Posted: July 10, 2012 in Entertainment

Men will always be men…Read This>>>

By Mkala Mwangesha for thestandard…..

The caretaker of a residential flat at
Kasarani Division recently fought over
a female university student with one
of his tenants who ironically, like
himself, is a married man.
The first year student, who was
described as ‘eye-catching’ by
residents, was nowhere in sight when
the fight took place, and only came to
know about it through grapevine.
When the girl moved into the house at
the start of the year, the bachelors in
the hood fell over themselves for her
affection. But as is common, only the
strong-willed win. It was a married
police officer who darted her heart.
Since the building has few tenants,
word easily got round and in no time,
the man’s conquest was an open
secret. But while the rest of the men
moved on, the caretaker bitterly
harboured thoughts of ending the
All hell broke loose one afternoon
when the officer came knocking on
the caretaker’s door, hurling insults,
fists clenched. He was royally drunk.
Apparently, the caretaker had been
making occasional phone calls to the
student’s father, reporting that his
daughter was fooling around with a
married man.
“Nani alikupa kazi ya kureport vile
watu wanaishi hapa? (who employed
you to report how people live here)?”
snarled the officer.
The matter would have ended there
had the caretaker not retorted that
the officer was just spoiling the poor
university student since he had a wife
The caretaker’s wife tried persuading
her husband to let it go, since the
officer was drunk and unpredictable.
But the game changed quickly when
the drunken detective started tabling
evidence to support his claims that
the caretaker had also been ‘bidding’
for the girl.
“Is that why you are jealous of him,
you embarrassment of a man!” the
caretaker’s wife frothed, spinning with
Unfortunately, her husband was not
listening because by then, he had
flung himself upon the officer, kicking
off a firce battle.
Young mothers watched the fight
while at the same time preventing
their children from doing the same. It
was a long, messy fight — punches,
kicks and wrestling, everything.
The flat may be coming to terms with
the fight, but the girl has been left in a
limbo as her dad is thinking of moving
her to a girls’-only hostel.

  1. frida says:

    women are so many ata wakishika 2 in1 ni sawa

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