted her legs for the minister? Serves her right. The immature ones are now the ones she plans on infecting. Fuck you shiro.

  452. Sydney says:

    I think its high time that ladies know that there is no shortcut to comfortable living.its a matter of perseverence @struggle to achieve a promising lifestyle.ladies should have a vast thinking capacity before making major decisions.one should look into the near future.

  453. Dennis K says:

    when i saw the heading 2 ths story i thought she had somehow gotn infected unwillfuly or by force. as i read on, i slowly lost all sympathy 4 ths girl, its definitely a sad situation, but one she knowingly walked into. how could she honestly not realize that no man can be that generous when he doesnt really love you? and then shes in shock when she finds out he ws sleeping around?

  454. Maish says:

    Pole shiro. This all what life is about, the graph is drawn. even if it was a young man, you would still have got the disease. Now its time to forgive and turn to God. Accept things as they are, you take medication and live long. Life is short always.

  455. erick says:

    1st, going public on the minister is totaly not a gud idea! 2nd, u r about the most stupid gal av read about! Ulikosa watu aina yako, u just had to ball hard, dint u? Now karma done fucked u up the arse. Pole kwa ugonjwa lakini, maisha marefu na matamu, already slipped once, dont again.

  456. odour says:

    No wonder huyo bibi ya huyo minister anakaa ushokoo always

  457. ..three questions arise over this matter..
    1.)Security- what would happen to her if she were to “blurt” everything out..the details..the intricacies..the names..taking into consideration the history of assasination and mercenary approach of the high and mighty ..??!

    2.)Legal:-is there an actual law/policy that that captures the whole situation and holds the minister liable/responsible/guilty…would the case be admissible in court if it can be proved that he knew of his condition prior to meeting with her,hence intentionally passing it on..??

    3.)..and if there’s a case..Is the case even winnable…or the affinity to win is directly proportional to the stature and status of mheshimiwa??

  458. Ephy mathai says:

    Sorry 4 shiro but the blood of Jesus is stil able to repair her broken heart,heal her body and restore her dignity.

  459. Ston says:

    I guess everyone got what they wanted.The minister got his mistress n’ Shiro got the dimes n’ easy life.She got “maturity” or should I say a mature man?May be most people hate my comments but am just an ”immature man” as Shiro may put it who also happens to be a realist.Farewell Shiro and live the mature minister alone.

  460. miss. kaba says:

    Pole saana kwako lakini chuga you got HIV bado uja kufa maisha ni yale yale ayajabadilika cho chote bat naweza kwambiya wewe si wa kwaza wala wa mwisho kupata dada.usi tafute kifo cha karibu..na siku zako bado.wa swaili usema mtaka cha uvunguni ni sharti a iname sasa wewe una taka ku hinuka??hinama. Dada ni mahisha ya kawahida huli taka. Raaaaa mwisho yake malipo wewe just go on with you life.ku chafuwa jina yake will not help you to get well with HIV or uta pona no hutakuwa kwisha yani pole saana na tuliya usiwe na kuji shawishi funga mdomo wako kunya dawa zako maisha yana endeleya tena saalama huguwa pole ndungu na funga :-*

  461. kinyua says:

    This story sounds fake. It has lots of holes

  462. This is an opportunity that any struggling girl could consider as an answered prayers, and you’ll agree with me that many people (if not all) in Kenya are doing something that could be considered inappropriate in one way or another it’s only you’ve not been caught, sorry for Elizabeth, atleast she tasted the lavish life….. my point is life goes on, “kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa upishi” …. She enjoyed the sweeter part of the minister, why not enjoy the bitter part??

  463. wooddragon says:

    shiro im sorry but hakujaha coz haribika kitu.go to google then type mms1 and mms2 protocal by doctor john humble,shida yako itafagiliwa haraka hii dawa ni noma sana imetibu watu kibao ujerumani hadi wale waliyo na cancer,dont take anti retroviral tablets coz hizi ndiyo killer tablets kama watumia flash them in the toilet mark my words it will couse you blow into full aids amini will tell my wife to send you alink then do the reaserch utanikumbuka.weka mungu mbele wacha hao wanao kuzomea coz aids ni kama giza you can stamble on it.by the wa kama watoto wanaweza ambukizwa huwa wamefanya sex,waombee hao wote next ni wao.keep strng stay health na mawazo chache

  464. damon says:

    well,well,well.what do we have here?a case of seeking public sympathy?well,i dont buy it.if Shiro want to ashame the minister,go to the main media houses now instead of making threats.who knows,you might be threatening the said minister for favours to keep quiet.
    Anyway,I find no fault in what you did.Actually congrats for your hardwork in doing what most campus girls fear:getting into politics.Sex & politics go hand in hand,only thing is to know when.Again,you will live longer than a cancer or diabetes patient,like me.If Shiro really exists I would urge her to continue with the relationship coz as it stands,no one else will take her in.
    As for the rest of you,work to your dreams in ways you dim right.We all know sex for favours is common,so go on & spread your legs(or insert your dicks) as the case may be.Or toil your way up.choice is yours

  465. adenkad says:

    i commiserate with her buh that was lame of her..

  466. Carol says:

    Shiro knew the min. was married coz no cabinet min i know who’s not married, maybe the min ddnt evn know his hiv status, she chose that life its only that fate caught up with her. Dear shiro ps kip the min to uaself but thanx for shedding some light to many young gals, wish you well.

