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Of Untold Fears…

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Entertainment

A bit of poetry is good for the soul..words, in beautiful perfect harmony…Poetry..

For the love of poetry

Do you ever just sit and begin to wonder what your life is all about? Or if the decisions you are making are right? I bet we are all faced with different and difficult questions all the time but in all of this, we have to live…and take risks,whether for life,or love.

Mostly love.

On to my main agenda now. Enjoy.


It was one,then two

a hundred then a thousand,

a million,a billion,trillion and,

suddenly uncountable!


Out of my reach but within my sight,

twinkling and shining,

rhythmically dancing,to a dance

that only he and I knew of,

with the strength of our love.


A pattern of our names they formed,

Of bright rainbow colors they glowed,

dissenting the spartan life we shared,

as it all seemed sancrosanct with him.


Just then the city lights shone,

brighter than the sky night,

And niggling doubts of this…

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