(Revealed)SECRET MEETINGS: Raila, Ida, Midiwo and Moi’s man wooing Ruto…

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Entertainment


 Friday May 4, 2012- A day after Deputy Prime Minister Musalia Mudavadi ditched ODM, Sources close to Prime Minister Raila Odinga indicate that the premier has renewed talks with Eldoret North MP William Ruto wooing him back to ODM.
Latest reports indicate Ruto has been approached by Prime Minister’s Wife Ida Odinga and ODM Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo in a bid to woo him back to Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).
Sources close to both Raila and Ruto confirmed that Ida and Midiwo initially went to Ruto’s Karen home twice to arrange a meeting between Raila and Ruto. The premier sent his wife to Ruto’s home with a request that they should meet and strike a” political deal” despite their political differences.
The Eldoret North MP turned down Ida’s offer twice and Raila then turned to a former Moi operative who succeeded in arranging the meeting in his Karen home.
Ruto reportedly listened attentively to Ida and Raila but declined to return to ODM saying it was too late and the Kalenjin community has moved on politically. He requested the PM to give him more time to rethink his strategy.
Raila and Ruto discussed a lot of issues including the ICC charges facing the Eldoret North MP; Raila offered Ruto the post of Deputy Prime Minister if he agrees to return to ODM. Raila said he will support the deferral of ICC cases to East Africa Court in Arusha.
ImageA source close to Ruto said they are planning a series of meeting with PM in order to iron out their differences.
“The PM and indeed ODM emissaries have contacted him. Raila and Ruto met last on Monday last week before the PM flew to the United States and they have planned a series of meeting now that the PM has jetted back from the US,” the source said.
When contacted to prove the authenticity of the meetings, Ruto was non committal saying he is beyond being approached.
“I am beyond being approached by anybody for any deals. I want a deal with the people of Kenya directly,” Ruto said.
Reports of Ruto and Raila meeting have caused anxiety in G7 alliance, some claiming Raila is touching G7 alliance’s political base.
“ODM is regrouping with Raila and Ruto touching base and in serious talks. We have confidential information that the two met last week before the PM’s trip to US, “top official in G7 alliance said.
Image Hon. Raila recently had a fall out with Hon. Musalia mudavadi..making a total of two key political fall outs from the Orange Democratic Party.
Stephen Njoroge, (The Kenyan DAILY POST)
  1. Andries kip says:

    Kenya should b beyond that….ethnic regrouping!

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