  467. yanice says:

    even if u go public on him…the fact wont change that u gat aidz and that is it..u wa the one carried by way mheshimiwa gave u……so u should educate girls to reject some of this offers from rich guys …….if it was not your craving for money then u wouldn’t b in search a sitution

  468. Evans says:

    The Devil comes to destroy not to save: The Bastards name need to be Tarnished before he runs another office in the Republic. Girls should take Cautions that ”not everythn that Glitters is Gold”.you may think you Grabbing the Chance forgettin the Consequences , and interms when we had to Pay, we pay Dearly.

  469. Magie says:

    What shiro did is wrong but that could happen 2 anyone so I can’t judge her coz she got a punishment for what she did coz every action has a reaction so what we should do is learn from it and encourage her and not condemn her be strong shiro u can stil live positive all the best

  470. george mutuma says:

    oooh my jesus whats a shocking mhh girls be careful about free things you are being given.

  471. linet sagala says:

    its indeed a very sad story bt thn it happened alrdy n the only way out is to go for conseling n move on gal…many pple live positive n ur life is in ur hands right now its either u to save it or crash it…u had it all now regrets wont help instead thank God for those days n pick up ur life move on go for conseling n ul definately survive

  472. Joy says:

    I think its good that she’s putting this out there coz at least other gold-diggers and ladies out there will learn that money ain’t everything in a relationship… she thought she was getting the good life for free… money, car et al but actually she has paid for it. Nwy, pole sana to her. I would have said next time she’ll know better but unfortunately there’s no next time. And those people talking like they’re so righteous should just get off their high horse…. they’re not perfect either. It could’ve been anyone!

  473. Faye says:

    Am utterly surprised by the comments here… Everyone seems to blame shiru! Remember it takes 2 to tango. What about the minister??? Judgement is mine sayeth the Lord. I pray that shiru finds peace within herself and live well for the remainder of her days…

  474. Laura says:

    Just coz it was a minister thats why their is all this sinicism….It would have been anyone who wuld have infected you with the virus “poor” shiro it was your decision to make him use a condom….but your greed for money made you do without coz the money wont come your way!
    Stop bikering and live with the consequences of your actions….you aint a child you knew what you were getting yourself into.

  475. Sammy says:

    Pole but thats a good lesson 4 u and other young gals who date wealthy politicians just for fame and money.

  476. edd says:


  477. Steve nadia says:

    Pole sana

  478. Viola says:

    She wasnt raped, n she was aware of the consequences…

  479. Margaritah says:

    Jst made mi cry. Shiro take courage n this shoud nt affect your daily businesses atleast God is good you noticed bout your health earlier. Life must go on shiro no matter wat i wish to share some moments with you gall.

  480. Cee says:

    I do not understand why she is so upset..you should have known better. I mean am always surprised that we leave it to our partners to determine our sexuality…i don’t think Mheshimiwa is to blame per se. maybe what his guilty of not saying and infecting Shiro knowingly.But guys we need to be in control of our sexuality..do not jump into a sexual relationship without getting tested..don’t be fooled with the looks of a pretty woman and limousine of an old man…I honestly think she was after money and fame and she met HIV..deal with it..its not the end of the world..and even if you go public its not like you will miraculously be healed…Let it go forgive and start your journey to emotional healing!

  481. jimmo says:

    Sorry for the misfortune…laiti angesikiza wimbo wa Merimela

  482. jimmy says:

    huyu analia nini watu hugongwa na gari wanadedi she still has life. let her make peace with enemies lipa madeni kama unazo ombea wenzako life ni short have fun.

  483. david kinoti says:

    With all due honesty this is a case of one loose gal who saw an opportunity to make some money,live a lavish lifestyle and be connected to the high n mighty am damn sure she wasnt sleepn with the mweshimiwa out of love.Am sure the mweshimiwa must b a married man which she knew and even her she probably had a boyfriend in campus or after !!The sad thing here is not her being infected h.i.v bt how many pple she has infectected herself coz she must have had a young lad of her age she was sleepn with an the rest is jus a chain reaction.She should jus be sorry for her selfish behaviour not playn victim God forbid she might hv granted many other pple their death wish by infectn thm

  484. Lillies says:

    The tragedy in all this is the stigma that is being reflected in most comments. No one wishes to get infected, and as we are busy pointing fingers to Shiru or even the said Minister, we dont know what our spouse’s are doing behind our backs. We can only play it safe, pray that our partner’s have their/our safety at heart. Its also good to note this has only gained prominence bcoz a prominent figure is involved….Emmanuel, good insight…

  485. Kare says:

    Do we even know if its true he infected her? how do we know she didnt have it? Was she a virgin? Is she moral? Does she come across as someone who fell in love or just went for the money n high life. Very naive, even telling us ;guys her age are immature, money was not the problem!….I wonder, sympathy for someone who is looking for vengeance! Harsh truth Elizabeth, harsh truth….ulitafuta mwenyewe. Own up to your costly lack of judgement. Wrecking other people’s homes and asking for sympathy. Crocodile tears! The real tears are being shed by mheshimiwa’s wife……because of girls like you.

