from the standard mobile
By Maureen Odiwuor

Security guards at a Bank ATM in
Kisumu last Saturday dived for cover
to avoid a ‘curse’ when a woman
stripped naked.
The middle-aged woman who had
gone to withdraw cash accompanied
by her employee shocked other ATM
users when she started screaming.
“Mayoo, nabed wendo ng’a yawa
(who will save me from in this mess)”,
she wailed.
As those on the queue anxiously
moved forward to have a look at what
had caused the commotion, the
woman started undressing, oblivious
of the shock waves she was sending
on the queue.
“She removed everything. I couldn’t
stand there anymore. The money I
wanted to withdraw had to wait,” said
an eyewitness.
The young man who had
accompanied her equally vanished
when she tried looking for him
among those present to explain what
had happened to her money.
“Ere nyathino, Otieno bing’isa
kumaiterega pesana, (where is this
boy Otieno? Come and tell me where
you always take my money!)” she
shouted in her birthday suit.
She then coiled herself in a corner,
yelling on top of her voice that she
had lost a year’s earnings. Caught
unawares, the perplexed guards did
not know how to handle the situation
at first. They however gathered
courage and pleaded with her to
dress up or else they would throw her
The woman, after throwing all
decency to the dogs, refused to
comply and instead exposed herself
further, something that made the
guards and all present to stampede
After absorbing the shock, however,
the guards gathered courage and
called for reinforcement from
colleagues in the banking hall who
hail from communities that don’t
associate nudity with curses.
They are the ones who carried her
and her clothes to an enclosed room
where she was left to dress before
being allowed out.
“This woman has bewitched us. If
anything, tradition demands that a
man should have intercourse with an
elderly woman who strips naked
before them, unless you want chira
(curse) to befall you,” said a disgusted
security guard from the local
The woman on the other hand
explained that she had a business
premise in town from where she had
been sending her employee to
deposit cash on her account.
“Now imagine I came with him to
withdraw the money only to find
nothing in the account. He has to be
jailed for this,” she swore, saying her
next stop would be the police station
to record a statement.


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