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  1. Not All That Glitters Are Gold. But ‘Shish’, he might think he found what he wanted in you but you believe me he’s dead wrong. You still wanna be the same / even more than the ‘shiro’ you were? Be Positive, Focused, Good Hearted, Appreciated to the Almighty God Your Creator force yourself to see the reason as to why you should love yourself. Loosing part of you doesn’t mean that you loose the whole of you. Your current life is likened to a disabled – Remember though DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY. How many people are living a complete life though without some parts of their body(ies), I hope you believe me; EVERYTHING WORTH TOGETHER FOR GOOD, to them that LOVES GOD.


    God needs no Apparatus / resources / Loan(s) / Friends / Relatives / Sponsors / Politician or Village Elders for him to meet or fulfill his will upon our lives. Just a WORD OF HIS MOUTH IS ENOUGH. GET HEALED IN JESUS NAME. AMEN. (Psalms 41:3)

    Where’s your FAITH Shish?

    In all YOU DO… Acknowledge that YOU’RE MORE IMPORTANT. MUCH LOVE.

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