  486. wakasungula says:

    sounds kama ni yeye ali infect the minister. augue pole lakini

  487. shyro says:

    let he/she who has no sin cast the first stone.secondly be alwaiz careful abt ones utterances they mait come bite u rait up u ass.shyro forgive and forget thts the only way you wil eva get peace.pole and take heart sister.

  488. krysten says:

    I really feel for her BUT being I University??????……. SURELY, she cld have all health education that has been given to the public abt AIDS. …….She cldnt use protective measures? ?….hawangeenda kupimwa b4 tryn anything?…..Muheshimiwa hangeshindwa kuafford CD. …..SORRY, BUT IGNORANCE IS THE WORST DESEASE ONE CAN HAVE AND I THNK SHE HAD IT. …..Shiro, SHILINGI YANG’ARA TENA YAUWA.

  489. Kelvin mwachi says:

    Do u know who politicians r shiro?i think u would hv askd him to continue supporting u instead of going public.he may now kill u,take back his apartment,the car,sack u frm job n make u more miserable.

  490. kawara says:

    thts the reward shiro……infact thank God u were not elliminated or jst disapeare missteriously! get a life n stop regrating”ulijitakia mwenyewe”

  491. GRAHAM NYACHIO says:


  492. james says:

    analysis; one:,dont have to sympathise. shiro has her life n knows it, she snt that fool as one would want to mean. she has wat she want to do wit her lyf. after all, she dint asks 4 sympathys. thats jus her story, even others in same or close to it state have theirs. two:, pple’s minds r now differen, they av changed, they r enlighted, they av being reminded of consequencies they r bound to meet after a wrong act. three:, dont need to insult shiro, or laugh at her. u r doing it coz, on that particular time wen u cheated on ua partner n dint use protection, u didnt get aids. i told u this her story, make sure uwil never forget about this story, coz its ment to stick 4 ever. if not 4 ever wait 4 uas!!! , doesnt av to be exactly that one. that time u not need pples sympathys. n plizz not that im sympathising. FOUR to those complaining of ”’people like YOU” THE WIFE OF MHESH IS NOT IN THE STORY may b in another and SHOULD NOT be included ati coz u av a simlar story or close to it. dont be bitter, she even might be not there in his lyf. again hold ua bitternes.

  493. Bob says:

    Its sad this happened to shiro, but its said nothing comes easy ,and if does think twice….Am advising all young men and women to know they have a potential and all they see with Waheshimiwas they can achieve and even more…remember these Waheshimiwas were in your position and they perservered and gave it patience……To shiro…HIV positive is not end of life ..you can live with it for many years..so soldier on and stay in track of your dreams.

  494. Asha says:

    To be quite honest this is very ironic, had she not been infected she would still enjoy the good things being given to her by the mheshmiwa. Young girls have been warned against spoiling people marriage but they still go ahead and sleep with them…..….not thinking that God is hearing the prayers of their wives crying to him to take care of their men yet at that time that man is with her. Funny that she vows to go public in 2013 and name the Minister. And aims at campaigning against the animosity that influential politicians subject innocent girls to. Then what? Elizabeth should just take care of herself and eat health to be honest there many girls even saying they would rather be driven in luxurious cars, live in suburbs than on a bicycle, she thinks they will even hear, in fact she is seen as a careless home wreck and others have been in this relationships and take care of themselves, it is sickening to hear how people are going around justifying their acts and expect their irresponsible act will just vanish….like magic

  495. Ngamia 1 says:

    Hii yote ni upuuuuzi mtupu. Shimo ni ile ile tu.

  496. Silayio says:

    Lets all take this as a lesson that nothing good comes easy!!…n when the deal gets too good, think twice! hakuna vya bure siku hizi..all the same maji yashaa mwagika..to Shiro n many amongst us who have gone thru this…
    1. Revenge is not the way forward.forgive urself n the other person n move on.
    2. You are not the first one to get infected.many are infected..many will still get infected (maybe not becoz they are after the money,cars,jobs,houses etc so the driving reason doesnt matter.So dont let the reason or anything for that matter haunt you or weigh you down…).
    3. Those infected are and will live with it..n they live long.its a matter of choice.
    Death shouldnt scare us either.people die either way..thru road accidents,other illnesses etc….n no one will ask us about dying an honorable death..death is death.an equalizer for all of us…a person who dies thru a road accident isnt any better than that who dies coz of AIDs
    4. As for stigmatization..choose to rise above n beyond the small minds that try to pull you down…
    its all in the mind.choose to live.
    n for all of these people bickering about how others deserve it….?!? to err is man.n the shit that happens to us is at times circumstantial…u dont know what tomorrow holds for you or me??..it might not be you…but it might be one who is dear to you..ur child,ur sibling…lets endeavor to support and love each other and change the world….

  497. peter says:

    shiro should stop playing the victim here. carry your own cross and pay for your mistakes. where in this world have you seen someone getting free house and a car on top.

    secondly, there are 540,000 adults with HIV in Kenya, what is different WITH this one of yours. come on join the pack, live positively and get the drugs they are free. whether you expose the minister or not will not take away your problems but will increase your enemies and problems including being eliminated by the same minister.

    thirdly, how do you KNOW its not you who infected the minister and he is bitter with you.
    lastly turn to GOD.

  498. Seven Laws of the Harvest says:

    This story would make an appropriate case study for the seven laws of the harvest.

