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After countless hours of research, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is proud to share its “Top 11 Strangest Stories of 2011.”

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  • Indian Man with 39 Wives, 94 Children and 33 Grandchildren: It’s a safe bet that Ziona Chana would not be impressed watching “19 Kids and Counting” or “Sister Wives.” The 66 year old Indian man has 39 wives, 94 children and 33 grandchildren. They all live together in a four-story, 100 room building. “I once married 10 women in one year,” he said. He’s proof that there’s still hope for Kim Kardashian. Link
  • Implanting Organs in the Name of Art: Australian artist Stelarc spent 10 years before finally finding a surgeon who would give him an ear transplant – in his arm. Huh? His implant will eventually be fitted with a microphone and a transmitter so all can listen in on what his arm is hearing. “It isn’t for my benefit,” he says. “I have two perfectly good ears, but it’s to explore the idea of me becoming an acoustic device for other people.” Stelarc, let us know if you ever get tickets to a Paul McCartney concert and remember to wear short sleeves. Link
  • Liechtenstein for Hire at $70,000 a Night: What’s cooler than renting out a swanky Vegas hotel penthouse for a night? How about your own country? For $70,000 you can rent out the entire country of Liechtenstein. You and 149 of your closest friends can spend the night, sip wine with the prince, go sledding, ride in a horse-drawn carriage and more. There’s one catch – the country’s 35,000 residents get to stay while you pretend to own their homeland. Link
  • Blind Dog Gets Own Guide Dog: What do you do when your guide dog goes blind? Easy, you get him a guide dog. Graham Waspe’s lab Edward lost his eyes to glaucoma, so he enlisted Opal, another guide dog to steer them both. Link
  • “Cemetery Collector” with 29 Bodies Arrested: Russian police arrested a man for digging up 29 female corpses and turning them into life-sized dolls dressed in period costumes. Most were faceless, some wore blond wigs. Link
  • Alabama Company Turns Gun Lovers’ Ashes into Ammunition: Talk about “you’re fired!” An Alabama company called Holy Smoke will turn cremated ashes into ammo so family and friends can fire off a few rounds of Grandpa. A pound of ash gets you about 250 shotgun shells. Talk about going out with a bang!  Link
  • Mexican Vampire Woman Maria Jose Cristerna Immortalized in Wax by Ripley’s: This strange story started right in the Ripley’s F/X department, as Maria the Mexican Vampire Woman came in to receive a full-body cast that will allow Ripley’s artists to make an exact mold of her body and create life-size wax figures of her. Maria, who has horns, fangs and head-to-toe tattoos, said “It’s my vampire dream to be immortal!” Trust us – she’s far more interesting and personable than any of those Twilight vampires. Link
  • Stop Wearing Bunny Suit, Police Tell Idaho Man: Police in Idaho Falls told a man to stop wearing a bunny suit in public after townspeople complained he had been frightening children. Some residents felt the 34 year old man went tutu far when he donned a skirt with his bunny suit. Others came to the defense of this rare hare, saying “he’s got a strange lifestyle at home, but we all do weird things at home.” Link
  • Airport Geese to be Cooked for Poor: In what could be called a real-life game of angry birds, New York City Airport officials hatched a plan to get rid of hundreds of nuisance geese by killing them and shipping them off to food banks in Pennsylvania. Evidently, they are being shipped out of state because hungry New Yorkers didn’t like where the birds have been.  Link
  • Missus in a Bottle: Richard Morwood was stunned to discover that his wife is the same girl whose message in a bottle he answered 30 years ago. Mandy English was 13 when she went searching for a pen pal with a note in a bottle. Morwood, then six years old, found her bottle washed up on a beach and wrote her back. The two didn’t realize the amazing coincidence until 2011. Link
  •  Japanese Tsunami Survivor Found 10 Miles Out at Sea: 60 year old Hiromitsu Shinkawa was rescued after the devastating tsunami in Japan; he was found on the roof of his floating house two days later – nearly 10 miles out at sea. Link

Why would anyone want to buy Yahoo? Such was the question posed by one of the Twitter followers as Thursday’s bid (from private equity groups Blackstone and Bain) crossed the wires.

“It’s a zombie company,” he said.

Indeed, Yahoo has been stumbling about for quite a few years, with nobody quite clear what its purpose is. I asked the recently departed chief executive Carol Bartz precisely that question a year or so ago, and she burbled around the answer.

Really, all Yahoo is there to do is vacuum up spare display advertising while it provides a bit of news, and photography (hello Flickr!) and also be an intermediary for lots of email. Revenues are on a downward slide; Facebook and Twitter are sucking up the display that it used to thrive on.

And, er, that’s it. Nobody can quite think of anything that Yahoo has done in the past 10 years that has set the internet alight. All of which should have newspaper and magazine editors pausing and shivering. Display adverts? News? Photography? Isn’t that what … newspapers and magazines do?

