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Teacher’s lover flees through a window

A boda boda operator caught red handed with another man’s wife fled to safety in his birthday suit leaving his  motorcycle behind. Residents at a shopping centre in Londiani said the woman’s husband, a 24-hour petrol station attendant in town, had been informed of his wife’s escapades with the boda boda operator although he initially dismissed the information as rumours.

His wife, a primary school teacher, usually arrived home as early as 5pm, but the husband’s day stretched to the wee hours of the morning depending on his shift.

Locals said the youthful taxi operator, who used to drop the woman at her place of work and back, would arrive under the cover of darkness and park his machine outside the rented house. Those in the know said he would spend up to three hours in the woman’s house before speeding off towards his home, two kilometres away from the shopping centre.

Last week, however, the woman’s husband decided to sneak home early since he was not on the night shift that day. He arrived around 7pm, having received a call from one of his friends that the ‘thief’ was in the house. True to what he was told, he found the motorbike parked outside.

He knocked thrice on the door without a response. Furious, the man shook the latch violently, saying he would break down the door  if she didn’t open, which she did.

Suddenly, he heard footfalls behind the house. When he ran in that direction, he saw the silhouette of a naked man jumping over the brick wall with his clothes tightly clutched in his arm. The ‘thief’ had jumped through a window!

When, he returned to confront his wife, neighbours were already swarming around, having heard the commotion.

“Mwizi ametoroka lakini nimeshika piki piki yake (the thief has escaped but I have his motorbike!” said the furious man.

But one of the neighbours revealed he was not the owner of the motorbike but an employee of a businessman in the town.

A debate ensued on what should be done with the motorcycle, with some suggesting it be burned while others said the best way was to hand it to the area chief for the owner to collect and identify his employee.

But in the confusion, the woman escaped to her sister’s home in a nearby village. Efforts to reconcile them had not borne fruit by the time of going to press.

By Pkemoi Ngenoh;  for the standardDigital


After countless hours of research, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is proud to share its “Top 11 Strangest Stories of 2011.”

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  • Indian Man with 39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren: It’s a safe bet that Ziona Chana would not be impressed watching “19 Kids and Counting” or “Sister Wives.” The 66 year old Indian man has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren. They all live together in a four-story, 100 room building. “I once married 10 women in one year,” he said. He’s proof that there’s still hope for Kim Kardashian. Link
  • Implanting Organs in the Name of Art: Australian artist Stelarc spent 10 years before finally finding a surgeon who would give him an ear transplant – in his arm. Huh? His implant will eventually be fitted with a microphone and a transmitter so all can listen in on what his arm is hearing. “It isn’t for my benefit,” he says. “I have two perfectly good ears, but it’s to explore the idea of me becoming an acoustic device for other people.” Stelarc, let us know if you ever get tickets to a Paul McCartney concert and remember to wear short sleeves. Link
  • Liechtenstein for Hire at $70,000 a Night: What’s cooler than renting out a swanky Vegas hotel penthouse for a night? How about your own country? For $70,000 you can rent out the entire country of Liechtenstein. You and 149 of your closest friends can spend the night, sip wine with the prince, go sledding, ride in a horse-drawn carriage and more. There’s one catch – the country’s 35,000 residents get to stay while you pretend to own their homeland. Link
  • Blind Dog Gets Own Guide Dog: What do you do when your guide dog goes blind? Easy, you get him a guide dog. Graham Waspe’s lab Edward lost his eyes to glaucoma, so he enlisted Opal, another guide dog to steer them both. Link
  • “Cemetery Collector” with 29 Bodies Arrested: Russian police arrested a man for digging up 29 female corpses and turning them into life-sized dolls dressed in period costumes. Most were faceless, some wore blond wigs. Link
  • Alabama Company Turns Gun Lovers’ Ashes into Ammunition: Talk about “you’re fired!” An Alabama company called Holy Smoke will turn cremated ashes into ammo so family and friends can fire off a few rounds of Grandpa. A pound of ash gets you about 250 shotgun shells. Talk about going out with a bang!  Link
  • Mexican Vampire Woman Maria Jose Cristerna Immortalized in Wax by Ripley’s: This strange story started right in the Ripley’s F/X department, as Maria the Mexican Vampire Woman came in to receive a full-body cast that will allow Ripley’s artists to make an exact mold of her body and create life-size wax figures of her. Maria, who has horns, fangs and head-to-toe tattoos, said “It’s my vampire dream to be immortal!” Trust us – she’s far more interesting and personable than any of those Twilight vampires. Link
  • Stop Wearing Bunny Suit, Police Tell Idaho Man: Police in Idaho Falls told a man to stop wearing a bunny suit in public after townspeople complained he had been frightening children. Some residents felt the 34 year old man went tutu far when he donned a skirt with his bunny suit. Others came to the defense of this rare hare, saying “he’s got a strange lifestyle at home, but we all do weird things at home.” Link
  • Airport Geese to be Cooked for Poor: In what could be called a real-life game of angry birds, New York City Airport officials hatched a plan to get rid of hundreds of nuisance geese by killing them and shipping them off to food banks in Pennsylvania. Evidently, they are being shipped out of state because hungry New Yorkers didn’t like where the birds have been.  Link
  • Missus in a Bottle: Richard Morwood was stunned to discover that his wife is the same girl whose message in a bottle he answered 30 years ago. Mandy English was 13 when she went searching for a pen pal with a note in a bottle. Morwood, then six years old, found her bottle washed up on a beach and wrote her back. The two didn’t realize the amazing coincidence until 2011. Link
  •  Japanese Tsunami Survivor Found 10 Miles Out at Sea: 60 year old Hiromitsu Shinkawa was rescued after the devastating tsunami in Japan; he was found on the roof of his floating house two days later – nearly 10 miles out at sea. Link