    They are:

    1. We Reap Only What Has Been Sown (The negative side – We Reap the Wrong Others Have Sown).
    2. We Reap the Same In Kind As We Sow.
    3. We Reap in a Different Season than We Sow.
    4. We Reap More Than We Sow.
    5. We Reap In Proportion to What We Sow.
    6. We Reap the Full Harvest of the Good Only if We Persevere; The Evil Comes to Harvest on Its Own.
    7. We Can’t do Anything About Last Year’s Harvest, But We Can About This Year’s.

    More on these laws can be found on this link – http://bible.org/article/seven-laws-harvest

  499. njuguna says:

    poor u. their is nothing like a free bus. u enjoyed the ride while it lasted,crocodile tears will not help u. u made your bed sleep on it.

  500. Victor says:

    First and foremost I’d like to offer my deep and sincere sympathy to Shiro…it’s so unfortunate for any human being to go through such. May I also hasten to add that this story may run into lots of problems to garner public sympathy because the story lacks the single most important ingredient- remorse. One gets the impression that she’s more regrettable (that she’s HIV positive) and revengeful than there have been wrongs committed by her towards other people in one way or the other. And from many of the responses (especially from dudes…but also chiqs) its reflective that Shiro is just but a symbol of hurt in their past- young beautiful ladies in campus who put others down and say nasty stuff to them because they are ‘well connected’. Remember that these are the same people who are expected to sympathize with her… Maybe an apology to the dudes, chiqs (& maybe children) who have been affected in addition to the acknowledgment of the wrong. Also rather than revenge, think of starting a young ladies campaign to lobby against such ills- also liked the idea of writing a book. You have a passion for social justice despite the mistake- who has not made one. Use your gift positively.

  501. follow me on twitter @K.B.I.M

  502. jd says:

    Now she’s playing victim

  503. Shy lobz says:

    To all those who r condemnin shyro u shld thnk twice bout yes she was rong bt i havent seen anything like she was playin the mheshimiwa infacted she said she was faithful and what makes u think HIV viruses r only with those old guys even with the young dudes it is infact wit a very high rate her only big mistake is gettin intimate wit him without gettin tested shiro my advice is its never too late to go to God confess ur sins to Him and u will surely enjoy joy and peace that u hav neva experienced b4 some situations we thro in life r even worse bt with God everything gets better sorry and thnx 4 the courage hpe many youths learns 4rm ur expience

  504. Princess mambo says:

    Sympathy is definitely there for this Shiro and all the other Shiros, Many poor parens give all they have to educate their daughters… for boys seems natural… but that so many campus chicks have become sooo ignorant, egoist, stupid and gready…. the 844 is definitely not a good system! They should follow one road at a time.. finish masomo first and I have never met aminister who is not married in Kenya and having loads of relationships… so why did she get involved? Silly girl! Turn to God becaus He is the only one that can take such!

    Folow the devil or choose God… let us see what brains you still have… what is a car of use to you now? a shelter, or money?

  505. Maich says:

    Waitin for 2013 means 1 thing, th man may js b th next president n can u imagn th 1st HIV+ president Kenya has ever had nwy shld he win th presidency tht wil turn th whol story around bt if he looses he risks bein named n shamed. Rem PNU in 2007 consitituted of these influential ppl..Kinuthia Saitoti, Kimunya, Uhuru K., M. Kiunjuri, Mwakwere, Michuki, G. Thuo, M. Kamanda among othrs of th named one is ‘late’ others lost in by-elections n others r in cabinet, of thos who r in cabinet from PNU is prob. twenty sth n thos who r highly influential r probably 5 n we rem. around 2000 and 3 to 6 six there kulikuwa na saga of sm ministers'(Mwakwere n Kiunjuri) official cars(prados by then) not th VWs vya siku hizi, being caught on camera ALLEGEDLY pickin prostitutes along K street notice whre hv put ALLEGEDLY coz its a sure thing tht thy were caught on camera such tht if I visit any media hses they can quikly pull up fr me tht video cz I rem seein th clip n sm official cars nwy girls dont date a minister they r 40 sth in no. so wldnt b hard learnin their faces n knowin they names n narrow tht list to PNU ministers bcz th culprit is there bt truth b told most ppl in gova r sick with th disease js bcz thy hv let their bodies control them n now thy hv no control over their bodies so thy do wht their body tel them to,not their body doin wht they tel it so sad indeed nwy 2013 is around th corner lets elect leaders smartly,elect positve leaders in spirit not in body o blood, leaders who will not build us roads-ths sounds lyk a favour he is doin us shldnt b lyk this bt like ths-build roads usin our money,lower prices of thngs lyk fuel, mk access to medical stuff quik n easier lyk access to loos, bettr livin std of ppl startn frm Rivr rd n spreadin evrywhere n so on I think I shld run for presidency nwy not leaders who think it is an opprtnity to mk new girlfriends or think it as a way out to get sex easily frm diffrnt sides n angles evn in meetins accch shameless, nwy girls n boys u can b wht u wanna b if u work smart hard at it u’ll b where u wanna b no shrtcut unless u prepred fr such repurcsions eei Shiro js meet th minister n let him kno wht he has done to u n hw he thinks he has ruind ur life bt Jesus has said no he paid th price n He has redeemed u n now for Jesus u forgive him mayb thru u he might get th chance to be saved n kno th truth tht he may mk his own choice.. John 3:16 never too late Wanjiru..

