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Benjamin Cheruiyot,killed his daughter Olivia Chepkirui, 14, last month, charged and sentenced to eight hours imprisonment. He is currently at a village elder’s home at King’wal village in Kapsabet, Nandi County on July 02, 2012 where he is taking refuge awaiting a cleansing ceremony.

How far can a parent go in the
process of disciplining an errant child,
especially when the offence is one
where the parent finds the child
intimate in bed with another child?
Cane them for their foolishness? Slap
and pinch them here and there?
Reach for a leather belt?… How far?
Those were the questions on the
minds of many parents a few weeks
ago after word went round that a
father had killed his 14-year-old
daughter, whom he had found in bed
with their 17-year-old neighbour.
But when a court gave the father all of
eight hour’s jail time for the criminal
offence, the discussion changed from
how far a parent can go when
disciplining their child to what are the
bounds of leniency in social justice.
Mr Benjamin Cheruiyot had stumbled
upon every parent’s nightmare three
weeks ago when he found his
daughter having sex with a young
boy, but his Kongwal village is yet to
understand how a court of law could
pass such a lenient judgment on him,
even after he confessed to killing his
daughter in a fit of rage.
To add insult to injury, they say
Cheruiyot seems unmoved by his
actions, and that he has returned to
his village with unexpected bravado
and baffling confidence.
On June 27, Cheruiyot and his wife
Ruth, an accomplice in the murder of
their daughter Olivia Chepkirui,
walked home free people after Justice
Festus Azangalala jailed the man for a
day and acquitted the wife. The
couple had been accused of beating
their daughter to death between June
9 and 10 at their Chepterit village of
Nandi County.
They had both been charged with the
murder of their only daughter in a
family of five siblings, but their lawyer,
David Rioba Omboto, secured the
release of Ruth after arguing that the
mother was not involved in the killing
of the girl. The lawyer then
successfully applied to have the
murder charge against Cheruiyot
reduced to manslaughter, a charge
the accused pleaded guilty to.
“My client is remorseful and sorry for
what happened. He is a good father
who was just punishing his first-born
daughter after finding her making
love with a neighbour. He did not
intend to kill her, but, unfortunately,
(the victim) passed on,” said the
lawyer in mitigation.

When this team of DN2 (Daily Nation) reporters
visited the quiet hamlet dotted with
farmlands in Nandi last week, they
found Cheruiyot at a village elder’s
home, where he had been
accommodated since he was released
from jail.
He seemed confused but happy at the
same time. Confused because, in his
own words, he did not expect to walk
out of that courtroom practically a
free man, and happy because that is
exactly what happened.
He had expected to be sent to the
gallows, he said, or to cool his heels in
prison for not less than 20 years.
“It’s true I killed my daughter in a fit of
anger,” he explained. “She had been a
disciplined girl, and I guess the
realisation that she had been
misbehaving behind my back got the
better of me.”
Cheruiyot says that all he wanted to
do was teach his daughter a lesson in
good manners, and that he realised
too late that he probably had gone
too far.
After noticing that Olivia had
developed difficulties in breathing, he
unsuccessfully sought assistance to
take her to hospital, but the injuries
she had sustained were so serious
that she died as both mother and
father watched.
The girl had walked out of their
homestead to go fetch firewood, but
Cheruiyot says he watched as she
sneaked into a neighbour’s house. He
waited for a few minutes before
storming into the house, where he
found his daughter in bed with Moses
Kipkemboi, their 17-year-old
He then dragged the girl out of the
house and beat her senseless. He
refused to clarify whether he had used
any weapon in the attack, but doctors
at the Kapsabet District Hospital said
the girl had succumbed to a raptured
Although residents still feel that
Cheruiyot should have been jailed or
given a stiffer penalty than the eight
hours he got, the distraught father
wishes they could understand him
and accept him back to the society.
“I have learnt a lot in the past few
days,” he says. “I now know how
fragile life is, and all I want to do is
repent my sins, get my life back and
raise my remaining children.”

my opinion….That Wasn’t Justice ..