Yes, and if you aren’t looking to the future and doing it with an eye on the money, then your fate is going to be the same as Yahoo’s, where nobody can see a good end to the story; it’s MySpace or Bebo, just bigger and with its own email server.


Indeed, the tale of Yahoo is really just the tale of so many news organisations, except this is played out entirely on the internet.

Yahoo’s top layer has always been really bad at reading the weather. One of the recurring themes that kept coming up when I was researching my forthcoming book Digital Wars (about Apple, Microsoft and Google’s business battles since 1998) was how down the years Yahoo has kept screwing things up. It’s like a Shakespearean supporting character, a cross between Falstaff and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: fated to make bad choices.

For example: in 1996, two Stanford PhD students approached Jerry Yang, the co-founder and chief executive, to explain that they had developed a search engine that was even better than Yahoo’s own at finding stuff on the web: the most relevant results appeared on the front page.

Yang explained patiently that Yahoo didn’t really want a better search engine – it made its money from display ads, so the more pages people went through, the more ads it could sell.

Yes, the PhD students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and their search engine would become Google.

Then, as Google was rising in 2000 to 2003, Yahoo kept failing to develop a better ad system, which cost it years and millions of dollars of lost opportunity. Then there was Microsoft’s colossal US$44.6 billion cash-and-shares bid in January 2008: at US$31 per share, it was a 62 per cent premium to the company’s stock price. But Yahoo had devised some internal forecasts that suggested it would quickly be worth far more. It was wrong, the credit crunch came, and Microsoft walked away.


How many news organisations have been told about the internet repeatedly, but liked the revenues from display ads too much to go more deeply into this new medium? How many haven’t been brave enough to test new ways of doing things, to integrate (or even devise) new technologies and ways to connect?

It took the music industry long enough. Finally, some have twigged that apps are (or can be) the new albums. Or that survival is about changing the balance in what they do, away from reissuing CDs of stuff you’ve sold once on vinyl, to more live tours and interactive paid-for products.

Will the news industry figure it out in time, though, as the hull of Yahoo slowly tips out of the water and the bow starts sliding under the waves? We can all complain – as Yahoo’s executives might – that the formula worked really well for a while, and it’s just unfortunate that it isn’t doing quite so well now. Display ads aren’t dead online. They’re just a bit poorly. And can’t get out of bed. Any more.

Except there’s no reason for Yahoo not to have done what Facebook did. Lord knows how many companies have been offered up to Yahoo, only to disappear into its maw and never emerge usefully again. Its only semi-success at getting paid has been through subscriptions to its photo site Flickr (which remains a best in class).

For the rest? Yahoo offers a case study in why you must never get comfortable. It has failed to focus on the money, buoyed by its success in one narrow area.

In contrast, Google has tried and tried to find new avenues for making money: it bought Android, the company, in 2005 (Page and Brin didn’t tell their then-chief executive Eric Schmidt). It’s tried multiple times with social networks. It’s never satisfied.

Yahoo, and Yang, got comfortable. That’s what will kill your business.

Incase you haven’t learnt anything, here’s a list Things:

1.It’s easy for anyone to land a
plane providing there is someone
in the control tower to talk you
2.Once applied, lipstick will never
rub off – even while scuba diving.
3.The ventilation system of any
building is the perfect hiding
place. Nobody will ever think of
looking for you in there and you
can travel to any other part of the
building you want without
difficulty. There is never any dust
or lint in the ventilation ducts.
4.If you need to reload your gun,
you will always have more
ammunition – even if you haven’t
been carrying any before now.
5.The Eiffel Tower can be seen
from any window in Paris.
6.A man will show no pain while
taking the most ferocious beating
but will wince when a woman
tries to clean his wounds.
7.If a large pane of glass is visible,
someone will be thrown through
it before long.
8.When paying for a taxi, don’t
look at your wallet as you take out
a bill – just grab one at random
and hand it over. It will always be
the exact fare.
9.Cars that crash will almost
always burst into flames or
10.The Chief of Police will always
suspend his star detective or give
him 48 hours to finish the job.
11.All bombs are fitted with
electronic timing devices with
large red digital readouts so you
know exactly when they’re going
to go off.
12.It is always possible to park
directly outside the building you
are visiting.
13.It does not matter if you are
heavily outnumbered in a fight
involving martial arts. Your
enemies will wait patiently to
attack you one by one by dancing
around in a threatening manner
until you have knocked out their
14.Television news bulletins
usually contain a story that affects
you personally at that precise

…exact opposites..

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...exact opposites.. dont keep grudges like women…unless you mess with a man’s woman..

There is this slang term that urbanites bandy about: ‘baby mama’. For those who might be slightly over the hill, it does not refer to a child who has suddenly become a mother.  It means a woman who has your child but who you aren’t currently involved with. In the same breath, a ‘baby daddy’ what a woman would call a man who she has fathered a child with, but who she isn’t involved with.  Yes, the new generation tries to garnish broken things with fancy words.  Baby mamas don’t become baby mamas by peeling potatoes. Men make them baby mamas – men who realise they aren’t ready, think they made the wrong choice, were drunk or just couldn’t get along with her after the baby came.  Chastity is out of fashion There are more baby mamas now than they were in 1970, fundamentally because men have no qualms about walking away from their children, and because women no longer wait for marriage to lose their virginity.