  506. P.m says:

    No one here is saint, shud thank liz for telng her story to open our eyes.. I’m sure most of the gals here,would die 4such an opptnty wth ths “big money men”, bt if u knw wat u want in life, n u dignify the degree of ur dignity ths would never happn 2u. Thank God everyday 4ur health,n the strng woman in u,n pray 4the Elizabeths who are suffrng inside…

  507. Morry neil says:

    Ata ukitoboa haina haja,we meza 2 hio maneno ju ishakupata.just advise ur collegues to be careful with this small big dick diggers…dnt buy deal with ur eyes,kuja 2kule skuma chemsha na tulale

  508. Morry neil says:

    Ata ukitoboa haina haja,we meza 2 hio maneno ju ishakupata.just advise ur collegues to be careful with this small big dick diggers…dnt buy death with ur eyes,kuja 2kule skuma chemsha na tulale

  509. Pasaka says:

    We might be immature en’ poor but weare negative. Nway quick riches are dangerous and they come at a price. Ugua pole shiro

  510. Pasaka says:

    We might be immature en’ poor but weare negative. Nway quick riches are dangerous and they come at a price.

  511. George mutua says:

    Just thot of sharng it wth u…xo sad

  512. Shiro….instead of bringing his name to the public ,why dont you focus on mitigating this occurences among like minded girls who are not patient with life.This is how life is ..IT IS FULL OF LESSONS and thats your lesson and nobody is to blame.To all the like minded girls out there…..this gotta be a lesson before the axe falls on you. (One step at a time)

  513. bravin says:

    Shiro,I know how painful it must be for you but you shouldn’t have gone public coz you are prone to lose everything you once owned and with politicians,you are putting your life to a great risk!why don’t you turn to the judicial avenues to seek justice instead?all the best in your future endeavours but be vigilant.

  514. liz njau says:

    shiro its never too late, dont let the past ruin your future

  515. Winnie says:

    What happened, happened. Lessons are 1. If you want a man, get your own 2. If you want another woman’s man use protection…if he can sleep with his wife then you as his mpango wa kando….then be sure you are just one of them. As for Shiro, it happened, forgive yourself and him, that way you can heal and rebuild your life. Live positively…..you have along way to go…I have afriend who has had HIV for about 20 years now and she is doing well.

    It is however wrong for someone to infect others knowingly, I think you should sue him…..making your story public will protect other girls this guy is preying on. All the best.

  516. Alexander khainga says:

    So bad

  517. steve says:

    iza Shiro, but i think u were a bit careless….. a university student should have the iq to think twice wen a deal gets too good! we all know hiv is real, n only costs u a drop of blood to save ua future!! well, sexually transmitted jobs arent tha best!

  518. rwathia says:

    Its really a sad story but seriously we have to live with the decisions we make!
    You made your bed now lie on it!!!

  519. Mugure says:

    As Caroline Mutoko put it “there is no free lunch”…. we would never have heard of this story had the chic not gotten infected..she cannot cry foul, she consented to a relationship that came with strings attached. Shiro you need to focus and move on, life goes on, you have HIV??people have cancer,kids are born diabetic,others are living with lupus etc.dust yourself off and move on.

  520. rober says:

    am sorry for the lady, everybody does a mistake but lyfe will have to continue,others who are talking bad can be having serious sicknesses than her so b4 verdicating look at urself keenly nobody is an island

  521. Omosh says:

    pure pure pure crap whos the immature one now? mmeambiwa mara ngapi mjipime b4 lungula?

    • PAULINE says:

      peple should stop been devil if u think u r holly than thou be the first to cast a stone,she made a mistake just coz he was married on the love part she loved him and she was faithful.

    • Carol says:

      pole dear, malipo ni hapa he will be paid thoroughly. Be strong in the Lord

    • Alfreds Moset says:

      Beware of wealthier ppl u chiks money ain’t anytng in da face of humanity! it has com 2puplk yet u were alone,anyway thea is stil hope if u quit sex &be faitful 2ur self,dont spreed to innocent plz.Remember ur GOD.

  522. Muga says:

    In life once u take a step 4ward dea is neva turning bk, am sorry it turned out 2 be dis bad, lyk dey hve said dust urself n move on, u hve a lyf 2 live dat is nt da end of everything, u hve a chance 2 live right..thank God u r stl alive n not dead like da oda young ldy who killed

  523. Lennynickson says:

    May God save ur life.

  524. Ck demwas says:

    I looked for a job for two years after campus. I did not know anyone to push my Cv. Imagine shiro hakuhustle , job pap, apartment, ndai, 34k/pm from mheshimiwa and other Big allowsnces. Enyewe and other shuros let this be a lesson. but lets not blame her, if i was a chick pengine mheshimiwa angeninyaka.

  525. Ck demwas says:

    I looked for a job for two years after campus. I did not know anyone to push my Cv. Imagine shiro hakuhustle , job pap, apartment, ndai, 34k/pm from mheshimiwa and other Big allowsnces. Enyewe and other shuros let this be a lesson. but lets not blame her, if i was a chick pengine mheshimiwa angeninyaka. Pole shiro, kula mheshimiwa, jimentain, copy madam asunta wagura, na utaishi.

