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With more and more talk going on
about a Ugandan woman who turned
into a snake in Juba ,new information
has emerged that it was a plot by an
opportunistic witchdoctor to earn a
great name among unsuspecting
people ,more especially to get more
customers for his business.
The Witchdoctor connived with a
radio station (Bakhita Radio) in South
Sudan to make to the alarming news
that he had actually turned a young
lady into a snake after she stole
money.The witty witchdoctor made an
arrangement with police men near a
the police station where the alleged
miraculous incident had taken place.
The long term plan of a witchdoctor to
promote himself was some time later
tuned into a short term money getting
venture,Policemen guarding Malakia
police station where the lady was said
to be guarded started collecting dues
from impatient crowds gathered
outside.To see the reported Snake
lady,one was supposed to part with a
lot of money.
Conditions to enter the room
No one is was supposed to take any
picture while inside the room.
It is not allowed to look at the snake

Since no one was supposed to take
any picture or look directly at the half
snake lady, the only opportunity to
look at her was on computer.A Video
on YouTube called Half Snake Half
Woman in Indonesia was the one
shown instead of the real Ugandan
woman who was said to have turned
into a snake.
The group manipulated these
unsuspecting viewers with many other
videos about similar stories of ladies
who have reportedly tuned into
snakes .It was after wiser people
discovering that they were actually
being shown videos that have existed
on the internet for a long time.
More about the witchdoctor who
changed a woman into a snake
The same witchdoctor apart from
making such a great scheme is
reported to have also hit somebody
with lightening in broad day light and
with no rain,Every one wondered how
he did it but locals say it happened ,is
the story of Ugandan woman who
turned into a snake true?

..are these things or stories ever true..?? never been the superstitious type..