Chastity – regrettably – has become as fashionable as bellbottoms.

There is a new generation of guys who imagine it’s trendy to have a child with women they aren’t with. To them, it’s a show of virility, or something akin to a fashion statement – like getting a hat because John from two houses down got himself one.  There is also a new breed of modern woman who doesn’t mind being a baby mama; women who have made the decision not to get married but want to have a baby before their ovaries shrivel.  These women are clear about what they want from a man: His seed. They want to harvest it from him, then he’s free to leave if he desires. The boot is on the other foot.  We have been accustomed to women who would get pregnant to tie down a man. Now they will get pregnant to free a man.

Our great grandfathers wouldn’t survive these interesting times. But it’s not even their motives that is quite shocking, but the cold, calculating manner with which they execute their mission.  Replaced by a fertility clinic They pick on the guys who apparently have the right attributes – intelligence, decent looks, good background and all that jazz. Then they bide their time and move in for the kill, never letting the man know exactly what they are after.

I had a chat with one of these women last week. I met her through a mutual friend. She had a six-month-old belly and didn’t really care where the father was.  And she has never been happier. She, a 35-year-old woman with a fairly decent job, justified her decision by saying that, “Men have stopped serving any purpose other than to provide seed.” The guy seated next to me gasped. “So, how do you pick the right guy? I mean, how do you know there isn’t a history of night-running in their family? Or worse, sorcery?”  I asked her, to which she replied that great patience is needed to be sure that the man is the right fit, which means she can “lay low” observing the man and his family tree for as long as six months before finally deciding to execute the last part of her plan. I was impressed at her shrewdness. And somewhat horrified at her selfishness.

The bottom line, it seemed to me, was that we are only as good as our genes. Women have no use for us anymore other than to procreate, which some of us are struggling with because of our love for the drink. In another decade they won’t even need us at all.  They will walk into a fertility clinic and go through an album of potential ‘fathers’ of their unborn child as they suck on a lollipop. The tragedy is that we are slowly becoming irrelevant, because apart from doing the heavy lifting and changing that odd bulb, woman can pretty much get for themselves what man can give them.

That should be enough to make us..Men, sit up and take notice.


The secretary general of football’s world governing body, Fifa, has apologised to Brazil for his comments on preparations for the 2014 World Cup.

Jerome Valcke made the apology in a letter to Brazil’s sports ministry.

Mr Valcke said last week that Brazil needed a “kick up the backside” and appeared more concerned with winning the World Cup than organising it.

Brazil said the comments were “unacceptable” and it would no longer deal with Mr Valcke.

Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo said Fifa should appoint someone else to work with Brazil on the competition.

Mr Rebelo has so far not responded to Mr Valcke’s letter.


The Fifa secretary general had also recently expressed frustration at delays in approving a law setting out the regulatory framework for the World Cup.

The World Cup bill – currently being considered by the Brazilian Congress – would lift a ban on alcohol sales in stadiums and limit discount ticket sales to students and pensioners.

But it has been opposed by lawmakers who say it gives Fifa too much power, as well as those who are against alcohol sales in stadiums on health and safety grounds.

The Brazilian government has always said it is determined to deliver a successful World Cup as well as a lasting legacy.

It is investing billions of dollars in building new stadiums and renovating old ones, as well as in transport infrastructure such as roads and airports.

The 2014 World Cup will be the first in South America since Argentina hosted the tournament in 1978 and the first in Brazil since 1950.

Zimbabwe is seeking the extradition of a wealthy businessman wanted for fraud charges who is believed to be hiding in Kenya under an assumed identity.

The country’s Attorney- General has also gone to court to stop the flamboyant businessman, Mr Frank Buyanga, from selling over 43 properties he seized from people who failed to pay back loans the government said were given under an illegal scheme.

Mr Buyanga advanced loans to several prominent people including government ministers on condition that they agreed to surrender their properties when they failed to repay the money.

He recently took the Minister for Transport, Mr Nicholas Goche, to the High Court after he allegedly failed to repay a $75, 000 debt.

But police said the businessman was being investigated for fraud, forgery and money laundering.

The AG’s office said it had information that Mr Buyanga was living in Kenya and had no intention of returning to Zimbabwe.

“We have no option but to seek his extradition and are preparing papers to help do that,” Mr Chris Mutangadura, a chief law officer in the AG’s officer, told the state-owned Sunday Mail newspaper. He urged the tycoon to come back to Zimbabwe “if he is not guilty”.

He said the extradition papers would be handed over to Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs which would communicate with Kenya’s authorities to facilitate Mr Buyanga’s arrest.

Police said the businessman operated an illegal scheme. He would undervalue the properties of borrowers and make them surrender their title deeds in exchange for the loans, they said.