  526. kevin says:

    Why all the condemnation, we are all but human, we can never be perfect, its good that she has share her story, so we can all learn from her mistakes, big up Shiro,forget all this people condemning you, just know there are people out there who are proud of you sharing your story and are praying for you, and have learn something from it God bless

  527. mike says:

    kuna dawa,tavuta YESU na utapona. am jack frm msa

  528. mike says:

    i mean tafuta YESU

  529. John says:

    Sorry to Shiro but obviously see saw it coming. Others should learn from this. I cant say more than that…

  530. J.A.S. says:

    many times I have said, Kenyan ladies lack patience n all thy keep on doing is complain. still if u can’t learn frm Shiro’s story, be prepared to write ua own experience.
    date the immature poor guys who step by step bkams mature n rich.

  531. remedios a. licot-magsayo says:

    for now, all we can is sorry for Elizabeth!!! concentrate on your medication to prolong your life and use the money you have from the minister .to ease the pain in your heart, accept your fate, and the consequences of the decision you made. better for you to make your life productive by reaching out the youth, share your experiences for them. do not anchor to what had happened, be positive!

  532. remedios a. licot-magsayo says:

    for now, all we can say is sorry for Elizabeth!!! concentrate on your medication to prolong your life and use the money you have from the minister .to ease the pain in your heart, accept your fate, and the consequences of the decision you made. better for you to make your life productive by reaching out to the youth, share your experiences for them. do not anchor to what had happened, be positive!

  533. Sylvia says:

    This is bullshit! She was quick to take all the free things the ‘minister’ offered, Karma gave her HIV. Karma’s a bitch. Honestly, serves you right

  534. Shiro thea r steps in lyf,its lyk climbing a ladder.ulianza na wazee na vijana wako,here u kud av learnt more bt since it happened i can as wel join u in da campain

  535. dismas angudha says:

    Pole but ukimwi does not kill nowadays! cancer does , just be careful you don’t catch it. Never regret what you went through with the minister,when you have sex, you can get pregnant, sick or very happy !thats the menu of sex

  536. Stevoh says:

    Am sorry about u Liz, but supposing u were negative before you ‘met’ mheshimiwa…so, where do u think he got HIV from? Maybe from a woman…n maybe old or younger than you! His bitterness lead him to infect you…Clearly, revenge brings hurt. Just coz u r bitter won’t stop the earth from rotating n revolving, that’s a fact. We don’t know how u feel (coz we r not u), but we at least know what you shouldn’t feel…don’t revenge coz it will never undo what was done…n you will never get enough revenge! Pole about how ur r/ship has ended, but u will be ok…if u dare to believe so.

  537. Dickson otaba says:

    Shiro let go n put it behind you. If you choose to expose him that’s all that you will get out of it. Mind you it won’t change your current position. Revenge is the Lord’s so trust Him to give mheshimiwa just what he deserves.

  538. Poliey says:

    Shiro, run to God. He is the only one who can heal you right now. You might think exposing this man will being you a relief of some sorts but it wont. What you are in need of now is bigger than exposing him. Run to God. He wont judge or condemn you. He loves you. Jesus came for the lost, broken and the dying. Ask for your sins to be forgiven. Ask for emotional healing, My God never fails. He is waiting to embrace you with loving arms. You will have to face the consequences of your actions but God will be on your side to help you through it all. What the enemy meant for evil God will turn it around for your good. I am praying for you.

  539. brenda says:

    I feel ur pain shiro but dont cry over spilt milk ask God to forgive u n give u peace of mind coz thats the most important thing u need right now

  540. Sad!guyz u shud stop pointing fingers coz u nt beta of

  541. Marvìnçì says:

    Sad but why regret when she knew what she was doing,coz am sure she was an adult then n nt a kid…shud adjust her brain n cope with her situation.

  542. Grace says:

    We as women we av 2know 4God sake sex wt amarried man is acriminal offence period! 4ma side i cant sympatize 4shiro hiyo ni mshiba wa kujitakia hauna pole!

  543. Tony bundi says:


  544. Calvin njays says:

    It jst feels pathetic how chqs neva learn,,one may b young bt they av a future.the only thg that the old focks av is the money,,the rest is bullshit.too bad she cant av a 2nd chance

  545. mahavest says:

    And that’s why we say university life in Kenya ,our girls ,our idols then they followed their roots and and said all without money it is nothing.Yes we want money but which way ,You go get a minister ,a sugar daddy,a sugar mummy and you will cry on your regrets.Poor made our girls crazy.

  546. mainajohnmungai@yahoo.com says:

    shiro GOD will give strength and power to beat that disease and also heal you and you will leave Avery comfortable life. believe in GOD and you will be a winner.

  547. Elinah says:

    Hi. Sorry for what happened to you girl but y do wait till 2013? Y cant you go in public now to save a million. Please take courage and save others. Have hope and trust in God all will be possible.

  548. Faith kerubo says:

    Its so touching

  549. masango says:

    Really sad. Now no reverse of such an act. was done in dackness now ending to light but in the wrong manner if she goes public not only to the lusty minister but also herself. let use this episode to educate others, material riches assign to charitable organisations and if need be, start her repentance project to God for an entrance to heaven. – what we believe. pole for such a life! mheshimiwa labda hii ni tabia, amepatia wengi in the same format with less material. thank uaself u could negotiate for tangible assets.