Men will always be men…Read This>>>

By Mkala Mwangesha for thestandard…..

The caretaker of a residential flat at
Kasarani Division recently fought over
a female university student with one
of his tenants who ironically, like
himself, is a married man.
The first year student, who was
described as ‘eye-catching’ by
residents, was nowhere in sight when
the fight took place, and only came to
know about it through grapevine.
When the girl moved into the house at
the start of the year, the bachelors in
the hood fell over themselves for her
affection. But as is common, only the
strong-willed win. It was a married
police officer who darted her heart.
Since the building has few tenants,
word easily got round and in no time,
the man’s conquest was an open
secret. But while the rest of the men
moved on, the caretaker bitterly
harboured thoughts of ending the
All hell broke loose one afternoon
when the officer came knocking on
the caretaker’s door, hurling insults,
fists clenched. He was royally drunk.
Apparently, the caretaker had been
making occasional phone calls to the
student’s father, reporting that his
daughter was fooling around with a
married man.
“Nani alikupa kazi ya kureport vile
watu wanaishi hapa? (who employed
you to report how people live here)?”
snarled the officer.
The matter would have ended there
had the caretaker not retorted that
the officer was just spoiling the poor
university student since he had a wife
The caretaker’s wife tried persuading
her husband to let it go, since the
officer was drunk and unpredictable.
But the game changed quickly when
the drunken detective started tabling
evidence to support his claims that
the caretaker had also been ‘bidding’
for the girl.
“Is that why you are jealous of him,
you embarrassment of a man!” the
caretaker’s wife frothed, spinning with
Unfortunately, her husband was not
listening because by then, he had
flung himself upon the officer, kicking
off a firce battle.
Young mothers watched the fight
while at the same time preventing
their children from doing the same. It
was a long, messy fight — punches,
kicks and wrestling, everything.
The flat may be coming to terms with
the fight, but the girl has been left in a
limbo as her dad is thinking of moving
her to a girls’-only hostel.

from the standard mobile
By Maureen Odiwuor

Security guards at a Bank ATM in Kisumu last Saturday dived for cover to avoid a ‘curse’ when a woman stripped naked. The middle-aged woman who had gone to withdraw cash accompanied by her employee shocked other ATM users when she started screaming. “Mayoo, nabed wendo ng’a yawa (who will save me from in this mess)”, she wailed. As those on the queue anxiously moved forward to have a look at what had caused the commotion, the woman started undressing, oblivious of the shock waves she was sending on the queue. “She removed everything. I couldn’t stand there anymore. The money I wanted to withdraw had to wait,” said an eyewitness. The young man who had accompanied her equally vanished when she tried looking for him among those present to explain what had happened to her money. “Ere nyathino, Otieno bing’isa kumaiterega pesana, (where is this boy Otieno? Come and tell me where you always take my money!)” she shouted in her birthday suit. She then coiled herself in a corner, yelling on top of her voice that she had lost a year’s earnings. Caught unawares, the perplexed guards did not know how to handle the situation at first. They however gathered courage and pleaded with her to dress up or else they would throw her

The woman, after throwing all decency to the dogs, refused to comply and instead exposed herself further, something that made the guards and all present to stampede
off. After absorbing the shock, however, the guards gathered courage and called for reinforcement from colleagues in the banking hall who hail from communities that don’t associate nudity with curses. They are the ones who carried her and her clothes to an enclosed room where she was left to dress before being allowed out. “This woman has bewitched us. If anything, tradition demands that a man should have intercourse with an elderly woman who strips naked before them, unless you want chira (curse) to befall you,” said a disgusted security guard from the local community. The woman on the other hand explained that she had a business premise in town from where she had been sending her employee to deposit cash on her account. “Now imagine I came with him to
withdraw the money only to find nothing in the account. He has to be jailed for this,” she swore, saying her next stop would be the police station
to record a statement.