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A city club owner and a security guard have denied murdering a reveller on Tuesday last week.
Mr Jackson Maina Wangui, the owner of Club Click, and Mr Joseph Kirero Sepi, a bouncer at the club, on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr Kevin Oduor Onyango.

The two were brought to court last
week but did not plead because the identity of the deceased had not been established.
Police reports say Mr Onyango was
dragged out of the club at 3am on
May 7 by a security guard and three other men and fatally shot in the head.

No identification documents were
found on Mr Onyango’s body.
Postmortem results and his
fingerprints were taken to the National

Bureau of Registration which helpedin identifying him.
Immediately after denying the charge before Mr Justice Nicholas Ombija on Tuesday, Mr Sepi applied for bail through lawyer Timothy Naeku.
He said he had constitutional right to be released on bail.

Mr Naeku said his client had been in police custody since May 8, when he was arrested.
He presented himself to the police immediately after the incident and has cooperated fully with investigators, he
“The accused is a husband and father of two infants and a provider for his 70-year-old sickly mother. It is in the interest of justice if he is released on reasonable bail pending conclusion of the case,” said Mr Naeku.
He said Mr Sepi would not interfere with witnesses or the trial process and that he was ready to attend court proceedings whenever required.

He pleaded with the court to release him, saying if he remained in detention, his young family and dependants would suffer great hardship.
Mr Naeku said that his client was a
law-abiding citizen who permanently lives in Kenya with a known fixed abode, does not hold a passport and there was no fear that he would abscond.
Justice Ombija directed that the bail application be heard on Thursday.

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A Kao’s recount of that incident some time back….Recall that Machakos country bus
blast? There was a Kao guy there,
having soda. Here is his recount of
what happened when interviewed by
some Tv guys.

Reporter: Briefly tell us what happend
here at Machakos country bus.

Mutunga: kusema okweli siyawai sikia
mulivuko kama usu! nilikua ninakunda
kasota vaya kwa ile kivanda ya
kokokola nikingoyea ile mbasi ya kule
kwetu inaitangwa katethya usu.
Nakwambia vunda si vunde, kuvumba
na kuvumbua, vulombox ya white
ilikua na ioo ndinted ikalucha kivulusi
ambacho nilisuku ni manguluneti ya
mbomu, kwasavavu vile ililusya, ata
siyui niseme aye!
nilisikia Tua… Tua… Tuaaaaa! kusitukia
nilikuta kwa ngunia ya makovisi huku
kwa ngeiti ya muthulwa…! kuangalia
kwa mkono,asiisi…! Supa ya sota
hakuna…! Siyui nitaambia mwenye
nduka aye.! Kwa sambambu aliachwa
na ndivositi yangu na supa yake
imelivuliwa na io mulivuko…tavathali
naomba silikali ituangalie
tukombenzeitiwe… mimi
wenyu Mutunga.

Not to make fun of the incident…or in any way belittle it…bt the accent was too much to pass…Laugh..or at least smile ..