  550. Maggzjay says:

    Am so sori 4 wat happened to you u need to have strength to move n trust God….all willl b well

  551. oscar says:

    this is life well spent dont underate any human nature respect anybody

  552. Gracie johnmin says:

    This is not a special case,people get infected day in n day out,daaah!! So wat is shocking? U had ua fun,now,acha mambo mob,kunywa dawa n enjoy life,ur lucky to have enaf cash so u eat a well balanced diet which is too expensive for tha poor positive guys who have kids to pay fees for,cloth,feed n get dawaz for em. Ur jst alone na mwili wako. Too bad coz all that glitters is not gold

  553. Adamson says:

    On the flip side, if Shiro wasn’t infected would she have come public claiming she’s and has money from “Mheshimiwa?’ the deal was too good to think twice, God heals, trust Him shiro and pole for that.

  554. Di Moha says:

    Pamela Njoo kwa Mungu

  555. Agatha says:

    that was cool for the gal to speak up but u knw every gal wod like all that but angemshow

  556. Salvador Ogacho says:

    Sad state of affair this is, do pick up yourself, stop thinking of revenge as it will always make you sad. There is more to life than just plotting a revenge on a wicked man. Life is harsh but it does give you a choice which unfortunately you made alone but learn and take it on your stride its not the end of the world! You shall overcome!

  557. Katie says:

    Pole sana Shiro…Hope the young gals are reading this..Think twice before you fall in the same trap..!

  558. caroline says:

    shiro should stop playing the victim….all she wanted an easy life….but she forgot that every devils gift has a hidden tag price & right from the start she knew he was a married man.

  559. Kelvin says:

    That she got infected with HIV is a tragedy, but I fail to see the sympathy point here. In all the times they were getting intimate, and her being a “University educated” girl, the question of safe sex should have crossed her mind at some point, notwithstanding that she knew he was a married man, and with his wealth, she probably wasn’t the only concubine to the Minister.
    The only difference in this story and other stories where someone gets infected, is that its a Cabinet Minister involved here.
    NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING in life is for free. If you take the shortcut to have a good life, there are risks, such as in this scenario, and consequences to follow. In reality, Im sure she was warned at least once during the relationship by concerned friends and family. Probably she didnt heed.
    The main lesson here is that, every action in life has a direct consequencce. Life is full of options, and each option with its risks..She took the wrong options. She is now living with the consequences. Lesson to other girls like her..

    I am left wondering, what does she hope to gain by naming and shaming the said Minister..Who was her benefactor for a long period??? It wont change her or his status, and there is no law against having consentual unprotected sex!

  560. eriq kevin says:

    A lesson for all young ladies to learn…work hard to enjoy your own sweat c zawenyewe.

  561. Natasha Wanja says:

    People always like been judgmental when they 1st hear or read sth about other people but what they forget is that when the tables are turned en u are the spot,what wuld u want people to say to u???This has been sth that has been going on for long en its so unfortunate that the young girls neva learn to work hard for everything they want en they always look for an easy way out.So my advice for Shiro,Don’t do something that u wuld regret later.Its betta to start building ur life afresh coz such things happen for a reason so betta accept ur situation en start adjusting to it and u will live longer.But vengeance willnt take u anywhere coz it will do u more harm than gud.

  562. Alex says:

    In my opinion, its not like she was forced into the relationship, she did that willingly and from the story she kynda enjoyed the easy life. That’s the price she has to pay and naming the minister in 2013 will not change her HIV status whatever hapend happened she should be more worried about how she will live longer rather than how she will defame the minister

  563. everlyne says:

    Shiro dear,u had such a pleasant time with another woman’s man & the question is ”how sure are u that man knew that he was hiv infected?He could be infected by his wife and that’s why am not for it for ur blames.”U can’t leave on blames for ur to blame urself for not taking actions & get this from me. ”divert blame & tension ”,Thinking of past with no focus ahead leads to emotional death so move on gal.

  564. euvinalies says:

    haki shiro we ni mnoma eti we are immature then enjoy your life infected

    • jade says:

      hehehe. yea i hope she live it up with a virus in her blood stream. ati we r immature. sasa akule maturity yake pole pole.

  565. Kevinoluoch says:


  566. Wambui J says:

    Lord hear us!

  567. Ed says:

    Wah! Terible take one step at a tym pals.

  568. susz says:

    do not judge, so you will not be judged. to err is to human. sometimes we get tempted with things that we really like. and it feels right to get them without looking at the path we follow. but jus coz it feels right, doesnt make it so.Shiro represents so many of us. Some of whom God has grabbed unhurt. He is mercyful and has a reason why this happened. for those who are still pure, keep it so. to all, our bodies are the temple of the Lord. Lets use them to Worship Him and He will keep us safe from harm. Shiro, thanks for sharing your story. Be positive, the Lord is doing great works through you. You could be a source of hope to many. jus let the Almighty be your guide…His future for you is great! Jus as it is written, nothing will befall you that hasnt bn faced by man, and you will not be tempted more than u can handle…. you will get through this gal. trust Him!

