Only in Kenya: Man caught cheating,Apparently “It” refused to come out..

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Entertainment, Fact, Hot off the Press, Media
Believe it or not, this is not just any other witchdoctor.
Does this magic work? Well in some yet to be disclosed area in Kenya, a man was caught cheating with another man’s wife stuck inside.
It is said that the two were committing adultery and the woman’s husband got wind of it and decided to apply the magic normally associated with cheating couples.
In this video that was uploaded today, everyone in the vicinity who had gotten wind of the happenings came to see in order to believe.
This is in Kenya because the crowd is talking in Swahili and others at the background are talking in Kikuyu.
The cheating man wants to do anything and pay everything he owns in order to get it out but luckily a man of God comes and prays eventually it is out

…hehehe..funny as it is….the guy appeared dazed and confused for a while…like a deer infront of a headlight!!

click here to watch…

  1. Stop enjoying other people’s honey..mpango wa kando utakusakama..

  2. Wonders will never end!

  3. Staiciey says:

    this is what you get when you start snooping around and enjoying what is not rightfully yours!!!!
    if you are tired with your marriage then get a DIVORCE!……….AND if you think you cannot stand being single,GET A SPOUSE!!!!………………………………SHAME ON YOU BOTH

  4. godwin says:

    It serve him right if they both are having sex outside marital home,

  5. Black magic as itz best….

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