  569. mr Okubasu says:

    Surely this is not anything nice its very irresponsile of our leaders for they ruin todays generation and kill tommorrow,s too that is selfishness one we shall find them so God help us

  570. jade says:

    serves her 200% right. we dnt give an f wat she wants to lament about. i bet her mature loaded potbellied men r now sympethisin with her. n of all men she chose a married minister. didnt she know how many young gals like her the minister met wen goin 2 his meetings n confrences? wen she was been showered with mullah, did she go to any radio station 2 say how generous the minister was? now dat amepata dawa yake she now wants us to care!!! if she was raped mayb i would give a shit. akufe wache kuleta panganga hapa. we have greater issues to deal with.

  571. denno sadiq says:

    stupit bitch deservd it…she shud quit pretending dat shez da victim…kwani was she a highschool girl???fuckin slut..i spit in ur fuckin grave..hoe

  572. KENNEDY AMBALWA says:


  573. luda says:

    its so sad to hear and read this shiro just be positive and live positively……check out Asunta let her be your role model…keep faith God is in control

  574. onguks says:

    Shiro the only person who will hear and know how you feel is God..I pray that you will find comfort in Him.all is not gone.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blIRfTb6OZM

  575. vincent says:

    You need not think that all is lost. Some Guy by the name Job Keitany can be traced at Parngetuny Plaza Eldoret. His drug if used well while you eat right, you will with time find that you are normal. His drug was researched and tested at Moi University (Dr. Mining). Chiromo Campus (Prof. Lule). This is an advise to you.

  576. James says:

    Safe sex everyday why take short cuts????…So painful get into a bible based church and practice your faith. It has happened.

  577. Paul Collins says:

    Am sorry for the way things turned out for her. but it has to be said that she ought to have known better esp in this era of HIV awareness campaigns, which must have even been part of her course work at UON. All is not lost though, she can still use her experience to educate others who might find themselves in similar traps. She had it coming!

  578. Tirus Njau says:

    It’s sad, n I feel that all her hardwork in school is gone to waste due to money.

  579. kisaka says:

    am sorry for that kind of story happen why this small girl harringing up less lear n to that story and we pray for them,God give them hope in life?

  580. francis says:

    we should not at any time blame the girl. lets support those infected and affected coz no one would like to have HIV if we new what would happen later. the Lord has Grace for everyone of us irrespective of our situation.

  581. ben says:

    I’m extremely touched by this sad story,nevertheless we all should responsibility for our own actions,while i do not advocate for infidelity in any nature, i feel shiro was somehow carried away.
    Why did she not ”protect herself” ? I have always said if were not married i do not know whom i would marry in todays materialistic kenya. Pole Shiro and for the POLITICIAN, its bus
    iness as usual.


  582. ben says:

    Once more i want to comment on this unfortunate situation,i believe Shiro MUST have been under the influence of alcohol,i’ve noticed people who would be ordinarily well behaved loosing their
    capacity to judge or make rational decisions after getting Drunk.Fellow ”sympathisers” my advice to all is ” dont make any decision when drunk” suspend it till your sober whater the decision is.

  583. john chumo says:

    life must go on,it`s good you `ve shade some light to other innocent girl like you,who are vulnerable to `waheshimiwa`

  584. Rajaab Musa says:

    Its a torching & very disheartening story. Let her name him in Public. I believe her story will send a message to other University Gals to be Cautious.but she must remember, there is a big life to live even after changing health status.

  585. irene says:

    Let the one who is holy be the one to cast the stone. If this is true its very unfortunate. Thanks Shiro for sharing this with us and especially young ladies who fall in the same trap. They choose to use the shorter route and end up regreting for the rest of their lives. It has happened to many girls who are suffering in silence. However this should not deter you from leaving a normal life,being Hiv+ is not the end of the world.Ignore the ones who are condeming you and rather take the condemnation positively to educate others who might become victims to such men. To me you are a hero do not harbour any bitterness and exposing him wont change anything.The Bible says that vengeance is not yours . People should note that knowingly infecting someone with Hiv is criminal. Thank you Shiro

  586. abemox says:

    shiro trust in God .mayouthmen we learn from nistakes b4 anyting culculate the concequences

  587. Ur blog, “EXCLUSIVE: A PNU cabinet Minister infected me with HIV/AIDS thechulxchronicles” was in fact truly worth commenting on!

    Just desired to mention you truly did a remarkable job.
    Thanks for your time ,Jrgen

  588. wamunyota says:

    its intricate and octopuslike to say that todays girls are the most opaque lot to approach,.when ur in a relationship with them, they will never let u contact them anytime u think,they pretend to be too busy or forgot the phone kwa handbag,or phone went out of power.,i mean at these most doomed moments,they are busy selling their bodies or some other illicit business,shooting ponos etc. .they will never let u follow them,insist to ask them where they were,and they will threaten to boot you.they normally nd space and tm.they are always lying,cheating and playing more than several men at a given time.every good/bad job has a very good salary.its a painful ordeal for shiro,but also painful to the young men who are eventually losing their fiancees to holigan waheshimiwas just because they have got everything including the ”doomed pest”.

  589. lloyd irvin says:

    Thank you a lot for sharing this with all folks you
    actually recognize what you are talking about! Bookmarked.
    Kindly also seek advice from my website =). We may have a hyperlink
    alternate agreement between us

  590. Pole sana. This life bana…what do I say?

  591. Maxin says:

    Sorry 4 her, may young youths know success never falls on a silver plate, when the deal’z too juicy and yummyy, spare a minite to think twice

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